First 72 hrs Eating Carnivore Diet

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Sow the Land

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My first 72 hrs. starting a Carnivore animal based diet. For online workshops and community group Signup here:
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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on UZpost videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!
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Sandra Crockett
Sandra Crockett Kun oldin
I hope that diet works for you. It's high protein. I did the KETO for a while and I felt good during that diet. I am going to go back on it soon.
Georgette Wood
Georgette Wood 3 kun oldin
Yes, get better...,👍🇨🇦
Longobardi Lounge
Longobardi Lounge 4 kun oldin
I did this diet for 3 months last year and the results are incredible!! The hardest part is giving up the sugar and pasta . Then after goin off of it. All the sweets I ate before I couldn't even stand it and I couldn't believe I was eating that crap before. It's a great diet. I'm gonna do it again.. its why I'm here ....for motivation
Pecan Acres Homestead
Pecan Acres Homestead 13 kun oldin
I LOVE goose eggs! I just fry them over easy. If you fry it in lard will that be a bonus for your diet?
Make It Kate
Make It Kate 14 kun oldin
A half a cow is so. much. meat. It lasted a year when we were a family of 6.
Changing ME
Changing ME 14 kun oldin
You can of course have seasoning doing the carnivore diet.
Regina Garvey
Regina Garvey 14 kun oldin
A lot of people are allergic to nuts.
brian messinger
brian messinger 15 kun oldin
Double your caleries it’s ok
brian messinger
brian messinger 15 kun oldin
Eat just beef and organs. Forget the chicken egg just beef steak eggs and cook everything in butter. No vegetable oils
brian messinger
brian messinger 15 kun oldin
Forget chicken meat..... but eat chicken eggs
Wild Edibles
Wild Edibles 15 kun oldin
Im not carnavor but pepper has been bugging my inflammation
Joan Wiuff
Joan Wiuff 16 kun oldin
Yary rosa-serrano
Yary rosa-serrano 16 kun oldin
You need beef is the most nutrients dense..don't count calories. Eat until you are year doing it
Yary rosa-serrano
Yary rosa-serrano 16 kun oldin
Awesome!!! You are going to feel so much better
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis 17 kun oldin
Jason, look into siberian sea buckhorn oil for skin.
Beth Hubbs
Beth Hubbs 17 kun oldin
I wish you well with your dietary adjustments. Especially with cutting out caffeine. It may be difficult for a bit but you'll likely be glad to be free from it in the end. :)
Beth Hubbs
Beth Hubbs 17 kun oldin
6:16 - "Anne Shirley" :)
Denise Rollick
Denise Rollick 18 kun oldin
Also, I have coffee every morning . . . 😁
Denise Rollick
Denise Rollick 18 kun oldin
Cool! I have been eating just beef for 17 months! It has saved my life. If you feel hungry, ADD FAT! You should not be hungry!
PAPA NOEL 18 kun oldin
I was watching a Justin Rhodes video, the 1 with the 100 chickens, he bigged your channel up, so I thought, yes I'm checking that out.. New sub... Noel. Swindon. England..
Kellie Lamb
Kellie Lamb 18 kun oldin
Brennon Hinton
Brennon Hinton 18 kun oldin
This was the best thing I have ever done! Trust me it works:) you get energy for days if your doing it right and the sleep OMG the sleep is amazing! I still drink coffee with butter and I notice that I don’t get the jitters or shakes from it anymore. I’ve been doing it since October of 2020. Beef jerky, and cheese, is like your best friend for snacks!:)
Annette Seaver
Annette Seaver 18 kun oldin
You might also look into the “medical medium” books and information. He also has his books on Audible. Totally different from the carnivore diet. But if you are looking for medical help he might have some good ideas for you.
James Couch
James Couch 18 kun oldin
We used to raise and sell grass finished beef but since covid our processor is booked out for two years so it has pretty much put us out of business so I've been selling off our cattle. If you were closer we could provide you with grass finished beef.
