My health issues have not gone away/ VLOG

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In today's VLOG I pick up rain barrels and share with you some health struggles. Thanks for watching! Signup to our online courses here:
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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on UZpost videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!
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DianeThomson1960 11 soat oldin
You're so Brave. God Bless and be well soon.
Caroline Brett
Caroline Brett 2 kun oldin
I hope you had success with the dermatologist...and hopefully find an alternative to steroids.
Sandra Crockett
Sandra Crockett 3 kun oldin
Stay positive. Love and Light out to you! Have faith in the doctors...... I have been going threw a lot of physical stuff lately myself.
Rebecca McCarty
Rebecca McCarty 11 kun oldin
Liquid zeolite is a great detoxifier without a lot of the detox symptoms...
Deanna Morehead
Deanna Morehead 11 kun oldin
I pray for you every night🙏
NandoBenando AndMommaBecky
NandoBenando AndMommaBecky 12 kun oldin
I had to do the autoimmune protocol diet to stop all my allergy and asthma problems
noodlehead 13 kun oldin
If you have corn in your bird feed...even if its GMO/organic.... maybe check to get rid of all corn on your farm. I am corn allergic and cannot touch or inhale corn with our chickens/ animals.
noodlehead 13 kun oldin
I get severe eczema from corn, plus breathing issues etc..... seriously, get rid of corn!
Sandra Ruggiero
Sandra Ruggiero 13 kun oldin
You should check with skin doctor to see if you have exfoliative erythroderema. This condition is life theating. Know that I am praying for you.
Lisabeth Olson
Lisabeth Olson 14 kun oldin
4 years ago I had cancer. I took 4 tablespoons of pureed asparagus 2 times a day, at breakfast and lunch. I also ate walnuts by the handful for a month. I was completely healed.
Andrea 14 kun oldin
So sorry you are dealing with this. There is no advice i can give but i feel you and wish you good health.
brian messinger
brian messinger 15 kun oldin
Steak is better than hamburger, as you can cook steak medrare. Buy hamburger has to be cooked wellsone
Naomi Beery
Naomi Beery 16 kun oldin
Prayers for you man! 🤍
Tonya Matthews
Tonya Matthews 16 kun oldin
My sister suffers the same issue. She is allergic to her own sweat so summer is painful. She did have some success with liver detox and adaptogens.
Karen Cristobal
Karen Cristobal 16 kun oldin
billy west
billy west 17 kun oldin
you may have an auto immune situation going on and that could be helped by making your body alittle more acidect a teaspoon of apple cidder vinager in 12 oz of water per day might help if thats the case. hope you get to feeling better.
Lufiza Rahman
Lufiza Rahman 17 kun oldin
God bless u. Praying special prayers during Ramadhan n include u in my prayers.
Carrie Price
Carrie Price 19 kun oldin
I, too, have been suffering since last August with rash. Normally 3 days after I discontinue prednisone it would come back with an absolute vengeance! I have been getting zolair (?) injections since December monthly, taking 2 Zyrtec daily & using triamcinolone acetonide cream 3times daily. This month when I finished my prednisone, while the rash did come back it is not as extensive. My dr wanted me to start dupixcin (?) but insurance denied it at this time & instead they want me to try a topical calcineurin inhibitor which they also denied I might add! I do sympathize with your misery with an acute understanding of what you’re going through. I don’t know if you’re already trying any of these meds yet but I will be following your health closely to see if it might work for me as well.
