Not Ready! New BABY Chickens Arrive!!

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Sow the Land

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Our first batch of meat chickens arrive!! 🐓
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Jennifer Ladd
Jennifer Ladd 25 kun oldin
Off topic question....where did you get your ceiling light fixture that you see in the beginning??? I am IN love. I am looking for a flush mount one just like that!!!!
lechatbotte Oy oldin
I would love plans for that brooder. I’ve been keeping mine in the basement it’s a lot of extra work.
Ca Bo
Ca Bo Oy oldin
Barbara Span
Barbara Span Oy oldin
So cute!
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood Oy oldin
Growing Little Country homestead
Growing Little Country homestead Oy oldin
Man that brooder looks fantastic man.
CPK Oy oldin
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones Oy oldin
I can’t wait to get started! I’ve been watching your videos for months. I’m so looking forward to our first batch of birds. We’re in the inspection phase of our property purchase. Prayers appreciated that all goes well.
Cameron Fleming
Cameron Fleming Oy oldin
It's my first time raising chicks. Got them from McMurrays they came all to Hawaii. Kids love them. Thank you people like you and your family are inspiring people to be more self sufficient.
pandura gonzalez
pandura gonzalez Oy oldin
That be a good plan for a dog house too
Valdir Pereira
Valdir Pereira Oy oldin
Tom Jerniagan
Tom Jerniagan Oy oldin
I thought y’all were smarter than that
Kirk Wilson
Kirk Wilson Oy oldin
Yes ma'am it never gets old! I raised my first ones in a cardboard refrigerator box over 50 years ago. I pooled my meat bird order this year with a friend. It brought the cost per chick down astronomically. You are right, all hatchery genetics are not created equal. We use Reich's in PA.
Rocky Creek Homestead
Rocky Creek Homestead Oy oldin
Chicken time 👍. It seems this year all of our chicks have arrived on the least expected days. The chicks looked great.
Rachele Ford
Rachele Ford Oy oldin
Where did you find that wireless plug I needed to ❤️
Estella Knox
Estella Knox Oy oldin
Beautiful little chicks
Kara Kirton-Ormston
Kara Kirton-Ormston Oy oldin
Do you guys like the red rangers better than Cornish cross as far as flavor of meat?
Kara Kirton-Ormston
Kara Kirton-Ormston Oy oldin
@Sow the Land Thank you! Just did! Sure appreciate the reply!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
watch the taste test! :)
Ben Rogers
Ben Rogers Oy oldin
It’s a good thing you didn’t have 65,000 chix come like we used to. 😉😅😉
Jamie Renee
Jamie Renee Oy oldin
I counted 31
Cynthia Mantooth
Cynthia Mantooth Oy oldin
Mix a little bit of cornmeal in with their feed. It helps to prevent 'pasty butt'. Paterna from Appalachian Homestead uses it.
Emily Acevedo
Emily Acevedo Oy oldin
Well, I guess I need to look into McMurray chicks! You guys are great advertisers! (P.S. Jason, you look like you’re feeling much better this video. Praying you keep getting better and better!)
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone Oy oldin
Your brooder looks amazing! Those do look like very healthy chicks! I might try to raise those broilers this year. I plan to get ducks too, Khaki Campbell's from that hatchery. Nice temporary set-up Jason. I've done that until I got my brooder together too. It works. I raise the ducks and chickens together but I have to move the ducks out sooner because they get bigger faster than the chicks. I only have laying chickens right now. I wish you good luck with your birds. I usually don't lose any after the first week. I love watching your channel.
Jackie Long
Jackie Long Oy oldin
Hi, when you raised Cornish cross did you feed them every 12 hours? Feed all they can eat 12 hours on and 12 hours off? This is what I have been reading.
Sandi Spyres
Sandi Spyres Oy oldin
Your Channel is great thanks for keeping your channel spontaneous instead of a production Hope your health continues to get better Your online workshops are helpful Do you still make the wooden spoons I’m interested in them for me and my daughter If do please email me at sandilynspyres@ gmail . Com
Tracee Dreyer
Tracee Dreyer Oy oldin
It's refreshing to see your face walking through the store!