Cleo Castonguay
Cleo Castonguay 18 kun oldin
Hope your new diet improves your health issues shortly. Hang in there Jason :)
Julianna Catapano
Julianna Catapano 18 kun oldin
I’m so happy you decided to do this I hope you find the relief you are looking for. I was going to message you a while back and suggested this. My husband does this with a lot of success he had stomach issues and inflammation in his back, hands and knees. He misses his fruits and veggies but he feels so much better it is worth it. He eat meats cheese coffee and he uses pepper. Good luck! -Julianna and the Nashs
Lulu McGreggor
Lulu McGreggor 18 kun oldin
The carnivore diet is amazing. I could give you a long list of health troubles it has helped me with, but here are a few: toenail fungus I got from a pedicure spa, that I treated for 2 years, acne, multiple autoimmune issues, dandruff, chronic migraines, GERD, and tooth decay. Just don't give up if you start feeling blah at first. It takes a bit of adjustment. After doing it for almost 7 months, I can tell you that daily building your knowledge of how to do it and why it works helps keep you motivated and encouraged. You can do it!!!! You won't regret it.
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang 18 kun oldin
Hi..... Jason, thank you for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
Feroz Kaamil
Feroz Kaamil 18 kun oldin
Your missing big time. Lamb is the best And clean meat you can eat.
TKA Art 18 kun oldin
Do you plan to stay on this long-term? How can eating only meat be healthy? Hope you feel better!
beth S
beth S 18 kun oldin
Excellent choice! It's a very revealing way of eating. You'll find out how 1) satisfying it is and 2) what you have a reaction to as you SLOWLY reintroduce other foods. I'm pulling for you.
Janet Amerantes
Janet Amerantes 18 kun oldin
KenDBerryMD youtube helped his skin and weight problems. It helped my arthritis drastically and my blood sugar, hypoglycemia. It took me foyr months to re-ajust my system. I have been ketovore February 2020. I'm eating too many carbs now and I'm hurting more severly now. Coffee doesn't hurt according to Dr Berry. Leave peppers alone for a few months. You're trying to heal your gut.
T H 18 kun oldin
Yeaaaaahhhhhh Redmond Real Salt! Doing it right already if you for that lol. Keto and clean eating all day! Praying for you brother!
Lucy DiazColon
Lucy DiazColon 19 kun oldin
So wait no rice or beans or tortillas...bread😳 Wait no coffee your killing me smalls!!! I can do without everything but coffee?? I have Lupus and I'm Puerto Rican coffee is life. Ugh I'm in a wheelchair my legs are week. I hate meat but maybe I should try.
Jona Briggs
Jona Briggs 19 kun oldin
Good luck , Jason !! I really hope this work's for you :) God Bless !!
LaFawn Sweeten
LaFawn Sweeten 19 kun oldin
I hope it works for you. G'luck! =D 🎉🎊 Chaga 'mushroom coffee'! Though not an animal it is considered a fungus. Do you think chaga would be acceptable according to your carnivore book?
maggie ann
maggie ann 19 kun oldin
YEA!!! ☝️🙃👍 🦴🐮🐂🐃🐄🐷🐖🐗🐽🐏🐑🐐 🤗🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌👏🏽👐
gabriella kadar
gabriella kadar 19 kun oldin
Carnivore diet changes your gut microbiome. The gut is where 80% of your immune system 'lives'. So it makes sense to consume a no residuals diet. You could try fatty fish as well. That contains omega 3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory. Probably better than land beast meat. You could mix it up instead of eating just warm blooded animal meat.
Jan Levine
Jan Levine 19 kun oldin
See steak and butter gal>eggs
Jan Levine
Jan Levine 19 kun oldin
I can’t give up the bean💕
North-n-South Homestead
North-n-South Homestead 18 kun oldin
I struggle to give up Mountain Dew. It’s an addiction for sure.
E K 19 kun oldin
Since your oxalates were high, look into oxalate dumping. Sally K. Norton has tons of great info.
E K 19 kun oldin
Way to go!!! 🥩🍖🍗🥓 Our family of 5 had great results! We had tons more energy. We greatly reduced our eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, dry eyes, gas, bloating, IBS, GERD. Cleared up our foggy brain and irritability. Tons more things I'm sure I'm forgetting.
Mig F
Mig F 19 kun oldin
Make biltong!!
jnl 19 kun oldin
u can still have cheese and milk and yogurt, right? are u allowed to have honey? if u like booze can you have mead? good luck, i hope it helps!
imari2305 19 kun oldin
Jason sometimes I only eat meat for a meal also. I've heard of the Carnivore diet but never actually done it. I pray it helps you with your skin issues.
lt34102 19 kun oldin
A dear dear friend had chemo and beat his cancer years ago. Of late, he's been hit with several Autoimmune disorders. Just read that livers also can transmit Campylobacter bacteria. Be sure to CREMATE your chicken.
