5 Things to do BEFORE Meat CHICKENS Arrive 🐓

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Registration is open for our ONLINE Chicken Processing Workshop + Community! Ends Jan. 29 - midnight.
🔴 Signup here: bit.ly/39aTnpx
FREE Chicken Tractor Plans: bit.ly/2ynLkWO

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2 ACRE LIVING 12 kun oldin
Did I miss registration for the workshop? It says not currently available for purchase.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 12 kun oldin
yes, we will have it back up next month. thanks!
The Little Learning Farm
The Little Learning Farm 12 kun oldin
Could you please share where you purchase your Cornish meat birds? My family and I tried red rangers last year but would like to order Cornish this year. Thank you so much.
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang 27 kun oldin
Hi... Jason, thank you for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
Ca Bo
Ca Bo 29 kun oldin
Simply Jan Homestead
Simply Jan Homestead 29 kun oldin
Jason all great tips! We raise and process our own chickens and there’s nothing better! One can not even compare them to store bought chickens. To us the investment was well worth it.
Lynn Gray
Lynn Gray 29 kun oldin
Hi Jason. I just clicked on the link for your community and it says “Not available for purchase”. Have you sold out on the butchering class?
Kirk Fell Farm
Kirk Fell Farm 29 kun oldin
Great video. We are building more chicken tractors next week.
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood Oy oldin
Chickens coming.
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Oy oldin
Valdir Pereira
Valdir Pereira Oy oldin
Kirk Wilson
Kirk Wilson Oy oldin
In 2000, I built a way too heavy 8x10 tractor before I ever got P.P. Profits. Dropped it on my foot and broke my toe... But I was excited because of a crazy farmer in VA I had found in a Smithsonian mag! Asked some friends if they would buy a chicken and surprisingly they did. Ordered 50 birds & plucked every one of them by hand. Next round I found a Pickwick Vesco one bird plucker and it was much better than doing it by hand, if you like looking like a snowman when you do it. In our 3rd season we sold 300 birds and used the profits to buy a Featherman plucker from David Shafer. It was ON then and 13,066 birds later it is still plucking 'em clean 5 at a time, AND you are right about getting your orders in because when I ordered turkeys last week for July, Reich Hatchery was swamped. Johnny's Seeds is not accepting gardener orders right now, either. Press on!
Margaret Bedwell
Margaret Bedwell Oy oldin
Great information in this video Jason. Well done. I am sure you gave some new folks food for thought. Have a Blessed day. BTW Have y'all been out looking for a larger place yet?
Brandy Gallegos
Brandy Gallegos Oy oldin
McChickens, yes 👍. We did 15 our first time, no PLUCKER. It didn’t take long once we got started (2 of us). Hopefully this yr we will be able to score a plucker in time.
Sandra Montoya
Sandra Montoya Oy oldin
Love watching!! You are doing a great job. Do the same thing as if you are staying on your farm. If you move you could take some of the food or plants. You all will be blessed.....
minnie jolliff
minnie jolliff Oy oldin
55 gal 25.00 with lid and clamp coconut oil was in them here. We can't have rooster here.
Renee Oy oldin
chele michele
chele michele Oy oldin
👍👍 Have a good day ❄❄❄
Tricia Underwood
Tricia Underwood Oy oldin
The best thing I appreciate and value about you, your family, and your channel is that you are down to earth & truly give all of us new gardeners, farmers, homesteaders inspiration & motivation, especially those of us who need to keep to the strictest of budget. There's SO much expense to initial start up to homesteading in general, that it can definitely become overwhelming & deter us from the reason we want to do this for our families. But watching you & your family provide this lifestyle as budget friendly as possible without sacrificing product quality or experience is more helpful than I can express. This comes from me and my family who are trying to start our own homestead this year (we are behind the trend & searching for new home/land here in NC). Thanks again for being open & honest!
AfrLaLa Oy oldin
Thank you Justin lot of information.🌷
maria gomez
maria gomez Oy oldin
Thank you for this video very helpful I just harvest 22 Cornish cross chickens 1 week ago and I pluck them by hand 🤦‍♀️ chicken plucker was very expensive and I live in the home owner association I can’t have chickens in my backyard so I raise them in my garage you think it’s a bad idea ? I wish I can raise them outside but I can’t to get some fresh air the sun the greens it work out good I was just very tired my husband help me too but it was a full day of work to process those 22 chickens 🐓 have a bless day
Robert Schroeder
Robert Schroeder Oy oldin
Jason, thanks for the suggestions and the video. This will be my first year on our new property (5 Acres) to raise chickens. I am going to follow your suggestions and will be signing up for your community soon. I have followed the channel for awhile now and really have been blessed. I am still getting over the seven days wearing jeans with not washing them! Laughter and smiles.... Blessings to you all and thank you for everything with the channel. Keeping you in prayer regarding new property & a compact tractor.
Dianne Valdez
Dianne Valdez Oy oldin
This wearing the same clothes for a couple of days at a time is something I do as well...as long as they aren't too grungy. Those are my work clothes. Casey from Honey Tree does the same as Jason.