Beverley Weatherall
Beverley Weatherall 19 kun oldin
Wishing you all the best. Hello from Canada. 💕
jnl 19 kun oldin
maybe at least some of the cause of your flare ups might be related to steroid are supposed to taper down really slowly, especially after being on it a long time. just because a symptom is not common doesnt mean its not related. im on a medication that if i am late taking my dose i get hives and super itchy all over...and if i still dont take it the itching goes internal and i want to rip my skin off and tear out my insides. my docs have never heard of this kind of reaction from missing a dose or stopping a medication before, but its real. and i can reproduce it every time. taking the pill when i start to get itchy takes the hives and itch away. and its not an allergy drug, its gabapentin i take for pain and anxiety. ive had skin problems my whole life, so i know how you feel and how a "simple rash" can be totally debilitating and can make a person willing to do ANYTHING to make it stop. there is probably a number of things causing it, and stopping steroids cold turkey could possibly be a trigger that makes it worse. have you had the air in your home tested for mould? have you recently had allergy tests? new allergies can develop at any time. ive had a ton of new allergies show up in the last few years. i now cannot eat raw fruits because the pollen in them triggers my allergies, tho most of them i am ok with if they are cooked (and pesticide free because im very allergic to pesticides). i also have a latex allergy and that gives me reactions to things like tomatoes, banana, peaches, shea butter, mango butter, dandilions etc because they are latex cross reactive. there are so many weird things that can trigger allergies or weird reactions. you have moved across the country to an area where the pollens (and temp and humidity and water etc) are different than what your body grew up with. that can trigger all kinds of pollen allergies got SIGNIFICANTLY worse after i spent a winter in hawaii. have u tried buying distilled water and bathing with that? i know bathing can make eczema so painful. i have a hard time with the chlorine in city water. i have a chlorine filter on my shower head. i hope you find out what is causing this, and are able to find some relief. i could not go through what you are going through. im very lucky ive always been able to find the source of my issues fairly quickly. good luck!!!!
Mickq Morgan
Mickq Morgan 19 kun oldin
Keep going mate, thing’s will turn around for you guys I’m sure. Love watching from Australia.👍🏻👍🏻
Christina Hewitt
Christina Hewitt 20 kun oldin
I do not know if anyone told you but you could be skin problems from your animal feed. Look into it.
Roger M
Roger M 20 kun oldin
There's probably a chemical in your environment that your around a lot and having a reaction to.
Brigitte Melchert
Brigitte Melchert 20 kun oldin
I had terrible allergies in the past, and it got somewhat better eating all whole foods, no sugar and no grains, but until I went 99% pastured animal based, it continued. I kicked off my new way of eating with a month of strict carnivore, and I felt amazing! Severe neck and knee pain from an old injury was part of my life for over 30 years. But that is all gone now. And I am almost 53 years old. That is what worked for me.
Jeffrey Carpunky
Jeffrey Carpunky 21 kun oldin
I am pretty sure , you have ciu i wrote you a email and sent you a message on Sow the land asked for help, im letting you know what it sounds like to me ....exactly what i have
Rene Byers
Rene Byers 21 kun oldin
Jason, (you may know this already) Zinc is a “skin health” mineral.
Living 6A
Living 6A 21 kun oldin
I prayed for you
Dwayne Sanchez
Dwayne Sanchez 21 kun oldin
I am thinking that you may be getting psoriasis I have it try burdock root I understand what you're going through and I understand it
Donna J Thomas
Donna J Thomas 21 kun oldin
Are you sure you don't have PSORASIC ARTHRITIS!!! Sure sounds like it and a Rheumatologist should be able to diagnose it. There are also very good meds available such as Humeria......good luck.
Rene Byers
Rene Byers 21 kun oldin
I have all the faith in the world that you will discover this illness and conquer. Prayers sent up for you Jason. 💙
Sheila K
Sheila K 22 kun oldin
Praying for healing and understanding of what is going on!
Richard Coffman
Richard Coffman 22 kun oldin
Praying for you man! I totally get where you’re coming from I’ve been dealing with health stuff as well and it’s definitely challenging to achieve your goals while not knowing if your gonna feel well one day to the next. I know this though the lord will get use through these challenges in life! Stay strong Jason!
Paula T
Paula T 22 kun oldin
God bless.
Lucy DiazColon
Lucy DiazColon 22 kun oldin
Are you allergic to feathers...chickens. Blood test.
Mike Stelzer
Mike Stelzer 22 kun oldin
Jason God bless you on your search for a solution. Keep your faith strong research research research your allergiest should be able to run tests to try to see if you are allergic to a whole plethora of things. Introduce a lot of coconut oil‘s in your cooking.good luck Mike in Denver NC
Judith Hogg
Judith Hogg 22 kun oldin
Toney Johnson
Toney Johnson 22 kun oldin
Still praying for you I cannot imagine. Please stay positive.
Krickette 22 kun oldin
Are the only parts of your body, that DOESN'T have rash, the areas where you don't have clothing? Have you checked your laundry detergent? The detergent you use on your sheets? The fabric your clothing is made of?
Wanda Kaluza
Wanda Kaluza 22 kun oldin
Are you allergic to your soap?
