Are We Really Going to Live in This TINY CAMPER

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Sow the Land

18 kun oldin

Today I work on our new chicken brooder and show you all our new (old) vintage camper!

I will teach you how to raise meat chickens
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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on UZpost videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!

petrosros Kun oldin
In England, we call them Caravans; which translates to 'the harbinger of death to the fore' from old Slavic/Anatolian, actually Turkeys modern capital; Ankara derives from this name, because Turkey marked the end of the Silk Road, Kara has a double meaning 'Black' so you can see where the death part comes from. Oh; and you don't need to do complex backing up with the trailer attached, you can move much larger ones than that by hand quite easily, as long as you remember to take the brake off.
Sue Mullinax
Sue Mullinax 9 kun oldin
Call it the traveling egg 🥚 lol 😆
srq lisa
srq lisa 10 kun oldin
Good luck with the Shasta, she is cute. peace
M&R Wolfe
M&R Wolfe 10 kun oldin
My parents have two campers like this! We traveled in it as kids and my brother slept up top! If you ever come to Texas, we have camper hook ups on our 3 acre homestead. Would love to have you!
chele michele
chele michele 10 kun oldin
Ahh the memories you guys are going to make.. Have a good evening ❄❄❄
The Jewmaicans
The Jewmaicans 12 kun oldin
Little Garden Big Dreams
Little Garden Big Dreams 12 kun oldin
We are living in an older camper that we have renovated. We gutted it, took extra beds out and made more room. We sold our house, put our stuff in storage and are living in a van on my parents property as we search for our homestead. We’ve never been happier! xx Cathi xx
Robert Hermsen
Robert Hermsen 13 kun oldin
Are you going to give the camper trailer a name
Cindy Ely
Cindy Ely 14 kun oldin
Love the trailer can't wait to see what you do with it.
Irene Turner
Irene Turner 14 kun oldin
Your daughter is getting so BIG HUGGGGS Honey,, you are Beautiful!!❣️ I love Y'ALL little trailer,, CUTE ❣️
The Citystead
The Citystead 14 kun oldin
Tiny things seem to go with minimalist type style
Grow food for health
Grow food for health 14 kun oldin
Love it! So cute. My aunt and uncle had one like that for years they pulled for camping. Cannot wait to see what you do with it.
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 14 kun oldin
Jona Briggs
Jona Briggs 14 kun oldin
Cant wait to see what adventures this bring's !! Congrats !! :D
Momma G
Momma G 15 kun oldin
Cute and tiny 🥰🤩
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 15 kun oldin
I love that cute little shasta trainor it's so awesome for your little family ❤️❤️❤️
R E 15 kun oldin
It’s so annoying trying to park those small trailers lol
onlyinmissouri 15 kun oldin
I’m so jealous! I want a vintage Shasta sooo badly!
Blue Moon Mountain Farm
Blue Moon Mountain Farm 15 kun oldin
Can't wait for your updates!
Joe Haywood
Joe Haywood 16 kun oldin
Cute but small
True JOY
True JOY 16 kun oldin
Such fun you're going to have!
JilleyTN 16 kun oldin
It’s adorable! 😊❤️ my dad had one like it that I wish I had now.
Jordan Sahs
Jordan Sahs 16 kun oldin
Fun camper! Nice find
Jess D
Jess D 16 kun oldin
I don’t know what’s cooler, the protective glasses or the trailer!
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 16 kun oldin
I had 1, same as yours. I gutted it, rebuilt..about 15 years ago. Also bought a 1972 Prowler, 14'..gutted rebuilt..
Irmi Bullinger
Irmi Bullinger 16 kun oldin
Now that would be serious downsizing lol
Thomas Milner
Thomas Milner 16 kun oldin
I installed trailer plumbing and gas lines at the Shasta plant in SC in 1967. Nice to see an old Shasta that's still on the road.
Live Grow Rescue
Live Grow Rescue 16 kun oldin
Besides the fridge, I love it the way it is! Don't change to much! You'll lose its vintage quirk.
Crystal Childs
Crystal Childs 16 kun oldin
Wow. We are in the process of buying an RV to travel and then live in while we get some property and build a house. Your camper makes the ones we are looking at look huge LoL. We are getting an older one to remodel for cheap.
Carmelo 16 kun oldin
You’re welcome to crash in Vermont whenever y’all want!
Sheid Family Farms
Sheid Family Farms 16 kun oldin
Let us know if you guys are ever passing through Oklahoma! We would absolutely love to have you, hang out with you, show you around and send you off with some fresh milk and eggs! We love you guys!
Sassy Greens
Sassy Greens 16 kun oldin
