Chickens on grass but first we need to do this to our 5 year old COOP

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Sow the Land

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Moving our 3 week old meat chickens on GRASS! I will teach you how to raise meat chickens Signup here:
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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on UZpost videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!
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Sow the Land
Sow the Land 27 kun oldin
See my chicken tractor wheel system here: Tell them Jason from Sow the Land Sent you!
Ruata Ralte
Ruata Ralte 24 kun oldin
Do you give vaccine to your chicken?
Classy_Penguin 24 kun oldin
Where did you get that awesome lamp?
Framma Zuleger
Framma Zuleger 26 kun oldin
I agree, still use the heat ...
Tony 26 kun oldin
James Campbell
James Campbell 26 kun oldin
"It's go time."
Ana Trampert
Ana Trampert 26 kun oldin
Your chick Hause looks like a great quail Hause ! Instead of the heat lamp a solar nightlamp and ready!
Susan Marsh
Susan Marsh 26 kun oldin
Feels like the season has really started when the chicken tractors come out!
Lara Rabb
Lara Rabb 26 kun oldin
Because of you I added grit to my chicks from first day. They have done better than last year's chicks.
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang 26 kun oldin
Hi..... Jason and Lorraine, thank you for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
Rocky Creek Homestead
Rocky Creek Homestead 26 kun oldin
Having the dual opening on the brooder was a great idea. Do you use anything to prevent something from digging under the coop? For the first time, this year something dug under our chicken tractor and killed almost all of our meat birds. About 2 weeks later, something dug under again during the daylight and killed the rest. I share this because we were so upset because all that work was gone in no time and would hate to see you possibly have the same issue. I’m now using my premiere one fence around the next batch. Y’all take care.
angela sheppard
angela sheppard 26 kun oldin
AfrLaLa 26 kun oldin
Cannot believe they are 3 weeks old. That went fast.🌷
Allen Caruthers
Allen Caruthers 26 kun oldin
I was laughing so hard at the final shot where the light was hanging at an angle in the tractor. I was at 1st trying to find a wire that was holding it up, but then I realized that it was just the angle of the hill they were on which made me laugh harder. I have some hills in my property and when I finally get meat birds I'll have the same issue. Wish you the best!
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah 27 kun oldin
Lisa Wenzel
Lisa Wenzel 27 kun oldin
I like that "the cord reaches let do it". So cute . Love your videos I have learned somuch...thank you
Teresa Hyneman
Teresa Hyneman 27 kun oldin
Great video!
Ca Bo
Ca Bo 27 kun oldin
S L 27 kun oldin
Miss P. looks darling today!
Ann Chong
Ann Chong 27 kun oldin
So happy you are looking better! Love your chicken tractor! Do you have to make sure the ground is level when you set the tractor down so there is no gaps for other animals to get inside?
Denise Brady
Denise Brady 27 kun oldin
YourAirport Shuttle
YourAirport Shuttle 27 kun oldin
Just curious question? Have you seen women lead in regenerative farming in the IS? Thanks
Melanie George
Melanie George 27 kun oldin
I think having a mix of the meat birds was a great idea. I so want to do this on a smaller scale but I’m not ready....yet. In time! Thanks for such awesome footage, always ❤️ Hope your health is improving 🙏🏻
Juanita Dafler
Juanita Dafler 27 kun oldin
Your climate is warmer than ours. I get mine starting in May, then June, July and August. Looking forward to getting our baby chicks!!
Ceasar23 27 kun oldin
Just wanted to say hi and God bless you and your family
Momma OG
Momma OG 27 kun oldin
I like you still gave them heat when you put them on the grass, there still little 🥰💐
Teresa Gunther
Teresa Gunther 27 kun oldin
Love the chickens!
Beverly Castor
Beverly Castor 27 kun oldin
Just love your videos and Penelope is growing up way too fast god bless
Vee Mack
Vee Mack 27 kun oldin
What do you edit your videos on? An what camera did you start off with?
MIKE THOMAS 27 kun oldin
Are you going to get some more bacon bothers this yr.?
Tj F
Tj F 27 kun oldin
Jason you might have said it before so I apologize how many meat birds can you comfortably fit in the brooder? Thanks in advance!
Christine Osborne
Christine Osborne 27 kun oldin
Berry Mountain Homestead
Berry Mountain Homestead 27 kun oldin
Yay for chickens on grass! Thats fantastic that your chicken tractors are still going after five years!
Mama Bear Minett
Mama Bear Minett 27 kun oldin
Find ilk
Find ilk 27 kun oldin
Agree with your good call for heat lamp
Training Olives
Training Olives 27 kun oldin
Do they sleep overnight in there? We have so many predators here that we have to dig a foot under the run with the hardware cloth and put them into a locked coop at night. Everything wants to get to them it seems. 😕
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 27 kun oldin
yes they do. never lost one on 5 years. (crossing fingers) You can put an electric net around the coop.