Jen San
Jen San 23 kun oldin
Did you get checked for Lyme disease and Lyme co-infections?
The Southern Lady
The Southern Lady 23 kun oldin
Praying for you right now....God, please send healing to this man's body, through the power in Jesus's name. Please surround him with health and send him knowledge about what is happening to him and the way out! In the authority of Jesus's name, amen.
Cari N
Cari N 23 kun oldin
So sorry you haven't been well. I'm praying for your health to be restored.
848meme 23 kun oldin
get a benchmark. Do like go meat and water only for a week or two. Note as much as you can, then start adding and noting.
Jeffrey Carpunky
Jeffrey Carpunky 23 kun oldin
RedNek Tek
RedNek Tek 23 kun oldin
Coffee enema's may help with skin irritation. I wonder if your body is detoxing through the skin causing the large whole body rash.
Tip Giles
Tip Giles 23 kun oldin
I know this is a dumb question, but did the outbreaks start anywhere near when you began thinking about purchasing more land? Might it be better to keep your more manageable land you now have while your try to find a solution to your medical issues. More land would be more work and more stress. J Giles
Gary J Yaw
Gary J Yaw 23 kun oldin
Jason, is your ph balance in your. Body's in system nutrition normal not over acidic. Get your vitamin d turmeric vitamins
Gary J Yaw
Gary J Yaw 23 kun oldin
I am praying for you bro
Jill Inscore
Jill Inscore 23 kun oldin
Praying for your health!
Selena Bradford
Selena Bradford 23 kun oldin
Please see an immunologist!! You really sound like you have psoriatic arthritis, you need biologics not steroids!!
Patricia francisco
Patricia francisco 23 kun oldin
I know that's going to make you laugh your ass off, and I'm sorry but why don't you check out some of Dr Berg's posts there's a lot I know he's keto and you probably not going to be overly enthused with that a lot of people aren't but there's a lot of things he has to say about rashes and he's pretty well informed and it wouldn't hurt to think outside the box or even check outside the box there's a lot of things that can cause a rash or something maybe you're eating or something I don't know something you're handling could be a lot of things but you know I just thought it came to my mind that listening to you talk it would probably be a decent suggestion to check out Dr Berg b he's all over the web, very well read and very informed on a lot of things not just on keto but on a lot of things I know he's really helped me a lot, so as they say, just saying
Mary Ellen Hoybook
Mary Ellen Hoybook 23 kun oldin
I'm so sorry about your health issues. Keep the faith and stay positive, that is hard, but I'm a believer and I also believe that attitude is a huge part of recovery. On another note, I wanted to give you a tip that you may already know about the water catch for your chickens. We use 4 blue barrels and it works very well. One thing that is critical is to have one barrel feeding the waterer that has a valve between the other barrels. More than once, we've had a waterer break and lost all the water out of the ONE barrel, but not all 4 because of that valve. We keep that valve closed, so when that happens, we have 3 barrels full of water to refill the empty one. Being the thinker and builder that you are, you probably already thought of that, but just in case. Stay positive!!!
Miranda Massoo
Miranda Massoo 23 kun oldin
Have you tried going carnivore yet? The carnivore diet has healed thousands.
Debbie Edelmann
Debbie Edelmann 23 kun oldin
NICE BARRELS !!! ask and ye shall receive !!
Ginger Kirby
Ginger Kirby 24 kun oldin
Gosh I hope you get some answers soon. The not knowing is awful!
Veronica Jean
Veronica Jean 24 kun oldin
When sleep would bring a reprieve and yet is out of reach. Well this is for sure the dark night of the soul. I pray you get the sleep you need to be able to face these health issues. People cannot even begin to understand the struggle. God bless you and hopes for strength during these trying times
Anne Trainor
Anne Trainor 24 kun oldin
What's in your chicken feed? Could you be allergic to the grain? I find I don't itch as much when I'm cold. A cool shower before bed, moisturizer and a cold room, no blankets. A light cotton sheet. I also double or triple rinse the laundry. Hope you find the answer soon. Good luck.
Zeke 1982
Zeke 1982 24 kun oldin
Jason I know this very hard for you. Not only the pain and issues you are going through but the mental side. You are the husband, father, and provider. Don't know your pain but know what it is to be all of those things and then something blind sides you. Lorain and Penelope will help you get through this no matter what as did my wife and young son. Hope this helps. Figured if you put it all out there I would with you. I hope you find an answer soon so you can feel better.
