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Picking up our bulk feed order!
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ScribStead Oy oldin
We spend about $13.99 a bag for non gmo 35 LBS at tractor supply. Its Non-GMO egg layer and it comes out to about 13.99 a 35lb bag which is 19.99 per 50lbs if you cannot find better. I know some might find better, but we are new to farming so it might help others.
Ca Bo
Ca Bo Oy oldin
Hidden Treasures
Hidden Treasures Oy oldin
I wonder if he’s tried giving chili flakes to the chickens. They don’t taste the heat but their yolk comes out very Amber
Hidden Treasures
Hidden Treasures Oy oldin
That’s how IOpen up a bag of cat litter
Hysong Grows! An Edible Garden
Hysong Grows! An Edible Garden Oy oldin
Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have. ;-) You go Jason, ya'll are doing great. Hope you find the answers to your health issues.
Glenda Ruff
Glenda Ruff Oy oldin
What if you soak the seed, would that help on the feed costs? Wouldn't it also help if you put the chickens in a chicken tractor and moved them around.
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia Oy oldin
Organic feed is a racket imo. No GMO is fine esp local grain; we buy from a local grower/Miller/seller here (Ernst Grain & Livestock in MD). Not sure what we’ll do at the next farm. I run my meat birds on starter 28%, then 24% grower fed 2x/day moving them 3-4x/day, last 2 weeks we go to game bird feed which is 33%. And butcher at 9-10 weeks. We get 7-10# carcasses
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia Oy oldin
Dude y’all FANCY at the co-op! Yummy food. Remember when watching ppl talk to no one in their car was weird? ❤️😂
moneymikegotu videos
moneymikegotu videos Oy oldin
Good message brother
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang Oy oldin
Hi....... Jason, thank you for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
daisy gurl
daisy gurl Oy oldin
Would love to find feed like that around here. Thanks for promoting recycling the sacks as a weed barrier. Works like a charm! You seem to be feeling better. Blessings...
Stacey Pisciuneri
Stacey Pisciuneri Oy oldin
I always love how you are so genuinely honest with the viewers. Ty luv from PA
NC Homestead
NC Homestead Oy oldin
That’s funny. The way you open the chicken feed bags is how dog food bags used to be sealed when I was a kid in the 80’s!
TheBeStLife Oy oldin
I almost didnt do meat chickens because the cost for organic feed. Then I looked at it the way you talked about here. I was already eating birds raised on the cheap feed but now I know how they lived their life and I played a part in it.
Mary Ellen Whan
Mary Ellen Whan Oy oldin
So glad you encouraged just to grow at whatever cost level allows.
Tommy Bounds
Tommy Bounds Oy oldin
Thank you for the video
Vicki Lee
Vicki Lee Oy oldin
Glad to see baby chicks. A season of renewal. You seem a lot stronger. I hope you are feeling better. Lorraine always seems busy around the homestead. I'm glad her parents are living closer. It's fun to do chores together. Makes the time and chores go by quickly. Hope all the other animals are doing well. Blessings
Ernie M
Ernie M Oy oldin
ok just watched the last part where you talked about reusing the bags... thanks.
Ernie M
Ernie M Oy oldin
Do you recycle the bags that the feed comes in? Can they become part of your composting? Maybe by cutting them up first to get them started as compost?
Riches2 Rural
Riches2 Rural Oy oldin
So smart to buy in bulk. We’re picking up meat bird and layer bulk feed tomorrow.
Dean Lewis
Dean Lewis Oy oldin
Last time I went for feed I picked up 40 bags😁
L C Oy oldin
Soy free is important for me. I react strongly to Soy. Even second hand. So hard on hormone balance and thyroid conditions too. Pretty much have to raise your own meat if you avoid soy.
Ta Ga
Ta Ga Oy oldin
Jason your health problem could be because of Soy. .. maybe something to think about or test as to allergies. Soy allergy reaction is very undercover and debilitating depending on your level of sensitivity Best wishes of Good health for you and the family!!
maryjanew20 Oy oldin
I hope you’re feeling better! It’s good to see you looking better. 👍🏻
Little Mountain Life
Little Mountain Life Oy oldin
Great advice! Conventional feed is still so much better than the alternative chicken raised on concrete slabs.
B Moss
B Moss Oy oldin
You can also use those bags for grow bags for container gardening.
Rhonna Marsden
Rhonna Marsden Oy oldin
when i heard you say "yeah buddy" i knew you were from California, lol. I missed being a native by four stinking months, can you believe that? moving to Florence, Oregon next year, thats gonna be different. i have no idea whats gonna grow there as far as my raised beds for veggies.
