(money saving) Trick when building a chicken coop

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Sow the Land

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In today's VLOG (day in the life) I show you how to maximize your lumber when building chicken houses. Also, I pick up our new Adventure Mobile!
I will teach you how to raise meat chickens
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Linda Huck
Linda Huck 6 kun oldin
I like the maximum wood - I never knew that . Thankyou.
chele michele
chele michele 10 kun oldin
Another project 😆 the face.. Have a good evening ❄❄❄
Jeanie Partridge
Jeanie Partridge 12 kun oldin
Great suggestion I am getting ready to build a small coop for the six chickens my city allows.
Mary Gest
Mary Gest 12 kun oldin
Jason I love watching your Blogs. You are such a creative guy and you always come up with these cool ideas. Your love for your family and animals shine through 💕.
m Pedmar
m Pedmar 13 kun oldin
Thank you Jason for sharing with us one way to save on wood when building. You have some Beautiful chickens and you get quite a haul of eggs , Stay happy, healthy, hydrated and safe. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Blue Moon Mountain Farm
Blue Moon Mountain Farm 14 kun oldin
Love what you do ❤️
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 14 kun oldin
Momma G
Momma G 15 kun oldin
Shook Homemade
Shook Homemade 15 kun oldin
I love how your chicken is named Anne Shirley!!!!! Dreaming of Green Gables now ❤️
Richard Martin
Richard Martin 15 kun oldin
Freddy is struttin his stuff
Katie Lake Farm and Cottages
Katie Lake Farm and Cottages 16 kun oldin
Did you build the chicken waterer?
Tommy Bounds
Tommy Bounds 16 kun oldin
Thank you for the video
David sCHMITT 17 kun oldin
Jason, You must love driving! I follow both your vlog and Jason Rhodes. You are the driver in many vlogs. God has blessed you with Homestead friends. Plus You have created the cooler there .. Also I have seen you with Art and Bri and others. I like you especially for that giving spirit. ( even if you are Paid ) you must do your home work and help others.. God be with you and your family. You have great content vlogs that has helped me.
seamansj 17 kun oldin
What kind of table saw is that?
Chelsea Hartweg
Chelsea Hartweg 17 kun oldin
Ok that's legit genius.
Allison Hartley
Allison Hartley 17 kun oldin
So what is a chicken muffin? Is it baked?
Brian Wood
Brian Wood 17 kun oldin
Got like how the hens eat out of your hand
akindofmagick 17 kun oldin
Birch Moon Farm
Birch Moon Farm 17 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this tip! Wood is so expensive and I have projects that I needed to get done on our farm.
Norine Holland
Norine Holland 17 kun oldin
Yay Jason! It looks like a beauty! With your bus experience and talent, this should be a no brainer for you. The girls will be so excited! Looking forward to the build out. (Partial to yellow)
jason duncan
jason duncan 17 kun oldin
Perfect! I need a mobile brooder and I want to renovate an old camper!
Mama Bear Minett
Mama Bear Minett 17 kun oldin
Everything is looking good friends. I'm anxious to see these 2 projects. 💚🌞
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone 17 kun oldin
Cool Jason! A home on wheels to help you toward your next homestead! My grandparents had a small mobile home and we stayed in their trailer like yours when we came to visit. It worked out really well. Now you'll have a "spare" room should you ever have people visiting after you get your new homestead up and running. I hope you got a good deal.
Loraine Leuschke
Loraine Leuschke 17 kun oldin
I learn something new all the time when I watch your channel
ReaminRon 91
ReaminRon 91 17 kun oldin
Where can I buy chickens from that I can pick up from the posted office? I new to this and I just so subscribed I loved the videos.
