Starting seeds in our scrappy greenhouse and I need YOUR HELP

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Sow the Land

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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on UZpost videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!

Andrew Mace
Andrew Mace 8 soat oldin
If you’re still looking for barrels,I live 2 hours away in Chester, SC and have them all around me for $15-$20.
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 5 kun oldin
Rhonna Marsden
Rhonna Marsden 28 kun oldin
i found our 50 gal plastic rain barrels on amazon several years ago.
Lyssa Orelli
Lyssa Orelli Oy oldin
Lorraine/Jason love that you used you story as your intro.
Jean Fagan
Jean Fagan Oy oldin
I am in 7B too but these dips of night temps worried me. Our extension office said go ahead on direct seeding. Plants on Mother’s Day. How you doing Jason? Ore back today?
georgia nichols
georgia nichols Oy oldin
Blessed Easter day✝️
Debbie Edelmann
Debbie Edelmann Oy oldin
You are a BEAUTIFUL family. Wishing all of lifes success, heath and love.
Terry Rose
Terry Rose Oy oldin
Do you have a video on how you inoculated the logs for mushrooms?
BostonRocks76 Oy oldin
I recognize those seed packets. Baker Creek at I love them!!!! Your greenhouse is so nice. I am not handy, so I had to order one online. It is very small. Even though I tied it down and put four very large heavy concrete blocks on the bottom of the frame to hold it down, the strong winds blew it across the yard and ripped the plastic to smithereens. Better luck next time for me. Thanks for sharing! God Bless! Carmen
Elisa Olivarez
Elisa Olivarez Oy oldin
Hi Jason, I told Lorraine I watched your recent video where you went to the doctor and Lorraines dad cut the lawn. I was concerned to learn that you hadn’t been feeling well but I’m glad to hear and see you doing better. I remember us as kids in high school and as I watch you guys and your journey it trips me out and I’m amazed and intrigued. My hubby loves your channel and I always smile when all of a sudden I hear your voice or Lorraine’s. I’ll ask are you watching sow the land? Lol! Thanks for sharing with us and I told Lorraine you guys are always in my prayers.
Ca Bo
Ca Bo Oy oldin
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang Oy oldin
Hi...... 🎥👍👍👍
Four Day Homestead
Four Day Homestead Oy oldin
Great nuggets of info.
magnifikris Oy oldin
Excuse me! You say scrappy greenhouse with a negative tone, it's fantastic. I'm just saying.
Diana Oquinn
Diana Oquinn Oy oldin
There is never too much kale! Dehydrate it. Use it in soups or grind it for your smoothies.
Big Mama N KC
Big Mama N KC Oy oldin
Scrappy is the best 💋♥️🙏
ltlhoss1117 Oy oldin
If you do get hit by a surprise frost, just throw a sheet over your plants. Or water them before the sun comes don't have to loose your hard work.
Susan Chittum
Susan Chittum Oy oldin
Hellos from Ohio!
Arizona High Desert Homestead
Arizona High Desert Homestead Oy oldin
Awesome what you guys have done, very inspiring . I myself am starting our homestead in the high desert of Arizona, gonna bring green to the desert. Keep up the great work !!!
Voila Flowers
Voila Flowers Oy oldin
You can also dry part of your greens power them and use in soups, breads,pancakes, smoothies and elsewhere
Huffman Haus
Huffman Haus Oy oldin
We just love you guys! Not to far from us down here in Salisbury NC
ReaminRon 91
ReaminRon 91 Oy oldin
Where can I get your book on how to Butcher chickens???????
Mary Kapla
Mary Kapla Oy oldin
Good video👍🏻😊
Mazlum Mukthar
Mazlum Mukthar Oy oldin
Hello Sow The Land your story was really touching. Are you guys making a living by the farm our do you work (husband or wife) on the side with a civil job?
Dana Nelson
Dana Nelson Oy oldin
Glad you're still getting mushrooms off that log. That greenhouse serves you well. You can also sell or barter plant starts.
Conni Daywalt
Conni Daywalt Oy oldin
I work at lowes...the blue barrels are being filled with sanitizer for all of our stores. They would not be good for rain water. But that's why there's a shortage maybe! We have 3 in our store right now! Hope you find them
Darlene Tate
Darlene Tate Oy oldin
Bonemeal mixed with your potting soil might help you be able to grow things even more
Just Cook With Dustin
Just Cook With Dustin Oy oldin
Find a local sausage company. I worked for one. Our hog casings and red wine vinegar came in 50 gallon plastic drums.
Virginia Reid
Virginia Reid Oy oldin
I wound up buying one to make a water source for my garden online.
Robyn Wilson
Robyn Wilson Oy oldin
You can order them from Uline for about $80
Robyn Wilson
Robyn Wilson Oy oldin
Ahhhhh much better price !
