This Brings us Together
We have help this time
We went to Urgent Care
Amy Ouellette
Amy Ouellette Soat oldin
You paid out of pocket $1403 for 2 pigs with feed/amendments and processing. You received $1000 for the pig you sold. The difference between out of pocket costs and income is $403. That is how much you paid for that 210 pound pig. That means your price per pound was $1.92, not 80 cents. Still a great price,.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Soat oldin
403 was the processing fees that the customer paid separately. I guess i forgot that part.
Drifting Soul sisters
Drifting Soul sisters 2 soat oldin
Will you be making more any time soon??
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo 2 soat oldin
I canโ€™t add much more than what everybody else has already said! Jason you do look much better, glad to see the day itโ€™s working for you. And it is good to see Penelope, and your videos being part of the team. And Lorraineโ€˜s doing an excellent job of working that camera. You guys are a fun family to watch. I donโ€™t comment very often. I do do the likes. Big screen TV UZpost doesnโ€™t allow you to comment. But I just had to share with you noticeably look better. Iโ€™m glad you feel better. Continued good health for you and your family
Kirk Wilson
Kirk Wilson 2 soat oldin
Glad to see those chicks arrive safe and healthy! Post office in PA recently let our 270 sit somewhere for an extra 2 days. It was terrible. We rehabbed the survivors as best we could. Put 114 out on pasture yesterday. Been getting chicks at the post office for over 50 years and never had this happen before... Hatchery made it good but has discontinued shipping to the Carolinas until they figure out how to get around this Sharon Hill facility in Philly. We were the 10th disaster this season connected to that facility.
Roma Kohutiak
Roma Kohutiak 2 soat oldin
Do ears have to do within an anything? U have to get better at instructions . Very poor at it. Check other sites
yulan blumhagen
yulan blumhagen 2 soat oldin
Your chicken Tractor is it light and easy to move around???
Sojo Dookie
Sojo Dookie 4 soat oldin
Do you sell the art?
Sara Phillips
Sara Phillips 5 soat oldin
Like growing flowers and veggies too Penelope. Think they compliment each other. Jason so thankful that you are feeling better.
Melissa Dey
Melissa Dey 6 soat oldin
That brooder is so cool! Weโ€™re moving this summer so no meat birds for us this year but seeing yours makes me excited to plan for next years
Andrew Mace
Andrew Mace 6 soat oldin
If youโ€™re still looking for barrels,I live 2 hours away in Chester, SC and have them all around me for $15-$20.
SCOTTPLAYZ 7 soat oldin
U canโ€™t set potatoes in pots you have to set them in the ground there is nowhere near enough room in a pot
Nancy Caffee
Nancy Caffee 7 soat oldin
Do you have any trouble with the chicks getting between the wall and tray?
Suze 8 soat oldin
I can't tell what meat Tri-tip is.... Pork? Just a thought, Drs Berg and Berry both recommend beef. Pork and chicken are high in Omega 6 so you have to make sure you balance that out with more Omega 3s in the diet.
Henry Le Roux
Henry Le Roux 9 soat oldin
DianeThomson1960 10 soat oldin
You're so Brave. God Bless and be well soon.
Mary Kapla
Mary Kapla 12 soat oldin
This is beautiful, keep going you are in the right direction. God Bless you๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ
Jerry B
Jerry B 12 soat oldin
When it's time to start reintroducing plant matter to your diet, take your time and keep a diary of what you've added back and when. Start with low risk vegetables, then work your way toward the higher risk fruits and vegetables.
lvs 13 soat oldin
Glad to hear the diet seems to be working for you!
Linda-Marie Stephens
Linda-Marie Stephens 14 soat oldin
Charlotte from Ky.๐Ÿ™‚
sajid ali
sajid ali 14 soat oldin
Good work
World's First ACV Gummy
World's First ACV Gummy 15 soat oldin
*I've been trying to include apple cider vinegar into my routine for ages, but the taste just made it so hard. Goli Gummies really were a game changer for me* ๐ŸŽ
Dominic Nolan
Dominic Nolan 17 soat oldin
So glad you are feeling better , praying for you
Breanna Sproule
Breanna Sproule 22 soat oldin
You can direct seed into fabric! Not root crops but squash would work and cukes etc. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Lyssa Orelli
Lyssa Orelli 23 soat oldin
Jason, glad you are feeling better.
mary alexander
mary alexander 23 soat oldin
Good to hear your skin issues are settling!