Marqezz Mt-09
Marqezz Mt-09 24 kun oldin
Why not try CBD oil,it is great for many diseases.Hope everything be good.
Andrew Littlefield
Andrew Littlefield 24 kun oldin
Be healed in Jesus name!!
Patrick Brewer
Patrick Brewer 24 kun oldin
I was sick like you my friend for years, it’s turned out that I’m highly sensitive to sugar of any kind, even fruits, no doctors did help me only myself correct my diet and gradually I did fixed my skin sickness problem, I now almost back to normal and can eat few fruits without severely sick for weeks, hope you feel better soon, wish I can help you somehow
Laura Browning
Laura Browning 24 kun oldin
hardenfivegh 24 kun oldin
Hang in there J. We’re here for you. Please just ask if you need anything.
Big Mama N KC
Big Mama N KC 24 kun oldin
One treatment for fungus and my rash went away and has not returned ‼️ one year free after 20 years fighting it 🙌‼️ I was hospitalized 2 months with sepsis from the rash and as a last resort they treated me for fungus and it worked ‼️🤗🙏
SereniityLove 24 kun oldin
Love the kitchen!
Sunny & Treeman: Sustainable Living
Sunny & Treeman: Sustainable Living 24 kun oldin
I am so moved by what you’re doing and how you’re coming up with ways to make it easier. I’m assuming because of your location you’re seeking alternative methods beyond western medicine to help you. I’m an alternative practitioner (Sunny). If you feel lead to other methods besides western medicine, please contact me. I’d love to help. 💗💚 I’ll continue sending healing prayers your way.
Murray McMurray Hatchery
Murray McMurray Hatchery 24 kun oldin
Thinking of you and hoping you find a solution to your issue. Take care. ;)
Vivian Swaenepoel
Vivian Swaenepoel 24 kun oldin
I completely understand how you feel as I too have an autoimmune disease. It’s very difficult to stay positive when you don’t feel well. Watching you helps me to get motivated, so thank you for sharing your struggles with us.
Patti Cooper
Patti Cooper 24 kun oldin
Please google Jordan Peterson’s daughter. She suffered since childhood hood with autoimmune things which sound similar to yours. She went carnivore diet and it worked for her. You are reacting to something in your diet or environment... and I know you don’t eat gluten. She says she discovered it when on night she googled allergic to everything....
Kayla Andrews
Kayla Andrews 24 kun oldin
I know there are lots of recommendations, but I would encourage you to find a good functional medicine doctor. I had a rash on my body as well. It covered the majority of my body, flare ups, and got better with steroids. It ended up being a few different GI tract infections that my functional medicine doctor found. I hope you are better soon. I know it’s miserable.
MrLittlelud4 24 kun oldin
I say coal tar soap because it has worked for me, hope it does for you. I have a problem that is similar to yours, I find it helpful to remind myself I am not can only do so much that is.
Zoe Shorthouse
Zoe Shorthouse 24 kun oldin
Keeping you in my prayers.
Sonja Mental Health And Homesteading
Sonja Mental Health And Homesteading 24 kun oldin
I have similar issues so I feel your pain mine is caused living in a house full of mould your in my prayers
BEE OILY 24 kun oldin
I understand. In so sorry. Suffering is hard. I have several issues where I have to take steroids. I hate them. Prayers!
Pamela Mercado
Pamela Mercado 24 kun oldin
I really feel for you I sure hope this time they can really do something more to take care of your medical condition I'll keep my fingers crossed Take care
Norco Grandma
Norco Grandma 25 kun oldin
Much love, comfort, support to you all.
Estella Knox
Estella Knox 25 kun oldin
jennifer mattucci
jennifer mattucci 25 kun oldin
Try a low fodmap diet! I was so itchy for months until I tried this. Low histamine diet will offer some relief maybe!
Shawn McPeak
Shawn McPeak 25 kun oldin
see if you can find an allergist. to do skin tests.