Scott Baker
Scott Baker 17 kun oldin
Loved the ending.. Get to work Jason.. 😂
Scott Baker
Scott Baker 17 kun oldin
Loved the ending.. Get to work Jason.. 😂
S N 17 kun oldin
Never realized until now how ridiculously complicated US measurements are. 13/16ths..? milimeters are way more simple
Bella Eden
Bella Eden 17 kun oldin
I think I'm going to love the trailer... the sneak peek looks promising ;)
Mark Zucchini
Mark Zucchini 17 kun oldin
I’m excited to watch the trailer development! Best of luck 🤞
lauralang83 17 kun oldin
Congrats on the trailer! We just purchased one ourselves and its been such a wonderful resource to have in life!!
Chris Hopper
Chris Hopper 17 kun oldin
Jason can you give me the make and model of your portable table saw?
Chris Hopper
Chris Hopper 17 kun oldin
You are the best. Thanks for the quick reply.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 17 kun oldin
amin p
amin p 17 kun oldin
You can repurpose wooden rail tracks for chicken coups
lvs 17 kun oldin
Loved the end 🤣
Darin Bennett
Darin Bennett 17 kun oldin
Jason...that's going to be a great project for you. Best money you'll ever spend is on a camping trailer that you can enjoy down the road with your family!
Cheryl Fraunhofer
Cheryl Fraunhofer 17 kun oldin
Thank you for talking about safety and using a push stick! I can't tell you how many youtube homesteaders and DIYers I've seen being so dangerous and joking about "safety third" or more like safety never. This is an excellent video. I always learn so much from you. Oh boy, you got the trailer! Can't wait to see it, and see what you do with it.
Steele Farm
Steele Farm 17 kun oldin
We are just getting to the building part... so glad we have a sawmill. :)
Growing Little Country homestead
Growing Little Country homestead 17 kun oldin
Dude can’t wait to see the camper project unfold. Stay warm y’all
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb 18 kun oldin
Good morning Jason. Love the table saw. Can you furnish a link to that model? I think the compactness (?) of it is great.
Daya Feickert
Daya Feickert 18 kun oldin
Please make a fuzzy muggins sweat shirt
maria gomez
maria gomez 18 kun oldin
Awesome video and good luck with your new project
Cynthia Bolick
Cynthia Bolick 18 kun oldin
Daniela Furlan
Daniela Furlan 18 kun oldin
so excited for your family new adventures....Have a great day...
happinin07 18 kun oldin
Could you do a tutorial on how you made your pushshoe/stick?
S Roberts
S Roberts 18 kun oldin
Ahhh, timber sizes! Nominal, actual.... bit of a pain, but then again the 2 x 4 nominal will start off as different qualities needing different amounts of planing I suppose, makes sense. I'm across the pond, we say timber you say lumber!! Ever looked up the meaning of lumber in googlepants? Crikey! There's 1., 2. and... (eek) 3. Those Scots :) We use 2x2's (50x 50mm in my money) very normally for the kind of construction you typically use 2x4. Is it not as available off the shelf there?
Jill Dadds
Jill Dadds 18 kun oldin
Exciting 😃
Jill Dadds
Jill Dadds 18 kun oldin
You need a heat lamp in your workshop, to keep you warm!!! 😁
Micha Dreyer
Micha Dreyer 18 kun oldin
Thank you for your wonderful videos. But I am really happy, that we have the mtric system in Germany! 😄
Elisha יהודי פשוט
Elisha יהודי פשוט 18 kun oldin
This is a more unusual question but how come only you went to pick out the camper.. and not mrs sow the land
Mathew Randolph
Mathew Randolph 18 kun oldin
Should get yourself a metric measuring tape
Patricia Benavidez-munoz
Patricia Benavidez-munoz 18 kun oldin
Good tips love that trailer you always wanted one I’ll make you curtains 🥰
Laurie Hughes
Laurie Hughes 18 kun oldin
OMG, my dad always told us measure twice cut once, and remember the pink things are fingers. I'm still smiling thinking of those important rules to live by. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.