Reggie Buffat
Reggie Buffat Oy oldin
Good luck with your new endeavor.
Momma OG
Momma OG Oy oldin
Hello my friends so good to see a video up, great advice on the chicken feed 🥰💐
Bobby Bryant
Bobby Bryant Oy oldin
Small world. Sunrise farms is our local feed place and we get our feed from there too!
Granite Ridge Greens
Granite Ridge Greens Oy oldin
Lucky You with such nice weather, we still have 4 foot snow banks but the sap is flowing so not too bad of a trade off. Cheers and Peace Out
Fermented Homestead
Fermented Homestead Oy oldin
Bulk feed is the way to go for sure! We buy it in the super sacks by the ton and it’s half price
Donnie Carter
Donnie Carter Oy oldin
I get mine from the farmers co-op for less than take for just one bag.
Rem’s Family Farm
Rem’s Family Farm Oy oldin
And I thought it was expensive here. I get 55lbs bags for 14$.
Jason Pendergrass
Jason Pendergrass Oy oldin
A lot of people needed to see and hear this video!!!
Green’s Homestead and More
Green’s Homestead and More Oy oldin
We buy a bulk non-gmo from our local feed mill. The blend it to our spec and we just have to call them up to make it. We have to buy 500lbs at a time and cost us around $130.00
L D Oy oldin
I love this feed! I developed a egg allergy a couple of years ago but after switching to a soy free feed I can now eat eggs no problem
Karen K
Karen K Oy oldin
We use the strings off the feed bags in the garden to mark our rows. My husband loves straight rows! We save the string year round. we'll never get the award for the biggest ball of string, but it was free. I bet Penelope would love to help wind the ball.😉
Opy Brook
Opy Brook Oy oldin
I know very well how difficult it is when you are not feeling your best to still need to move hundreds of pounds of feed bags manually. Its a tough job when one feels fit let alone when not feeling so fit. Well done working thru it. But then if we don't do it, who will? 🤔 Bless you three always Brook👩‍🌾🍏🍎
Grace Hope and Mercy Homestead
Grace Hope and Mercy Homestead Oy oldin
Would you mind sharing where you buy the feed through? I am in the same area as you. Thanks for the help!!
Grace Hope and Mercy Homestead
Grace Hope and Mercy Homestead Oy oldin
@Sow the Land thanks a ton!!!!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
Send Tricia an email and ask her about the feed co-op. Tell her Jason sent you!
Robert Schroeder
Robert Schroeder Oy oldin
Jason & Lorraine, great job on the video today. Really liked the idea of storing the grain in the barrels to protect from rodents and insects. Wondering if you have noticed any rodent issues in the chicken coup? Jason, don’t feel too bad on the time taken before learning to open feed bags. I am sure many of us subscribers have had a struggle with those bags! Smiles & laughter... Chicks have arrived at our local farm store. Thought of you all and your homestead. We are needing to wait about three months until our new homestead is ready for livestock. Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers for good health, new tractor and property. Again, great job and thanks for the encouraging content on the channel. Blessings to you all
Ellen Ross
Ellen Ross Oy oldin
Jason, you I look like you are feeling much better. Your eyes don't look weak in this video. I pray God is healing you.
Manning Farms-Rottweilers
Manning Farms-Rottweilers Oy oldin
It feels good seeing you back in action. I started out no farming knowledge. One chicken turned into over 100 chickens 12 turkeys, 1 peacock , 10 rabbits, a pregnant female rottweiler. This thing is growing fast.
Kelleena Borner
Kelleena Borner Oy oldin
Praises to Jesus for your life Jason may he continue to give u life and joy to u and yr family i love your humor :)
Nandi Saand
Nandi Saand Oy oldin
You'd drastically reduce feed costs by soaking your feed. Go ask Justin Rhodes
Framma Zuleger
Framma Zuleger Oy oldin
We have 10 layers and get 10 meat chickens in the Fall. I feed them out of the garden too so it's not too bad.
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah Oy oldin
Amanda R
Amanda R Oy oldin
Good to see you looking so much better. On organic feed, I still can’t get my head around feed grown without the high cost of herbicides/nitrates being more expensive than that grown without. Yield? 🤷‍♀️
Sarah Vadas
Sarah Vadas Oy oldin
Bc they can get away with it, simply put. 😩😏
Noah Cashmere
Noah Cashmere Oy oldin
Do you feed the chicks grit?
Jamie LeNoir
Jamie LeNoir Oy oldin
So happy for you - you look like you were feeling a bit better this day. Great to see meat birds back at your place
Estella Knox
Estella Knox Oy oldin
Bulk, Bulk
John Marty
John Marty Oy oldin
125k subscribers, let’s see you hit 250k by the end of the year.