Misha Lea
Misha Lea 19 kun oldin
God bless y'all!🌻
Kate M
Kate M 19 kun oldin
Gosh, I really hope this provides some positive results!
Theresa Davis
Theresa Davis 20 kun oldin
I hope this works for you. Prayers
Perma Pastures Farm
Perma Pastures Farm 20 kun oldin
Good luck bro!
Kitty Kills
Kitty Kills 20 kun oldin
Truly you shouldn't be hungry. Eat until you're satisfied.
S L 20 kun oldin
I hope this new diet works for you! 🙏🏼
Melissa Curtin
Melissa Curtin 20 kun oldin
I hope this helps you out. I’ve been considering trying it as my metabolism stalled and nothing seems to work.
Dana Nelson
Dana Nelson 20 kun oldin
I have some issues myself. Considering this diet. Keep us posted. Thanks for sharing.
North-n-South Homestead
North-n-South Homestead 18 kun oldin
Me too. I’m waiting on results.
Paulaz 20 kun oldin
Good on you man your body is going to be so happy
Jennifer Sinclair
Jennifer Sinclair 20 kun oldin
So, excited to see how this works for you! 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏
Valdir Pereira
Valdir Pereira 20 kun oldin
Jangrin H
Jangrin H 20 kun oldin
I have to say, your eyes don't look as red as they have been, and you physically look like you feel better. Just saying. Prayers for you too.
Kristi Key
Kristi Key 20 kun oldin
Be sure that you eat a lot of fat! Try exposing your rash to sunlight. It really helped a friend of mine.
Momma OG
Momma OG 20 kun oldin
You might not like the fat in the meat but eat it anyway, your already very slim and muscular and will just pray this works best of luck my friend🥰💐😎🤟
Homesteading in Idaho
Homesteading in Idaho 20 kun oldin
Oh, go check out Steak and Butter Gal. She is on UZpost and Instagram. She also just teamed up with some other folks and has a second channel on UZpost, Two and a Half Asians. Check her out. She is a wealth of info and recipes.
Blue Heron Farm
Blue Heron Farm 20 kun oldin
I’m on Day eight of carnivore and I haven’t wanted any of the sweets that my family has had around. I’m already noticing a drop in joint inflammation. I had the same thought about raising more meats, lol. I ordered 15 turkey poults to come in after my meat birds are done. We’re getting two beeves back from the processors in a couple of weeks, so we should be good for awhile! Lol.
Hida Way Homestead
Hida Way Homestead 20 kun oldin
Jason, you should make some jerky for some snacks. Stay safe and God bless you my friend. 🌱🐓🐐🐄🐷🌱 Lisa
My life's Journey Sharon Karkarashvili
My life's Journey Sharon Karkarashvili 20 kun oldin
If this doesn't work than fast for a week. Just water. Fast and pray and miracles can happen.❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Randi Brown
Randi Brown 20 kun oldin
Hallelujah! I am so glad you are giving this a try. I think you are going to feel amazing after the month. Make sure you get plenty of animal fat, salt, and water too. I'm so excited for you to feel better.
Kathy Ferguson
Kathy Ferguson 20 kun oldin
I think it takes more than a month. I watch Dr. Ken Berry on YT. He’s a big proponent of the carnivore diet. Good luck!!! I hope it works.
Ruby Montano
Ruby Montano 20 kun oldin
I have several auto immune issues and feel better with a high protein diet. I suggest asking doc to rule out things like lupus it took years to pinpoint what was wrong for me. Your beautiful family are in my prayers❤
Melanie George
Melanie George 20 kun oldin
Man I hope the carnivore diet helps! Pain is no fun 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Simon Ingall
Simon Ingall 20 kun oldin
Try baking the bacon in the oven, we love it that way. I couldn’t go without coffee! More power to you!
Esther Jojo
Esther Jojo 20 kun oldin
If this doesnt work? consider Moringa!
Justa Ghost
Justa Ghost 20 kun oldin
Welcome to the club.... Best thing I ever did.
Denise Wright
Denise Wright 20 kun oldin
Praying this helps you🙌🏻 My son is mostly vegan. Suffering from depression and anxiety and skin issues. I doubt I could get him to try this🤷🏼‍♀️
mcristysng09 20 kun oldin
Rooting for you Jason. Hope you find something that works
Gary Cecil
Gary Cecil 20 kun oldin
Been on Carnivore since March, reading, reading, reading...I hope, in time, you will feel better soon.