A. S. W.
A. S. W. 23 soat oldin
I don't understand. No masks.
Cathy M
Cathy M 23 soat oldin
I would love to have a brooder like that.
splitfire2001 23 soat oldin
Did you say you bought them at 4 months old or took them to slaughter at that age?
LaFawn Sweeten
LaFawn Sweeten 23 soat oldin
I like that you are trying carnivore. It's not like you have to stay on it unless you choose to. I've seen some people use it for three months as a 'reset'. Then they start adding foods back slowly to see how they react. G'luck with the wee chicks. They are so cute!
Tommy Henley
Tommy Henley Kun oldin
You all are awesome, And hope god bless all of you
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Kun oldin
Canadian Peaches
Canadian Peaches Kun oldin
Great to see! Keep up the Carnivore diet. Meat does the body good!
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Kun oldin
Dana Gann
Dana Gann Kun oldin
I direct seed in the openings in my landscape fabric.
John Jones
John Jones Kun oldin
My baby chicks heard yours & mine went wild. Lol
Carl Keller
Carl Keller Kun oldin
Meat and eggs is the best medicine; always has been.
Susan Wilson
Susan Wilson Kun oldin
I'm totally making a brooder like yours. Such a smart idea
JRโ€™s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style
JRโ€™s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style Kun oldin
Praise the Lord for your healing and you guys helping that other family! So glad to see you guys happy and healthy
Diana Driver Asbury
Diana Driver Asbury Kun oldin
First video of yours I've watched. Saw you on Hollar Homestead helping the people. Your daughter is a good worker. Can't wait to start watching your older ones and catch up with you. Nice brooder.
CPK Kun oldin
Tip Giles
Tip Giles Kun oldin
Glad you are feeling better.. Could part of the issue you have be some specific food you ate or ate in large quantities (green) that caused your outbreak and now you are not eating them the issue has abated? Just wondering. I could never do the diet as I am more of a veggie consumer than meat eater. My system would revolt if I only ate milk and meat products. J. Giles
Millie Wilkie
Millie Wilkie Kun oldin
Try just meat ,green vegetables full fat milk and cream .very little or no carbs or sugar feel so energised and food much more enjoyable
Winding Oak Homestead
Winding Oak Homestead Kun oldin
Go 90 days on the carnivore diet. 30 days is just not enough. Go 90 and you will want to stay on it. Your health will be so much better.
Country Man
Country Man Kun oldin
Do either of you work a public job?
Sweetpea Kun oldin
I love ๐Ÿ’• your videos thanks for sharing
Linda Strandquist
Linda Strandquist Kun oldin
Fluffy little chicken nuggets. ๐Ÿค so fluffy
CiaoBella Kun oldin
So happy to get your health update Jason. Saying you aren't hungry when dinner rolls around tells me you are in ketosis and your body is healing. Listen to your inner voice about how long to do this, but as I said another time, it took 2 years for me on keto to heal all my health conditions. I have been a year not on keto and I am still feeling well, praise God. So just relax and you will know when it's time to stop. For me it was a craving for potatoes I could not get past. I think it was the need for minerals, or just my Irish ancesters whispering to me that I was "done" haha. God bless you and your family. Hugs from Italy.
Mary Kapla
Mary Kapla Kun oldin
So glad to hear your feeling better, stay strong
infinateU Kun oldin
So GLAD the Carnivore Diet is working so well!! Has 1 ever eaten so well? i mean so healthy? Where else can 1 find Humanely raised "Organic" Meat??? Don't betray your body, stay on course, eat good, be well.
Craig Kerwood
Craig Kerwood Kun oldin
Jason, glad you're feeling well. Miss P is really growing up!
Mark & Kristy Nichols
Mark & Kristy Nichols Kun oldin
This was a beautiful day!!! Thanks for sharing โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ Kristy in Missouri ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Linda Kurtz
Linda Kurtz Kun oldin
I call chickens โ€œthe gateway animal!โ€
Heather Keller
Heather Keller Kun oldin
Jason thanks to your family for helping that family out. We know how terribly the cancer mindset affects us as well as being terribly sick from the treatment. Lorraine HAPPY MOTHERS DAYsweet lady! Jason I love your broader, it's so cute and efficient!