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
yes, too much though. I usually find them for free or $5-$20.
Heather Keller
Heather Keller Oy oldin
Jason, I'm very inspired by you and Lorraine, and really the entire homesteading community. I wish I was 20 years younger, but "Do what you can with what you got" (Prepper Princess), works for every facet of our lives. Hugs to a fellow CA survivor ❣
Sioux Gerow
Sioux Gerow Oy oldin
Justin has ALL THE BARRELS in a stall!!! I saw them when he was setting up for the new piglets!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
maybe I should walk over and grab one. he won't notice. :)
Greene Family Homestead
Greene Family Homestead Oy oldin
Very cool - you're an inspiration! We recently started a Homestead in Michigan - please consider following our journey!
Michelle Shipley
Michelle Shipley Oy oldin
If you don't mind the drive, those blue barrels seem to be all over upstate SC and GA.
bohemiangypsy99 Oy oldin
Hi Jason and Lorraine, Jason when you spoke of people forgetting how to be self sufficient it rang a bell for me as you are so right in saying that. I also think Covid scared a lot of people worldwide into growing food and livestock and also in preserving and cooking from scratch. When food supplies got short or way too expensive and then we saw a shortage of yeast as everyone was baking their own breads etc. It was showing that people actually when they had the time were really enjoying do it all themselves and also other home related stuff like building and improvements as well as knitting, sewing and crafting etc. All these things bring us back to how life used to be before the rat race as we say came into effect. I hope I made sense here lol. Michelle
My new Tennessee Home Jo Ayers
My new Tennessee Home Jo Ayers Oy oldin
I got mine when I worked for a pharma mfg. They get NaCl (regular salt) in barrels.
Jarod Waite
Jarod Waite Oy oldin
J - I got your barrels right here! But I am in VT..... Would love to help you out if you lived closer.
Melissa Dey
Melissa Dey Oy oldin
We are having a hard time finding those food grade barrels also, I feel like after this last year or so people are having a tendency to hold onto things more
Shelli Randolph
Shelli Randolph Oy oldin
Don't know if you are up to a road trip to south central KY but we have a guy here who sells food grade barrels (plastic & metal) for $8 each. If you buy several, they are $6 each. He has hundreds.
Annie Purse
Annie Purse Oy oldin
Love your greenhouse, low enough that the heat stays close to the plants. I did not know that is how to grow shiitakes, well done. I can not eat any wild mushrooms as I break out in a horrible rash on my face, just a thought for you Jason. Your homestead may be be small in your eyes but to me it is the perfect size to manage without stress.
Rose Anne Jacquette
Rose Anne Jacquette Oy oldin
Love you guys. Jason you do look better. Hope you feel as well as you look. You are an inspiration to others. Is the hunt still on for a new place? I bet there is no good time to make a transition. Best of luck. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do.
LouAnna's Kitchen
LouAnna's Kitchen Oy oldin
Love mushrooms! Thanks for sharing and so cute chicken house!
Darin Bennett
Darin Bennett Oy oldin
Totally agree that we have forgotten how to be self-sufficient in so many ways. We just put in our first 20x20 garden in the back yard to take back some level of being sufficient when it comes to growing our own food. We have one acre to expand to and so we're excited to start the journey by learning from you and so many others.
Lisa Bakos
Lisa Bakos Oy oldin
My celery is starting to sprout! 🌱
Unsere kleine Farm in Schweden
Unsere kleine Farm in Schweden Oy oldin
Here in sweden 🇸🇪We plant our potatoes in may,our latest frostdate is the first week in june.Last year we harvested them in September.Thanks for your videos😊
Mia Arlar
Mia Arlar Oy oldin
Kohlrabi is delish uncooked with a little salt, lemon and olive oil x
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah Oy oldin
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood Oy oldin
Green house.
Terri Romberger
Terri Romberger Oy oldin
Good luck with the rain barrel search! Go seed sowing! So happy to see your suffering lessened Jason. Prayers for you.
AfrLaLa Oy oldin
Green House really doing well with all the food you growing there👍🌷
Robin Damron II
Robin Damron II Oy oldin
Rural King sells the blue barrels, no lids though. Not sure if you have them around you
Susan Marsh
Susan Marsh Oy oldin
Just saw the visit to the Rhodes and community get together. Your face when you were cuddling the whitest, softest, gentlest lamb was an absolute picture with the biggest smile I have seen for a long time! You certainly could do a couple of sheep on your land if you approached it the same way you raised pigs-raise for meat. Even a couple of sheep To breed you would need at least one/ two more sheep or use AI which overall would be a cheaper option or borrow a ram, need more land or access to neighbours areas they want cleared to feed them and mow their grass. That would need electric fence set up but you have that mastered. Sheep are great. If you get sheep that don’t need to be shorn that saves you a job plus makes fly control in your wet climate easier.