Margaret Bedwell
Margaret Bedwell Oy oldin
Cute little baby chicks..and I love the little red house you're building for them. I look forward to seeing the completed project. You look like you are feeling better Jason, I hope that is correct. Y'all have a Blessed day.
Linda-Marie Stephens
Linda-Marie Stephens Oy oldin
Charlotte from Ky.🙂
Lourdes Espajas
Lourdes Espajas Oy oldin
Thank God 🙏🙏🙏 Jason you're well already.. God bless you and your family always.
Karen K
Karen K Oy oldin
Fun times. Can't wait to see the finished brooder. We need a new one and are trying to come up with a plan that suits our needs. Take care.
Lara Rabb
Lara Rabb Oy oldin
Love that red can't wait to see the finished build.
Lara Rabb
Lara Rabb Oy oldin
I got 3 egg layers chicks yesterday. They are so cute.
Kelly Miller
Kelly Miller Oy oldin
Am I the only homesteader that has the "scent of the month" in their house as Chick Poop? I think I could clean the brooder 4x day this time of year and still smell it. The things we do to put meat in our freezers!
Sandi Schraut
Sandi Schraut Oy oldin
Those chicks are so cute. That brooder is amazing looking.
AfrLaLa Oy oldin
So sweet little chicks love seeing it. Very vulnerable 🌷💕
Miguel195211 Oy oldin
What a true statement, "This never gets old."
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown Oy oldin
Baby chicks are so cuteeeee!
samantha porter
samantha porter Oy oldin
I have a box of peeps in my living room...can't wait to get them outside!
Question Everything
Question Everything Oy oldin
It's great to see your smiling faces 😀... We no longer see smiles here in the UK
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone Oy oldin
I think that would be hard to take. I think people need to see smiles daily.
Feliciarebeccapettersson Oy oldin
how are you with the bird flu? Here in Sweden, we are not allowed to keep our birds out due to the risk of infection.
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah Oy oldin
Patience Oy oldin
NICE looking brooder!
Li'l Sebastian Farmlet
Li'l Sebastian Farmlet Oy oldin
Chicks in the post is very strange to me. In Australia we have very strick animal welfare laws. But they do post bees for some reason.
The Ridge Homestead
The Ridge Homestead Oy oldin
You will get the brooder done. They will need a bigger rubbermaid box. Wish we lived closer. I have one you could have! Get a Brinsea heater. Got mine at School Specialty, Inc for the best price. Came very quickly.
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang Oy oldin
Hi..... Jason and Lorraine nice to see you beautiful chick 🐣birds, thankyou for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
chronos Oy oldin
First time seeing chicks shipped via the post office, I thought it was pretty weird too. Thought live animals were picked up at the airport.
Blue Heron Farm
Blue Heron Farm Oy oldin
Good looking brooder! Hey, I put my heat lamp on an ink bird thermostat controller. It turns off and on, without a lot of monitoring. Works really good.
Varvel Outdoors
Varvel Outdoors Oy oldin
Looking forward to seeing the brooder. We have used several designs over the years. Currently using an old 4' X 4" wood citrus grove bin that can be moved with the skidsteer when time to move to the grow-out pen.
Collieco Form
Collieco Form Oy oldin
I foresee a trip to the store for a bigger container! That one is way to small.
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone Oy oldin
He'll move them soon when he gets his brooder finished.
Doris Greenberg
Doris Greenberg Oy oldin
I understand those like me that do not want to do the work shops. I'm 81, and love watching the homesteaders do what my husband and I did long ago. I still keep a flock but don't do meat chickens. I have heavy breeds that keep me in eggs and they raise their own chicks if they hatch out a clutch. I love the homesteading community and relive that wonderful life through you.I will often pray for your problems and your families. So thank you for making it easy to just watch your great journey.
Misha Lea
Misha Lea Oy oldin
Congrats on the baby 🐥🐤🐥!!😊
Wendye Crain
Wendye Crain Oy oldin
Neva Herrera
Neva Herrera Oy oldin
Itsybitsy Gardner
Itsybitsy Gardner Oy oldin
Oh my gosh they are so cute🐣🐤🐥🌻
Sonya Gregory
Sonya Gregory Oy oldin
During my career as a Clerk for the USPS, I always loved when the baby chicks arrived! I loved hearing them chirp all day. So sweet!🐥🐥🐥❤
Cathy Scroggins
Cathy Scroggins Oy oldin
Try not to touch the heat lamp bulb with your bare hands. The oils from your skin could cause it to shatter at high heat.