Matt & Sara
Matt & Sara Oy oldin
Jason it looks like you are doing better in this video. Thanks for sharing
Deb Brown
Deb Brown Oy oldin
Looking good Jason!
chele michele
chele michele Oy oldin
😆 love the honesty... took my 4 years... and I should but we will use it..😄 Hope your getting answers about your health.. Have a good evening ❄❄❄
Anita Walters
Anita Walters Oy oldin
God bless you and your family.
Wanda Nolt
Wanda Nolt Oy oldin
Raising your own meat chickens is better than store bought even if you can't afford non gmo we raise meat birds and use regular broiler feed . we bought 4 little pigs to raise are going to put them in with our two steers that we're fatting out
Lynn Barney
Lynn Barney Oy oldin
Excellent choice of feed storage method. My son used these at the Ag barn for his market steer. Locked and secured.
Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson Oy oldin
The chickens are some lucky chickens being fed good grain
Sonya Gregory
Sonya Gregory Oy oldin
Browntown Organics
Browntown Organics Oy oldin
12 weeks? You must not have Cornish.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
nope, but our next batch is!
Prewitt Homestead
Prewitt Homestead Oy oldin
Your greatest statement is "You're providing for your family"
dirtyriverfish90 Oy oldin
get a couple goats and never mow again
Brian Nevels
Brian Nevels Oy oldin
I'm in louisiana does anyone know of a local or regional feed producer in these area. Most of the ones I've heard of are on the east cost and the shipping cost make it too costly. I'm currently buying from tractor supply.
Tanya Logiudice
Tanya Logiudice Oy oldin
I am wondering the same thing. We are in south Louisiana and I have searched and haven’t found any with in driving distance
Sasha Lyn
Sasha Lyn Oy oldin
Would you talk about what you mean by 'Non GMO' and your understanding of why it is important to you? I wonder (often) if the abject fear of GMO products is not couched in science but rhetoric that assumes what was a genetically modified food source in the 1970s has nothing to do with molecular biology today. I am aware that there is much to criticize big AG. for in the ways they have mistreated the land and local farmers when making field studies but...I digress. I am a huge supporter of sustainable Agriculture but I am irritated at the level of acceptance that the labeling of 'organic and 'Non-GMO' food products is a zero-sum evaluation.
VagabondAnne Oy oldin
Some of it may simply be hands-on, personal gut experience. I cannot eat most restaurant food, the few places I can eat use only organic olive oil (no, not canola, definitely not soybean oil!) If I am choosing to raise chickens for eggs or meat I am not going to feed them soy, canola, or anything I wouldn’t eat myself, and soy and canola are the biggest GMO candidates. So, without knowing for sure what’s making me ill, and modern medicine doesn’t test for these things on a personal level, I have to choose what to feed the hens, and yeah, it ain’t gonna be no gmo soy canola cocktail. “Science “ is not here to serve the average dietary sufferer, it’s here to serve corporate interests. Perhaps someday these two worlds will intersect, but right now, he human gut is at the mercy of the interests of global commerce, and some of us just don’t have the lifespan to wait for that correction.
Melissa Dey
Melissa Dey Oy oldin
I was so surprised the price difference with organic vs not organic chicken feed! We try to do a happy medium of fermented organic feed in the am, grazing all day & a little non organic in the evening. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing
Lisa Gerlach
Lisa Gerlach Oy oldin
Great advice Jason! Do the best we
Johnny Tyson
Johnny Tyson Oy oldin
Do what you can liked that good advice. God bless
The Hamlin Woodshop
The Hamlin Woodshop Oy oldin
After two years, I’m still messing with the string...urghhh. Lol. Great video. Thanks!
Ilzite K
Ilzite K Oy oldin
I buy at tractor supply store for $ 9.99 per bag.
Sherylyn Asch
Sherylyn Asch Oy oldin
Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Do what you can :). Great advice!
Kathleen Perdue
Kathleen Perdue Oy oldin
You are giving so much practical advice, great job Jason. I wish I could afford organic but I have to go with NonGMO to feed my chickens. Like you said "they get fresh air & sunshine" God bless you and the girls, continually praying for you 😇💞🙏
Poo Poo Head
Poo Poo Head Oy oldin
I know all that processing equipment is got to be expensive. I remember my grandmother killing a chicken hanging around the clothesline to drain and putting in the boiling water of course I never had to do it but I don't plucking all those feathers had to be quite a job even . What does all that equipment cost.