VioletButterfly 25 kun oldin
This is suggestion, but you have tried the carnivore diet? If you've been taking steroids it means there is some kind of inflammation somewhere. You may want to try this elimination diet to see if anything maybe causing it. I have heard of people putting their rheumatiod arthritis in remission, help rid of diabetes , and helped with alleriges, and skin conditions. It might be worth a shot to see. I was giving a try a month ago and was starting to feel better. I think I need to go back on it , then slowly bring back foods in and find out what the issue is. That's just my two cents. You may find you start feeling better.
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia 25 kun oldin
christopher blair
christopher blair 25 kun oldin
Feel better, appreciate you
Grunttamer 25 kun oldin
Jason, someone mentioned getting your drinking water tested. Your county extension office can do this for you.
WannaBeGrnThumb777 25 kun oldin
Meditation, Chlorine dioxide(MMS), DMSO
Misha Lea
Misha Lea 25 kun oldin
Have you tried detoxiifying teas or those patches or foot baths that draw out toxins? I'm sure you have considered if it is any of the hay, woods or other things you use. Maybe those polar bear plunges set off something in your cells. Continued Prayers and Blessings!🙏💖
SKC Janelle
SKC Janelle 25 kun oldin
4 years ago I started breaking out in hives. Thousands all over my body. No matter what I did, they would come back. Pepcid, Allegra, hyrdroxzyine, steroids. Sometimes my face would swell up and I ended up in the ER twice and hospitalized once. Tried Xolair injections monthly with no improvement. Eventually had to go on an immune suppressing drug (same as you would get after an organ transplant). That finally brought them down to a dull roar and after 3 years of being on varying doses of this immune suppressing drug, I was able to wean off of it and am now hive free and drug free. What an ordeal. Its just an autoimmune thing that happens sometimes, although they did say that in the majority of cases it goes away in time.
SKC Janelle
SKC Janelle 25 kun oldin
During all of the hive drama we found out I was allergic to ibuprofen, even though I had never been allergic to it before. Making sure to not take anything related kept my face from swelling but the hives still stuck around no matter what.
Chuck Nelson
Chuck Nelson 25 kun oldin
This may sound too simple but I think it might be helpful if you found out if you might have a vitamin deficiency.
Tony 25 kun oldin
Glenda Ruff
Glenda Ruff 25 kun oldin
The best to you all.
Deneall H
Deneall H 25 kun oldin
Keep your head up. You are an inspiration to us all. Prayers for you, your family and your health.
Kathy Ferguson
Kathy Ferguson 25 kun oldin
I feel ya. I spent the whole night unable to sleep because my skin was burning. If sun or heat hits my skin, I literally feel like I’ve caught fire. I have to do all the outside chores early in the morning or in the evening. My dermatologist wanted me to start Dupixent injections. I can’t afford it. I just keep thinking there’s something simple we haven’t figured out yet. Praying all of us with this condition to find answers and relief.
Faith Claessens
Faith Claessens 25 kun oldin
Keep up the search, an answer can be found and you may wonder why it had to be such a simple solution. I found my cure you can too!
Jon Koehler
Jon Koehler 25 kun oldin
Sending prayers and positive thoughts for your speedy recovery
Retired & Loving It!
Retired & Loving It! 25 kun oldin
Praying your health gets better. Sorry to hear you’re still having problems.
karen atha
karen atha 25 kun oldin
As someone with a difficult and painful medical problem, I appreciate you sharing. We can sometimes learn more from each other before doctors figure out what is wrong.
diann elliott
diann elliott 25 kun oldin
Prayers to you all
Pople BackyardFarm
Pople BackyardFarm 25 kun oldin
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis 25 kun oldin
Jason, have you had your thyroid checked? Like a full panel? Thyroid issues can cause skin and hair issues and anxiety.
Ian N
Ian N 25 kun oldin
Sorry if this has been asked, have you changed your clothes washing powder?
Spirals andSpice
Spirals andSpice 25 kun oldin
Skin issues can be a tough thing to figure out. Praying for you and your family!
lilibeth beltran
lilibeth beltran 25 kun oldin
Drink lemon with water everyday. High Alkaline body don’t produce cancer
lilibeth beltran
lilibeth beltran 25 kun oldin
Dr burzynski from Texas heal cancer
Robert Glasemann
Robert Glasemann 25 kun oldin
Praying for you. I fell your pain, my wife has an itching problem that no doctor can come up with an answer for. Spent tons of money on creams and pills for no no re-leaf
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