Little Mountain Life
Little Mountain Life Oy oldin
I guess it’s almost that time of year. Great tips Jason!
Little Mountain Life
Little Mountain Life Oy oldin
I guess it’s almost that time of year. Great tips Jason!
Wes Oy oldin
You need to look into have a group/co-op of people to buy 200 chicks or more then they will cost any where 1.50 to 1.80 a pcs. the hatcherys are getting a little pricey with their chick prices since the you yube movement has got everyone buying chicks.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
yes, we do that with some friends. good tip
Anna Simpkins
Anna Simpkins Oy oldin
Just ordered ours Monday. YAY!
Rem’s Family Farm
Rem’s Family Farm Oy oldin
I am always hesitant with chicken tractors. We have so many predators here like foxes, coyotes and racoons. I fear after the first night they would all be dead :(
Jenny wrens allotment garden
Jenny wrens allotment garden Oy oldin
Great video. Thanks for the reminder!
Nitza Perez
Nitza Perez Oy oldin
That's the best way to go raise your own chickens.
Dana Nelson
Dana Nelson Oy oldin
Came across a tv channel on my cell. Airbnb. This couple had taken twenty foot shipping containers and turned them into motel rooms. They were sided with wood inside and out. They removed the clunky hardware and replaced the steel with glass. They put a four by eight deck in back with a spiral staircase to a deck on top. Eight feet was over the double doors creating a porch. The deck had a three foot railing with lights and a couple of cedar adirondack chairs. As they were touring the inside, I noticed on of your art pieces. They opened the panels and a LED screen was revealed. Jason had been there. Neat.
N Oy oldin
Good information. Thanks
Beautiful family; Greetings from EUROPE.
Matthew Groff
Matthew Groff Oy oldin
I am thinking of getting some egg layers this year, but I have to build a chicken tractor (I need some tools to do that) and do not have a brooder set up yet (would have to get the supplies). Going to try.
Bagher Dastkar
Bagher Dastkar Oy oldin
How many laying hens fit in the triangle-shaped chicken tractor?
H. S.
H. S. Oy oldin
How do you rent the plucker out to strangers while protecting yourself from them not returning it?
ozarks onna
ozarks onna Oy oldin
Great video!
Libby Flanagan
Libby Flanagan Oy oldin
Love your channel so much, still very nervous to try meat birds but one day!
Beverly Castor
Beverly Castor Oy oldin
Sure miss loraine and Penelope cooking together and just missing your videos. God Bless your family.
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah Oy oldin
Brian Wood
Brian Wood Oy oldin
I want start out with a hen tractor for hens to lay eggs in my small pasture
The Retro Farmhouse
The Retro Farmhouse Oy oldin
We are enjoying the class and online community! Thanks again for doing the course!😊
The Game Of Jones
The Game Of Jones Oy oldin
I’m getting my batch of meat chickens next week 30 Cornish Cross 😆 it’s not a lot but we’re going to see how it goes with them and if all goes well we will reorder another batch soon after because the hatcheries did sell out last year. I’m so pumped abt homesteading in 1 week I got 10 egg layers (last week) my meat birds are coming and I have 4 piglets coming in a week!! It’s so motivating when I see homesteading families start and take us subscribers on their journey it tells us we can do it. I’m thankful for the honesty and transparency of Sow the Land🙏🙏🙏
Olinda Lytle
Olinda Lytle Oy oldin
Whats a good breed of chicken for the carolinas climate and do you know any beginner gardening books
Kelly Green
Kelly Green Oy oldin
Also, check with your county extension office for gardening info. Clemson.edu is a good resource.
Kelly Green
Kelly Green Oy oldin
He uses the Murray’s big red broilers.
Talib Alway
Talib Alway Oy oldin
You did excellent in this video
Austin Homestead
Austin Homestead Oy oldin
Thanks Jason! I hope to be implementing your advise soon.
Alison Whitlock
Alison Whitlock Oy oldin
Don’t the birds arrive as day-old and need to be in a warm brooder for the first weeks?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
yes. for sure.
Gayle WATKINS Oy oldin
Hello Bernice......Great content and it's awesome that you provide such an in depth course. Step by step all the way from 🐣's to recipes.
terry doble
terry doble Oy oldin
Have you investigated fermenting your feed? Or sprouting it?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
yes. I don't like it doing it.
kg sparrow
kg sparrow Oy oldin
Big Mama N KC
Big Mama N KC Oy oldin
Very informative, Thank You 🙏 education is the only thing they can’t take away from you ‼️😎
My Wonderful Life
My Wonderful Life Oy oldin
Such a coincidence! I just finished my big brooder like an hour ago and my chicks should be getting shipped from mcmurray next week!
LBurnsy Oy oldin
Mobile Auto Detailing & Transporting of Texas LLC
Mobile Auto Detailing & Transporting of Texas LLC Oy oldin
New follower💯
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
Jake Waters
Jake Waters Oy oldin
Had to be the first comment! You guys rock
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