Carol S
Carol S Oy oldin
Well, you dont need a killing cone if you have a chopping block and an axe. If you dont want to pluck feathers simply skin the bird the same as pheasant and quail hunters do. I raise rabbits because they dont need plucking and provide instant fertilizer.
Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan Oy oldin
This was such great advise. I think a lot of people feel pressure to use the organic feed so they don't do it because of the cost.
Ben Smallwood
Ben Smallwood Oy oldin
I love your practical perspective on feed and raising your own chickens.
,Barbara Brand
,Barbara Brand Oy oldin
And when you store in a metal barrel no mice are drawn to it. We drive 4 hours each way to buy bulk feed for all our animals and for our neighbors. Everyone shares the cost of gas. We pick up 5,000 pounds each month. We are retired, and this promotes a sustainable life.
Opy Brook
Opy Brook Oy oldin
You must have a strong pick up and trailer. I used to have a medium sized cargo trailer that I'd fill with 50# bags of pig🐖, horse🐎 and chicken🐔🐔🐔🐓, feed once every 6 weeks. Sold trailer, butchered pigs (before I became vegetarian for health needs) and sold the horses as well as that farm. Moved to a beautiful replacement heifer 100 acre (approx) farm that I rent a portion of and raise my beautiful layers on. Brook👩‍🌾🍏🍎
chronos Oy oldin
Do you know if the conventional, non-GMO, and organic feed have the same or different content? From what I've read, the reason we have GMO is because of Big Ag's poor farming practices. Their favorite plant species were about to go extinct commercially because destructive pests became immune to current pesticides. Using even more lethal ones wasn't possible without killing the plants. I guess one has to research the reputation of non-GMO or organic producers and keep an eye on whether or not they sell their business to Big Ag. Presumably your coop does this on the feed.
Lester Peyton
Lester Peyton Oy oldin
I pay 12.50 for a 50lb bag of non GMO. I get it from a local Menonite feed mill here is SE Ohio. I used to by from Tractor supply but I wanted to source my food locally. It is better quality and cheaper. Win for all. Take care and God bless
Bernie M.
Bernie M. Oy oldin
What town is this store in? Looking for more reasonable pricing then TS.
Jada Veator
Jada Veator Oy oldin
Even though I only have five chickens I have to use organic feed for my chickens. It appears that I have a very sensitive stomach and my stomach could not tolerate regular cheap chicken feed. I love hard-boiled eggs so now that I've changed to organic feed and they get their fruits and vegetables and scraps I no longer have any stomach issues when I eat eggs what a difference that has made. One bag of organic feed is $25.00. At Tractor Supply store.
VagabondAnne Oy oldin
Yep! I have the same experience. I think it’s the soy - I have a similar experience with restaurant meals and I think it’s the soybean oil. I buy non - gmo, non- soy feed through Azure standard.
NC Mountain Mama
NC Mountain Mama Oy oldin
I also use Sunrise feed & feel strongly about soy-free for my animals...thanks for sharing 😊
Mama Bear Minett
Mama Bear Minett Oy oldin
Robyn Snider
Robyn Snider Oy oldin
Bulk usually isn’t in the bag. Bulks normally a 2000lb dump load
Rancho Buena Vista
Rancho Buena Vista Oy oldin
Careful with the no-soy feeds. Usually fish meal is substituted as the protein source and can lend a fishy flavor to the meat. Read your labels and stay away if it has fish meal.
Elroy Cober
Elroy Cober Oy oldin
Starter is higher protein than grower. Using at least one bag of starter would get them growing faster.
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood Oy oldin
No GMO, ok.
Miguel195211 Oy oldin
The science does not support the hysteria of no GMO.
Uproot Farming
Uproot Farming Oy oldin
I hate hearing about chicken factory’s please everyone should raise their own! Chicken factory’s abuse and if you can raise them then do it! #endchickenfactorys
07Negative Oy oldin
I cut my feed costs down by doing cover crops. My dad sends me seed from an Amish outfit. When you buy bulk seed. It’s dumb cheap.
Kimberly klmo
Kimberly klmo Oy oldin
Yep, this sounds like the best method! Better tasting meat too.
Slv_surfer Oy oldin
my perspective is its just priorities. As long and you aren't mental or physically handicapped.. you can find a way. best quality food is my priority I stay home most the time and dont have a tv or Netflix lol. w/ anything in life its how bad you want it. humans always find a way. #prioities
Slv_surfer Oy oldin
@T Jean Vlogs case and point 👆👆“humans ALWAYS find a a way “ . Good on you fren
T Jean Vlogs
T Jean Vlogs Oy oldin
As someone with a SCI/TBI from I just and some bad genes, disability is not a reason to not do this type of thing. Just takes longer to figure out how.