The Citystead
The Citystead Kun oldin
Glad to hear the diet seems to be helping
Melanie George
Melanie George Kun oldin
Glad youโ€™re feeling better and hope it continues to get better โค๏ธ
Estrogen Acres
Estrogen Acres Kun oldin
Oh wow!! No Steroids' and you do look a lot better!!! I;d keep up the diet for a bit longer!!
Archie Bald
Archie Bald Kun oldin
Love your family.
Amanda R
Amanda R Kun oldin
Glad the meat diet is working.
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah Kun oldin
Life on Bennett Road
Life on Bennett Road Kun oldin
So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Great news!
Una Mcleod
Una Mcleod Kun oldin
I agree that meat diet is working for you you look so much healthier than you were glad to see it pleased for you keep going xxxx
Jill Dadds
Jill Dadds Kun oldin
So good the carnivore diet is making you feel better ๐Ÿ˜€
Mar See 2
Mar See 2 Kun oldin
Nice looking birds! Good job Penelope!
Sandra Crockett
Sandra Crockett Kun oldin
Thanks for sharing.........I hope you feel better
Sandra Crockett
Sandra Crockett Kun oldin
I hope that diet works for you. It's high protein. I did the KETO for a while and I felt good during that diet. I am going to go back on it soon.
Ca Bo
Ca Bo Kun oldin
Where's the GoFund me link?
Ted Bastwock
Ted Bastwock Kun oldin
Very nice video, thanks
Janet Withers
Janet Withers Kun oldin
Love the little red brooder. So slick. You guys are on the ball. So glad the carnivore diet is working for you Jason. ๐Ÿ’–
angela sheppard
angela sheppard Kun oldin
Glad youre better
Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson Kun oldin
Love it, o lovely and clean.
Jean Fagan
Jean Fagan Kun oldin
That was a great blessing you brought that family of Nickโ€™s. Hope you are feeling better. You work so hard on your place and your blog. It is great! Thank you.
Gloria Oscar
Gloria Oscar Kun oldin
Looks like yโ€™all had a wonderful day! So glad you are feeling better. Very encouraging! God Bless.
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone Kun oldin
So glad to hear you are feeling better Jason. Love that brooder! Penelope looks so grown up now. She was cute talking about the plants. Thanks for this Vlog!
Jason are you going to raise more bacon bothers??
Jada Veator
Jada Veator Kun oldin
Jason I glad your diet seems to be working. I would be afraid of how high you cholesterol going to be. I would get blood work just in case you don't want bad cholesterol blood arteries. I had to stop meat diet my bad cholesterol went way up. Its been a year now and my cholesterol levels are in normal range. Sorry but I did not want to die of a heart attack because I wasn't eating healthy. I eat more vegetables now from my garden. I do have iron deficiency so as a treat I eat very little meat that brings my iron up so I don't feel vertigo = dizzy lightheadedness, headache and nausea. Good luck and I keep praying that you health will improve.
Tip Giles
Tip Giles Kun oldin
@Miguel195211 I would fear all meat, egg, butter, cheese diet would be hard on various organs. J Giles
Miguel195211 Kun oldin
I agree about the cholesterol statement. Diet in moderation is what I follow. My labs are always great.
Julie Haaksma
Julie Haaksma Kun oldin
Have you had any chicks jump the sides of the tray & get stuck in the gap around the outside?
Jimmie Burleigh
Jimmie Burleigh Kun oldin
I like both breeds and process both at same time because I like smaller chickens to fry. Plus I like to process a few cornish cross real early about the size of rock cornish hens.
Tenzin Nidup
Tenzin Nidup Kun oldin
Good morning
Renee Brown
Renee Brown Kun oldin
I don't mind raising animals because then i know what has went into them and how they were cared for. I don't like the way most farms raise their animals. I believe in treating them as humanely and organicly as possible
Renee Brown
Renee Brown Kun oldin
I could easily grow out the chickens. But i would hate to slaughter all of them. It's not a squeamish thing it's a lot of work thing. I prefer my rabbits. I slaughter a dozen or so at a time every 12-14 weeks except summer time. I give my does the summer off.