Gary Cecil
Gary Cecil 20 kun oldin
Nose to tail brother, eat nose to tail :)
Lilian Aldana
Lilian Aldana 20 kun oldin
Every body is different I hope this works for you take care 👋🏻
Pat Burgard
Pat Burgard 20 kun oldin
Praying this works for you!🙏🙏
Jerry Gibs
Jerry Gibs 20 kun oldin
Jason, you do look and act better. I'm continuing to pray that you & Loraine find a solution to this difficulty. Blessings to you and your family. ☝️🙏🙌...
Rose Anne Jacquette
Rose Anne Jacquette 20 kun oldin
Sure hope this is the answer for you. I know it’s a learning curve for what’s best for your health.
Edie Hunter
Edie Hunter 20 kun oldin
What kind of chicken door do you have
Ritchie Griffin
Ritchie Griffin 20 kun oldin
Prayers for positive results! Hope this is the answer you are looking for. Keep us posted on your results. Maybe a weekly update ???
Robert Firestone
Robert Firestone 20 kun oldin
It will sound crazy you sound better and even happier ???? now when the hunger hits me like that I have a lot of energy
Jennifer K
Jennifer K 20 kun oldin
Praying for continued insight and help, Jason!
Nancy M Weasel
Nancy M Weasel 20 kun oldin
So happy you chose carnivore. Even if you only do it until your eczema clears up. View Dr Ken Berry on youtube. He is the king, of sorts, about the health of the body and carnivore. Don't forget the fat. The human body needs fat. It's hard at first for some. Be strong. Cravings are the brain throwing a tantrum for what it is used to getting. It will take longer than a month to make changes to your body. Be strong
Arlyne Lauro
Arlyne Lauro 20 kun oldin
My sister had eczema her whole life. 2 weeks on carnivore and it was gone. Maybe add more fat if your hungry.
Matt & Sara
Matt & Sara 20 kun oldin
That’s awesome I really hope this works for you.
mingo0817 20 kun oldin
Hope you feel better soon. Carnivore diet is very similar to keto diet in the sense that it cuts out a lot of carbs. Sugars tend to lead to a bunch of health issues.
Squirrelly Acres Where nuts come to gather
Squirrelly Acres Where nuts come to gather 20 kun oldin
Good luck with your Carnivore Diet, hope it helps clear up your medical issues.
Patty Price
Patty Price 20 kun oldin
Good luck Jason on this journey
cookinmom 20 kun oldin
SALT...make sure you use plenty of salt, electrolytes. Annnd, fat, not just muscle meat. Rib eye on that grill instead! Yes, it’s true more $$$ but it’s good every so often as I’m sure you have learned lol. It’s good for the brain too!
Jeannette Davies
Jeannette Davies 20 kun oldin
Hope & pray this diet helps you!
JANET WILHAM 20 kun oldin
pray over your food that God will bless it to your body.
Jill Dadds
Jill Dadds 20 kun oldin
It’s going to be interesting to see how you feel on the carnivore diet!!! Hope it works for you 🤗
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah 20 kun oldin
Sónia Alcobaça
Sónia Alcobaça 20 kun oldin
Add butter to your meals. It helps with hunger.
27 acres away
27 acres away 20 kun oldin
Just my opinion but you should not be hungry. Eat more. Good luck!
Neva Herrera
Neva Herrera 20 kun oldin
Glad to hear that you are trying this! It is amazing what cutting down or eliminating carbs does for the human body! Next step fasting!
Tova Calgaret
Tova Calgaret 20 kun oldin
Have you tried emu oil?
Fermented Homestead
Fermented Homestead 20 kun oldin
I did the carnivore diet for quite a long time and it felt great! After cutting out veggies I realized I had issues with oxilates, almonds were one of the worst! I hope you are able to continue and find healing with carnivore, it is awesome! Maybe with time you can add in some fermented foods for some flavor and gut healing :)
Karin Judge
Karin Judge 20 kun oldin
What type of chickens were those reddish colored ones ? Cute !
kimberly guerrero
kimberly guerrero 20 kun oldin
Rhonda Maxey
Rhonda Maxey 20 kun oldin
Meat, salt, and healthy fats. Butter, lard, tallow, healthy oils. If you're still hungry, eat more fats.
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