Melissa Dey
Melissa Dey Oy oldin
The stand for your waterer is genius! Bet they can’t get shavings into it as much with that
Carol S
Carol S Oy oldin
You got a few days before they outgrow their tub in the house. Just use a plant saucer for food to take up less room.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
yup. the clock is ticking!
Virginia Reid
Virginia Reid Oy oldin
So glad your chicks all seem healthy. Take Care
Glimmer Momma
Glimmer Momma Oy oldin
So stinking precious!!
Locust Street Cottage
Locust Street Cottage Oy oldin
You can buy a weather station with multiple sensors you can place around your property so you can tell how warm each place is. I have one on my front porch, one in my greenhouse and one in the rabbit hutch. I also have a $25 wifi camera in two of my hutches. lol
Obsessed with the Outdoors
Obsessed with the Outdoors Oy oldin
I got my first chickens a few weeks ago. 4 black australorps for egg layer. I live in Texas which is normally pretty hot but they are almost 5 weeks old and its still in the high 40s/low 50s at night. I have them in the same size tub as you put these in at the beginning. Their heads are just a few inches from touching the top of the lid and i cant put them outside yet. Gotta figure out a secondary brooder for a few weeks i think
wrinkles & sprinkles
wrinkles & sprinkles Oy oldin
Looks like you’re feeling better! Spring is a holdout up here on the Minnesota/Canadian border. It snowed all day yesterday!😫
SC CountryGirl
SC CountryGirl Oy oldin
Cool! We have 20 Ruddy Rangers. They’re nearly 2 weeks old and are growing so big.
hermayneMUNSTER Oy oldin
The wireless plug sounds like a good idea! Did the same with my garage door opener with addition of hacking around some wires. It's very convenient!
Mama Bear Minett
Mama Bear Minett Oy oldin
Jason's skin issue. Have you been cutting a different type of lumber or something with an adhesive (plywood) in it? It's the little everyday things that we overlook. 💚🌞, friends! You've got this chicken thing down.
snakeriverfisher Oy oldin
"dipping the beeks" thats such an ignorant practice, just like you dont dip in the feed, you dont dip in the water, it just teaches people to do stupid stuff, ive hatched and raised thousands of chickens
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
if we were raising 100's at a time I wouldn't be doing that. But doesn't hurt! Everyone does things differently and that is ok.
Shania A
Shania A Oy oldin
Jason...I get tractor supply s brand of pine flakes. It's probably cheaper than flick party. Here in Somerset Kentucky they keep the bags outside by the front door and they last a long time
Patricia Hamilton Kephart
Patricia Hamilton Kephart Oy oldin
I've worked weeks on a 4 x 5 coop and 3 x 4 brooder but I'm not done either! Boy do I understand! I'm making them out of scrap wood and pallets but the weathers not cooperating. Your brooder is gorgeous!
DK S Oy oldin
Knock on wood! You seem like you are feeling much better, Jason! I hope you journey stays the course. Beautiful chicks!!!
Swan creek farm
Swan creek farm Oy oldin
3.44 a chick is pricey for those guys. I paid 1.15 for freedom rangers from freedom ranger hatchery. Hope they turn out good. Good luck with your birds.
Swan creek farm
Swan creek farm Oy oldin
@snakeriverfisher theirs a hatchery about an hour from me in missouri and they want 4 to 6 dollars a chick and 9 to 12 dollars per duckling. It's crazy
snakeriverfisher Oy oldin
omg $3.44 a chick we complained when they went up to 40 cents, of course that was along time ago already, but my word 3.44 thats insane
Deb Smith
Deb Smith Oy oldin
Great video 👍👏🙏
Pam Pilgrim
Pam Pilgrim Oy oldin
I really like the little red chicken brooder!
Brandy Gallegos
Brandy Gallegos Oy oldin
I hatched out 28/41 eggs from our flock, and ordered 20 ccb from Hoover hatchery, coming Wednesday.
ricky boldin
ricky boldin Oy oldin
chicken socks on chicken day.