Mary Jemison
Mary Jemison 27 kun oldin
Chicken coop looks easy too move good job 👏 Jason 👍
chele michele
chele michele 27 kun oldin
👍 out on grass they will be loving it.. Have a good evening 🌷🌷🌷
Lauren H Jenquin
Lauren H Jenquin 27 kun oldin
You said the grit helps them grow. It helps grind up there food they are eating.
Growing Little Country homestead
Growing Little Country homestead 27 kun oldin
Haven’t even got my chickens yet.
Hida Way Homestead
Hida Way Homestead 27 kun oldin
Meat birds come in one month!!! Can't wait.
Earl Raff
Earl Raff 27 kun oldin
Chicken Wranglers
Petty fogger
Petty fogger 27 kun oldin
My goodness, unless the camera angle gave her a serious boost, Miss P. Appears to have grown a bunch over the winter!!!
Dwight Hires
Dwight Hires 27 kun oldin
I am happy for you in this additional step of Summer abundance.
LBurnsy 27 kun oldin
Gray Mountain Farm
Gray Mountain Farm 27 kun oldin
Love your videos! We just built a pallet coop! So far it’s working out great!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 27 kun oldin
That is awesome!
Melissa Kasner
Melissa Kasner 27 kun oldin
So amazing love them already
Pokichan 960
Pokichan 960 27 kun oldin
I like the way that heat lamp was hanging according to level. When the rest of the coop looked level.
Anna R
Anna R 27 kun oldin
Jojo Crazy Cat
Jojo Crazy Cat 27 kun oldin
They had the perfect add for this video. Tender Chicken for dinner.
Daylene Yandell
Daylene Yandell 27 kun oldin
How come you haven't rigged up a way to pull your chicken tractor with your your John Deere?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 27 kun oldin
my Deere is too small to pull it. I need a bigger Deere :)
Kathleen Cole
Kathleen Cole 27 kun oldin
tammy sarrazin
tammy sarrazin 27 kun oldin
chicken tenders running a muck lol
Margaret Bedwell
Margaret Bedwell 27 kun oldin
It is funny how they look around like they are pondering what is this stuff I'm walking on. They don't take to eating off the ground nearly as fast or instinctively as baby chicks take to pecking at their food when they are only a few days old. Love your set up. Have a Blessed day.
michaelp711 27 kun oldin
Hooray Sow the Land!!! Thank you Jason for every upload. Always appreciating and cheering you on. Great to see the chickens on grass. Keep up the great work!
jeanne orr
jeanne orr 27 kun oldin
Do you put a perch up for them
Cheryl Lamb
Cheryl Lamb 27 kun oldin
Look how big they are now!
Kim Guidry
Kim Guidry 27 kun oldin
You look to be feeling a bit better, always love seeing you guys and learning tips. God Bless!
Leslie Nichols
Leslie Nichols 27 kun oldin
Lorraines' chicken catching skills are first rate.
Robin Rummel
Robin Rummel 27 kun oldin
Glad you put the lamp in there. 😁👍💕
Ganon01 Ryan Outsen
Ganon01 Ryan Outsen 27 kun oldin
Bring out tweety birds 😆
Lisa Gerlach
Lisa Gerlach 27 kun oldin
Yay chickens!!!
James Abernathy
James Abernathy 27 kun oldin
Whats the foot operated wheel? Got a link?
James Abernathy
James Abernathy 27 kun oldin
@Sow the Land awesome thanks, really enjoy your channel
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 27 kun oldin
yes, tell him Jason sent you!
GBL— The Ole Church 5 Acre Homestead
GBL— The Ole Church 5 Acre Homestead 27 kun oldin
Hi from The Ole Church 5 Acre Homestead 🧑‍🌾🇨🇦🇨🇦👩‍🌾
GBL— The Ole Church 5 Acre Homestead
GBL— The Ole Church 5 Acre Homestead 27 kun oldin
Let’s grow together!🧑‍🌾🇨🇦👩‍🌾
Debra Bjornsen
Debra Bjornsen 27 kun oldin
It’s funny because my chicks are about the same age and they have been handled quite a bit and they still act like MANIACS!!!!! I think they calm down when they have more space...🙏👍🇺🇸🤓♥️🐓
Rocii Nolte
Rocii Nolte 27 kun oldin
Great video
Andrew Robb
Andrew Robb 27 kun oldin
Gd morning all.. good to see them all growing so well.. love watching you guys. Were all the way over here on our own we homestead in waitaki bridge New Zealand. We pray for your health and alls well in the family
The GOAT 27 kun oldin
Your editing skills are second to none!!
The GOAT 27 kun oldin
Love your videos!!
The GOAT 27 kun oldin
Wassup guys!! Ana says hi !! (Csusb)
Uproot Farming
Uproot Farming 27 kun oldin
Loven the coop!!
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