Looking forward to this next adventure! I just bought a 23 acre campground in North Georgia and also doing a small farm! Can’t wait for you to come visit!
Laurel b
Laurel b 16 kun oldin
Nice lil camper, it is small, but adorable, great find 💗👍😁
Shania A
Shania A 16 kun oldin
Dang Jason 😲 how adorable 👌👍❣️ Just love that Shasta and I know you and Lorraine will deck it out so cute ❣️ I can hear the wheels spinning way over here in Kentucky 👋..... Congratulations. I'm very excited for you all❣️👍Love it👍❣️
Heather Phillips
Heather Phillips 17 kun oldin
are Shastas going to be the new Airstream?
Heather Phillips
Heather Phillips 17 kun oldin
that trailer is super cute
Lisa Leavelle
Lisa Leavelle 17 kun oldin
Such a cute trailer. Look at Elsa RAES videos. Her and her BF have been living in a tiny Scamp for 4 years. It can be done
pappyjohn 99
pappyjohn 99 17 kun oldin
Ron Gatzke
Ron Gatzke 17 kun oldin
I'm excited to see what you do with it!
PA 17 kun oldin
Since you are good with wood. I recommend converting it into a pop up.
Patience 17 kun oldin
Your new camper is cool!😁
Gloria Oscar
Gloria Oscar 17 kun oldin
Love the trailer! Hope you make many memories in it. God Bless.
DiegoFF 17 kun oldin
Temporary house for the new property? Hi from Italy.
William Green
William Green 16 kun oldin
That would be my guess too.
Misha Lea
Misha Lea 17 kun oldin
Such a cute camper! I've been considering getting one. We camped as a family growing up in a pop up camper, so we used the campsite 'facilities'...😉 Great memories!! Excited to see your adventures!
Donnie Lyday
Donnie Lyday 17 kun oldin
07Negative 17 kun oldin
I picked up on an innuendo. I think y’all found land.
HoofandPeck Homestead
HoofandPeck Homestead 17 kun oldin
I love the multi-function awesomeness of that shorty! You guys will love it, really. 6 of us live in a camper full time and homestead. Believe me, canning and preserving gets interesting, but it’s a fun adventurous life!
Stormy 17 kun oldin
I know the trailer will look fabulous when you are finished!
No Name
No Name 17 kun oldin
It use to be a toilet/shower combo.
Rebecca Wood Bixler
Rebecca Wood Bixler 17 kun oldin
Love the camper!
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 17 kun oldin
My 1st thumbs down on your sight. Unlike an Airstream you will find your little kitchen may be constructed different by being glued and stapled into the structural members of the box. The table tho not original surface is original legs and the top fold down is a bunk bed originally used for smaller children or as extra storage space. Tho you may not think you like the A/C unit, wait for a nice southern U.S. muggy hot night! Measure the box on your trailer fram and you will know today's length designation but in 1972 they measured from the front of the tongue to the rear of the trailer bumper. The 'closet' you now have would have been just a simple either toilet & sink or a wet head, they came both ways brand new, but were really designed as a spacious 'chamber pot' not a modern convenience.
Norine Holland
Norine Holland 17 kun oldin
I had a feeling it was a Shasta when I saw what you were pulling. I had a tiny Shasta Scotty in the late 70s for a few years. Good luck! You'll find you won't use a bathroom except for night emergencies, otherwise campgrounds have facilities. You never know if you buy raw land, if you will be living in that camper. You will.make it comfortable, Jason.
Arden Peters
Arden Peters 17 kun oldin
you can stay here!!
Arden Peters
Arden Peters 17 kun oldin
you WILL WANT the table yo play games and eat if it's raining
Arden Peters
Arden Peters 17 kun oldin
trailer is soooo cute
Ca Bo
Ca Bo 17 kun oldin
Christine Osborne
Christine Osborne 17 kun oldin
Great for trips!
Multi- Transportation System
Multi- Transportation System 17 kun oldin
Cool vintage trailer
Loraine Leuschke
Loraine Leuschke 17 kun oldin
I like the yellow and white. If you are going to change it, try blue of some shade. It looks to be “well cared for”.
Huck Finn
Huck Finn 17 kun oldin
How far are you from Jason's?
Loraine Leuschke
Loraine Leuschke 17 kun oldin
Leave the a/c unit because the heat in summer will be stifling.
Kim Benefield
Kim Benefield 17 kun oldin
Love the camper and the outside color!!! ❤
Itsybitsy Gardner
Itsybitsy Gardner 17 kun oldin
Oh my gosh I love it!! I have been looking for one to fix up.
Kiza 17 kun oldin
You need a Lagun table (like lagoon), easy push away arm
Evelyn Greshake
Evelyn Greshake 17 kun oldin
Love love love 💕 a good Shasta
Marcia Jenkins
Marcia Jenkins 17 kun oldin