Shania A
Shania A Oy oldin
Oh WOW that brooder looks so GOOD 👍👍👍👌🏆🥇❣️❣️❣️
Cathy Rodeheaver
Cathy Rodeheaver Oy oldin
Applebutter vinegar?
Loren Turner
Loren Turner Oy oldin
apple cider vinegar
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Oy oldin
Anne Master
Anne Master Oy oldin
Great idea to put acv in water, I know it’s good for us, must be good for them also! Just like oregano is a good antibiotic for u r site!
Debbie Snyder
Debbie Snyder Oy oldin
Sweet video!🤗
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood Oy oldin
Sandra Delvecchio
Sandra Delvecchio Oy oldin
I think you’re telling the tale of a lot of us with that title. My laying chicks can be picked up next Wednesday. I have everything stuck in the tote that will be the brooder. I think. The main important stuff is there, right?
Mio Giardino - Rosa
Mio Giardino - Rosa Oy oldin
I’m SO glad that chicks are not sold at any supply stores, I am SO weak that’d I’d buy them all and make them live in my bathtub.
Patience Oy oldin
😅 that's a BIG birdbath!😅
Sandra Delvecchio
Sandra Delvecchio Oy oldin
They’re sold at every supply store here.
Debbie Wilson
Debbie Wilson Oy oldin
I love your socks
Liberty Micro Farm
Liberty Micro Farm Oy oldin
We are lucky enough to have a good hatchery in the next town over. When we order chicks we get a pick up time and get them same or next day of hatch date
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
John Ramsey
John Ramsey Oy oldin
Is there a good market in this area for a few hundred meat birds every 8 weeks
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
I say yes, but depends on how well you market it.
The Hamlin Woodshop
The Hamlin Woodshop Oy oldin
I love raising chickens. You guys do such a great job!
Christine Osborne
Christine Osborne Oy oldin
That is the same set up I had when my shed burned down...we clipped it to the side of that same type tub. Please don't trust that heat lamp!!! We were fortunate to not be living where this burned down!
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone Oy oldin
Yes, last year part of my plywood broader caught fire from a lamp like that. I was lucky because it just smoldered or our garage would have burned down and perhaps our house too since it is attached to the garage. I'm much more careful now!
Anna Rivera
Anna Rivera Oy oldin
Miss P is a pro at handling those baby chicks 🐣 and the brooder looks amazing keep up the good work Jason.
Sovereign Village Project
Sovereign Village Project Oy oldin
We’ve got the baby chicks in the bedroom with us lol. Living in a tiny house as we build our homestead. We currently have about 3 dozen animals in a 400 square foot cabin haha
Patience Oy oldin
You do what you can with what you've got🙌💝
Sovereign Village Project
Sovereign Village Project Oy oldin
Sow the Land It’s either a party or a madhouse!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
sounds like a party!
Libby Flanagan
Libby Flanagan Oy oldin
maybe next year will be my first for meat birds, currently just egg layers for me! Your brooder looks a lot like my coop :)
Christine Osborne
Christine Osborne Oy oldin
So exciting!!
Make It Kate
Make It Kate Oy oldin
We had the same predicament when our chicks got here last week! 😂
Schoentrup Farms
Schoentrup Farms Oy oldin
Oh no! This reminded me that ours arrive next week! Of course our brooder isn't ready! Glad yours are in already!
LBurnsy Oy oldin
Good vibes your way 🗿💕
Debra Bjornsen
Debra Bjornsen Oy oldin
Chicks are so much fun... I will be picking mine up tomorrow! ♥️👍🙏🇺🇸🤓
Debra Bjornsen
Debra Bjornsen Oy oldin
@Sow the Land update in NY state you have to buy a minimum of 6 chicks...I only needed to get 4. Chicken math is everywhere! Maximum chickens allowed per family = 8 so....... 🤣
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
Have fun!
4 Kids and a Farm
4 Kids and a Farm Oy oldin
Nothing better than a fresh set of chicks! So excited for you guys! Would you ever get a silo for feed? Or could you go through it fast enough?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
I would. maybe a portable one would be nice if we raised more chicks. Maybe in the future!
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