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown Oy oldin
Thanks for the great information
I love your choice of music in your videos.... it’s not your everyday music many others use on their channel. God speed to your beautiful family.
Kashmir2000is Oy oldin
Many of them use music, I'm guessing, they believe sounds sentimental, but really sounds sad. It leaves me feeling kinda down.
William Reese
William Reese Oy oldin
We don't take our feed mill foregranted. $13 for 40 pound bag of non gmo organic feed with identical ingredients as Justin Rhodes chicken feed recipe thats floating around the internet. The only mill that hasn't sold out to Big Ag in the area. Im terrified someday it will get swallowed.
Miguel195211 Oy oldin
Conventional feed makes economic sense. Organic and no GMO makes no economic sense.
Miguel195211 Oy oldin
There is no scientific proof to support non GMO or gluten free. The science is simply not there for your statement. Is just a feel good movement. When it hits your pocketbook then you come to the realization it makes no economic sense as Jason did in this video. How about using common sense instead of hysteria!
Jessica H
Jessica H Oy oldin
I can get non gmo for the same price as conventional in my area and it's locally grown and milled... Far superior product
mai pi
mai pi Oy oldin
to some we do not want gmo food or the chemicals they use to spray on the grains. makes sence to some of us. our health is worth it.
GLENDA Vertner
GLENDA Vertner Oy oldin
My grandparents use to wind all of the feed bags string into a huge ball of string. We always had string for anything we needed a for. Even if we had to tie it together for the length we needed. My Uncle Donald and his friend made 2 telephones with a tin can, nail and string out in the pasture. They actually worked. 😊☎️📞 Have a blessed day, stay safe and healthy 🙏🥰👍👌🙏🦅🔔🗽🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
K Barnes
K Barnes Oy oldin
You know what? I still save that string!!! I’m always using it, so I never accumulate enough for a large ball.
Gregory Mosher
Gregory Mosher Oy oldin
Are the bags biodegradable or do you pull them up later?
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Oy oldin
liz mash
liz mash Oy oldin
Thank you for your advice and speaking up about this. I think so many UZpost homesteaders (and general public) show themselves only using organic products and for most of us that is just not feasible. I agree with you that if you are going the extra mile to grow your own food or hand make something you use what is available to you, use good ingredients and products when you can but it’s not always possible and that’s ok too.
aa999xyz Oy oldin
Would a fed mill be any cheaper? Especially if you buy one ton at a time? Besides less packaging
Grant Galloway
Grant Galloway Oy oldin
I'm a food scientist by profession. Gmo not a bad thing, unless you have allergies, that's your body's genetic problem not gmo. If you have allergies do what is best for you. Ps did you know wheat gluten is indigestible by all humans regardless of sensitivity but makes the best bread and bakery products. I question people who are not gluten sensitive, why go anti gluten stuff, you are missing out on a pleasure. Unless you are keto and only eat bacon dressed with lard dressing.
Miguel195211 Oy oldin
Brad Miller Research according to whom? FDA has made it clear that there is nothing wrong with GMO. As our universities in the US. Public opinion, feel good does not make scientific proof.
Miguel195211 Oy oldin
Non GMO is pure hysteria no science behind it. Vaccines are very much okay. Welcome to the year 2021.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Oy oldin
Yes, but you can not wash the pesticide off as it is each cell, so it kills the gut flora and gene exchange has taken place to bacteria and now we have bacteria with drug resistance traced back to GMO. You will find all this research if you look for it but I am not interested in the debate or the other problems. I hope you are not a paid poster and if so please leave me along.
Neva Herrera
Neva Herrera Oy oldin
Slv_surfer Oy oldin
lol no next youre going to say vaccines are ok b/c hey youre a scientist. STFU grant . no shit you think so . you were indoctrinated by the system that funded and written by the same people that put out this shit quality food
Alison Whitlock
Alison Whitlock Oy oldin
oh my goodness, I paid $44 (including shipping) for a 50 lb bag of nonGMO no soy start to finish meat birdfeed through Amazon. Thank you for sharing the cost so I will look around before the next bag (probably gone by next week!)
VagabondAnne Oy oldin
Try Azure Standard!
mai pi
mai pi Oy oldin
do you have a feed dealer near you?? they can order it for you. i get organic feed and they order for me. cheaper then amazon.
Arden Peters
Arden Peters Oy oldin
costco is $25. per bag.
by faith alone
by faith alone Oy oldin
Joel Salatin Chicken Feed Mix
Justin Rhodes
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