Love the trailer and excited to see what you do with it. I know it will look great.
Patty Price
Patty Price 17 kun oldin
What a beautiful camper I see you going thru it
Hillside Farm
Hillside Farm 17 kun oldin
I like it ! Can't wait to see what you do with it
KatieBelle Kreations
KatieBelle Kreations 17 kun oldin
Very cool trailer
Sasha Lyn
Sasha Lyn 17 kun oldin
You guys really have the most discerning eye for charm and quality. Looking forward to seeing what you do! ( Hope the stove is salvagable)
Linda Martinez
Linda Martinez 17 kun oldin
I know you’ll make changes in the travel trailer, can’t wait to see what you do.
Bob Marie
Bob Marie 17 kun oldin
Your new dog house for when the ladies run you out of the house.
Kathleen Overton
Kathleen Overton 17 kun oldin
In my early 20’s for spring, summer and fall of one year I rented and lived in a trailer about that size. So many good memories!! Your family will enjoy your time in it!!
Farmhouse Teas
Farmhouse Teas 17 kun oldin
Looks like a fun little project! When are you doing one on the set up for your shop? It looks like a great He Shed - Man Cave :) We are getting ready to build a she shed for our new office.
Tmac Mi
Tmac Mi 17 kun oldin
Love that camper! Can’t wait to see you put your skills to renovating it😀😀
bella loba
bella loba 17 kun oldin
I want one! so cute!
Linda-Marie Stephens
Linda-Marie Stephens 17 kun oldin
Charlotte from Ky.🙂
sandy beach
sandy beach 17 kun oldin
Very cute great little third pull down bed. Lot of room for such a tiny van.
Sharon Irizarry
Sharon Irizarry 17 kun oldin
I love the Shasta campers!!! Fun times ahead for your family enjoy.
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah 17 kun oldin
David J. MacKinney
David J. MacKinney 17 kun oldin
I hope you don't plan on living in that trailer for more than a few days.
lvs 17 kun oldin
Excited to see what updates you make to the trailer
Raul Ocampo
Raul Ocampo 17 kun oldin
Canned Ham!
Dutch Miller
Dutch Miller 17 kun oldin
First thing go thru the wheel bearings and springs. May keep you off the side of the road.
O Tomek
O Tomek 17 kun oldin
Dang, that's a cute trailer! Takes me back to the pickup camper that we rumbled all over the western states in the '60s when I was a kid! You are "tiny" people, but not quite as smol as Hobbits!!!
Anna R
Anna R 17 kun oldin
What a great addition that will be,.With Lorraine's sense of style and you'r cabinet making skills it will be transformed. I would still re-paint the outside.
Patricia Hamilton Kephart
Patricia Hamilton Kephart 17 kun oldin
No guts no glory!
Marie Radatsz
Marie Radatsz 17 kun oldin
Llove the caravan xx
Wendy Loughery
Wendy Loughery 17 kun oldin
That trailer is awesome
Old Hickory
Old Hickory 17 kun oldin
Man I am pumped for y’all! It looks awesome. I hope you paint the outside though!
Humble Beginnings homestead
Humble Beginnings homestead 17 kun oldin
Very cool trailer! We have been on the hunt for a vintage one as well. If you come through ky again you can plug up at our homestead.
Jj 17 kun oldin
I would have bought the trailer. How long does it take to say "Do you want cash or certified bank draft?"
mark johnson
mark johnson 17 kun oldin
I saw that trailer in an episode of I love Lucy.
Sonya Gregory
Sonya Gregory 17 kun oldin
That Shasta will be great at the beach!😊❤
Tiny Grove Homestead
Tiny Grove Homestead 17 kun oldin
You bought it!
Cheryl Lamb
Cheryl Lamb 17 kun oldin
Awesome score on that '72 Shasta!! Jason, I like how you figure things. How smart to cut the boards in half & now have twice as many to work with. Again, good job!
SC CountryGirl
SC CountryGirl 17 kun oldin
Let the adventures begin!
Lynn Dunn
Lynn Dunn 17 kun oldin
Congratulations on becoming a vintage trailer owner. Shasta's are considered 'top drawer' by vintage trailer lovers. I can't wait to see what enhancements you create.
Carol S
Carol S 17 kun oldin
Our family Had one of those when I was a kid. I think that was the original went into the closet at night. That was a closet, not a bathroom and the fridge was just an ice box. Have fun with this. Penelope will need a tent outside...that was always the funnest placeto be anyway.
Glen and Nette's Cow Emporium
Glen and Nette's Cow Emporium 17 kun oldin
Oh, the adventures you will have. 😊
Nick R
Nick R 17 kun oldin
Yeah if they want to get rid of all the animals. It was a waste of money. And will continue to be considering the repairs on top of the price. A real homesteader doesn't go on vacation. They cant. And why would they? Build a life and a home/property you dont need a vacation from 💯
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