Starfish 18 kun oldin
Gayle WATKINS 18 kun oldin
Hello Sow The Land family. Much appreciated showing how to use lumber wisely. You have so much information to pass on to others.
clare 18 kun oldin
you need to build a ramp for that workshop
Kimberly Kelly
Kimberly Kelly 18 kun oldin
I got a rainbow xylophone for our chickens but have never heard them peck it once. Do your chickens play a tune now and then??
adela Coburn
adela Coburn 18 kun oldin
Hi all.. Just a suggestion..keep an extra basket at the coop, that way you don't have to go back and get one ;) Love your money saving idea, I like. Oh wow! you got that trailer...that's awesome. Take care
Blake Eden
Blake Eden 18 kun oldin
We lived in our trailer for 2 months this last year! Good experience.
JilleyTN 18 kun oldin
Awesome! We will need some vintage music to go along with that vintage trailer project. 😁🎶
Jovana 18 kun oldin
Can’t wait to see the new project!
Denise Brady
Denise Brady 18 kun oldin
I hopefully have just ordered a Coffee Mug for my Sister. Cheers Denise - Australia
Denise Brady
Denise Brady 18 kun oldin
Great video as we always seem to have left over wood everywhere- I can't wait to see " the new project " brilliant. Do you ship to Australia Please. Cheers Denise - Australia ( my elderly sisters name is Bernice & would love to buy some merchandise)
Imogene Thomas
Imogene Thomas 18 kun oldin
I love vintage trailers! It will be fun to follow this project.
Dianne Valdez
Dianne Valdez 18 kun oldin
Yay!! Can't wait to see your newest project!
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang 18 kun oldin
Hi..... Jason, thank you for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
Dianne Valdez
Dianne Valdez 18 kun oldin
Jason, you guys are such good chicken parents!!
TheWickerShire Project
TheWickerShire Project 18 kun oldin
My wife asked if that Shawn Penn. No. This IS Jason of "Sow the land!"
TheWickerShire Project
TheWickerShire Project 18 kun oldin
Jason your Birds are a super Pretty Mix. Green egg! What No blue? You mention thinning down the wood stock on building. Oh man I could of used this knowledge to build an Ultra light Chickshaw. We did scrap wood and man its heavy. Not to mention the most critical point. The wheels! They make the bus go round and round. I bough what I though was big enough wheels. I was WRONG! 1 inch Hardware cloth has been near impossible to find up here in Jonesville Va. I travel to TN and NC looking. Everything But 1 inch. 1/2 inch just is a chicken poo poo collector. This is 100% a no no for any new builder. 1 inch on the bottom is the way to go. I have to rebuild it and fix this error and the wheels.
Maria Adams
Maria Adams 18 kun oldin
I'm excited to see the trailer series!!!
Stormy 18 kun oldin
Vintage camper project !!
Jessica Addie
Jessica Addie 18 kun oldin
How much room do Cornish cross need per bird in a chicken tractor?
Kirk Wilson
Kirk Wilson 17 kun oldin
1.5-1.75 sq. ft per bird works
Julie Perry
Julie Perry 18 kun oldin
Just finished my 8x10x10 tunnel greenhouse, based off your plans I purchased, it looks great, thank you for the inspiration🌻
Dianne Valdez
Dianne Valdez 18 kun oldin
Wow! That's great. What an accomplishment!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 18 kun oldin
Jim Pokorny
Jim Pokorny 18 kun oldin
That's a classic trailer, that color is groovy. I love it. That trailer will turn some heads on the road. Nice choice Jason !! 👍
Auburn Hill Homestead
Auburn Hill Homestead 18 kun oldin
Our meat birds will be coming end of March. And I say, “guess I’ve got another project.” At least once a month.
Mandy 18 kun oldin
That is a good idea about ripping down the 2x4s. Do the best you can with what you've got where you are at.
Alison Whitlock
Alison Whitlock 18 kun oldin
Thanks for the rip tips! and congrats on the new trailer!
Lara Rabb
Lara Rabb 18 kun oldin
2x2 also cuts down on weight if your dragging this around
Sonya Gregory
Sonya Gregory 18 kun oldin
Can't wait to see where you move to. I have no clue yet. We will see!!! Good Luck finding the perfect place!❤
Scott Baker
Scott Baker 17 kun oldin
Got a feeling they're going to buy land in KY
BJ Spyder
BJ Spyder 18 kun oldin
What breed is Anne Shirley? She is very pretty.
BJ Spyder
BJ Spyder 18 kun oldin
@Sow the Land Thank-you.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 18 kun oldin
speckled sussex
Carles Inseattle
Carles Inseattle 18 kun oldin
Your channel is so good! Before retirement I was also an AutoCad jockey. I therefore so much enjoy your employment of your experience and your sense of what is right for conservation of resources. For me (and maybe others in the world) however, it would be so much better in Metric 😉
Ca Bo
Ca Bo 18 kun oldin
Christine Osborne
Christine Osborne 18 kun oldin
I can give advise on the camper idea as we lived in one for 4 years while we built our log cabin!! I don't recommend it for that long!! 2- 2.5 years MAX!! And definitely would suggest one with a slide out if at all possible. Can answer ANY questions you might have...potty waste, water, insulation, ect
Angelica Titus
Angelica Titus 18 kun oldin
How exciting! Can’t wait to watch all your trailer videos. You’ve done some awesome conversions for others in the past
theIAMofME 18 kun oldin
OOOWWWEEEE Can't wait to see what you do with it!!!
tseten gyurmey Tsashutsang
tseten gyurmey Tsashutsang 18 kun oldin
Happy losar......
Christopher Pettinella
Christopher Pettinella 18 kun oldin
How many layers do you have right now?
Christopher Pettinella
Christopher Pettinella 17 kun oldin
@Sow the Land cool thanks!
Elisha יהודי פשוט
Elisha יהודי פשוט 18 kun oldin
Layers of what?
Elisha יהודי פשוט
Elisha יהודי פשוט 18 kun oldin
Layers of what?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 18 kun oldin
Cynthia Vanderscoff
Cynthia Vanderscoff 18 kun oldin
I’m really excited about your advantage with your trailer! Love your channel!
Sharon Aqualais
Sharon Aqualais 18 kun oldin
Denise Wright
Denise Wright 18 kun oldin
Hooray 👏🏻🙌🏻 Another project!!!! Thanks for the savings on wood!!!
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah 18 kun oldin
Jason E
Jason E 18 kun oldin
Wanna save money on lumber, buy rough cut.
Elaine Johnson
Elaine Johnson 18 kun oldin
Oh boy!! Fun on wheels!!!♡♡♡
Rob Vaughn
Rob Vaughn 18 kun oldin
Awesome! I can't wait to watch those vlogs.
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza 18 kun oldin
Could this be used for making a chicken pen?
Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman 18 kun oldin
I'm really happy that I'm not the only one with "dirtyrggs"
The look on Jason’s face “ I guess I’ve got another project.” 😂
Auntie Meg
Auntie Meg 18 kun oldin
New projects are always exciting and it looks like you are up to the task at hand. I really appreciate you showing how to rip the 2X4s. Great explanation. It might seem easy for you since you have been working with wood for a while but, you are great at keeping in mind all skill levels. I'm guessing I am 20 years your senior and I have never ripped at 2X4 in my life but I feel confident I will be ripping a couple in my near future very soon. Thanks again.
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone 17 kun oldin
I never had either until my husband bought me a table saw! It makes it so much easier to keep a steady line with the fence in place! I had to rip a few boards to replace the 5/4" outdoor window trim on our old farmhouse. It got rotted out from poor installation of a storm window. Table saw to the rescue. You can't find 5/4" boards anymore!
Cheryl Bertolini
Cheryl Bertolini 18 kun oldin
looking forward to the project:)
Megan Gurwell
Megan Gurwell 18 kun oldin
Omg. Can't wait to see what you guys do with the camper! What did you get??!!
tammy sarrazin
tammy sarrazin 18 kun oldin
lol cog hill has 2 camper trailors that they are done with one and redoing the other i loved watching them fix them up im hoping you do a playlist for the redo
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