PasadenaSue Oy oldin
Plant starts are good mainly because I have discovered that there are too many insects who eat the seedlings. I was wondering why no seeds were growing and then I discovered they were being eaten soon after sprouting. Starts have a better chance of getting large enough to survive. I am still harvesting Swiss chard that was planted last year from starts. Well worth the few dollars I paid for them.
Fresh Start Homestead
Fresh Start Homestead Oy oldin
Jason you should check out offer up. Might find something
Spirit Eagle
Spirit Eagle Oy oldin
We dehydrate kale and other greens then powder them for smoothies. Kale chips are great too. Good to see you feeling better. God Bless
Momma OG
Momma OG Oy oldin
Ty for the advice on the starts verse seeds.🥰💐
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall Oy oldin
What's the plan for the first trip in the new trailer?
Sonya Gregory
Sonya Gregory Oy oldin
I love your scrappy greenhouse. It has so much character, and I remember when you built it. Just think how much food you have grown in there. Your kale is phenomenal!
Jovana Oy oldin
I’m amazed with your mushrooms. That would be an amazing project to do with my daughter, she is very interested in the different varieties.
Gator Pixel Doctor Repair
Gator Pixel Doctor Repair Oy oldin
What macro lense do you use?
lilibeth beltran
lilibeth beltran Oy oldin
Be careful with poison mushroom
Patrick Borek
Patrick Borek Oy oldin
The barrels can be order at home depot with free shipping to store, possibly to your house aswell
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn Stone Oy oldin
Another great Vlog. Thanks!
Lisa Gerlach
Lisa Gerlach Oy oldin
Love the greenhouse
MusiqueMurray Oy oldin
If you want to come up to Québec, I know a guy who has hundreds of those 55 gallons polyethylene drums for like 50$ each. Maybe it's a bit far for you, but me and my girlfriend would love to meet you and learn from you. Amazing job on your channel keep it up my man !
Shawn McPeak
Shawn McPeak Oy oldin
Wait till after your last Frost date to put plant starts in the ground.
Clint Gendron
Clint Gendron Oy oldin
Jason they are not the chicken tenders you are !! Lol keep it up man love the content!
Doug Lockyer
Doug Lockyer Oy oldin
I hope that you are doing better and are you gonna get pigs if so when!
Wanda Kaluza
Wanda Kaluza Oy oldin
Our key food supermarket had been selling them, the blue barrels, here on Long Island
Elizabeth Teixeira
Elizabeth Teixeira Oy oldin
Really? Which one?
Susan Molnar
Susan Molnar Oy oldin
I'm trying celery for the first time this year too! Crossing my fingers!
lil Valentine
lil Valentine Oy oldin
30 years ago I started saying that super markets were de-educating the population about food and making people more reliant on pre prepared food. So many people I knew couldn't make a cake without cake mix, couldn't make gravy without gravox powder , couldn't make custard without custard powder or pasta sauce without a jar of pasta sauce. A girl with a pear tree in her garden wouldn't eat the fruit because she was scared that it hadn't been 'processed'. People were curious about my silky bantam chickens 'do they lay eggs ?' , 'can you eat those eggs?' Grown adults unsure of how to know if there's a chicken inside an egg you collect. This wonderful massive movement going back to basics is so so important ! its heart warming to see so many people learning all this vital information ❤
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
we are all trying to re-learn what we have all forgotten. Some are a little more ahead on the trail than others and some are just starting on this trail. but we are all on the same path.
Russell Tackett
Russell Tackett Oy oldin
I see barrels for sale here in kentucky and across the river in ohio for $10 lots of times
Marquis Irving
Marquis Irving Oy oldin
So good to see you doing well, back outside, and enjoying your family. Excellent content keep progressing brother!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
thank you Marquis. I appreciate you saying that. will do!
Cynthia Jurden
Cynthia Jurden Oy oldin
What kind of Logs are your Mushrooms on?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
Diane Brezo
Diane Brezo Oy oldin
Those baby chicks are as cute as their brooder! 👍💖👍
Christine Dehn
Christine Dehn Oy oldin
Celery, wetland plant. Put it in a low spot and water more than anything else.
Miguel195211 Oy oldin
Here in the Wilmington area waiting to start my raised vegetable garden. Already mowing the lawn!
CONSERV Friends Oy oldin
The barrels - Try flea markets or flea markets at farm animal auctions.
Leslie Nichols
Leslie Nichols Oy oldin
Thanks Jason!
Cynthia Gustafson
Cynthia Gustafson Oy oldin
I'd be thrilled to have a "scrappy little greenhouse"! It serves you well!!
Green Acre Birds
Green Acre Birds Oy oldin
Nice vid my dude as always keep up the great work.🤘
Anna R
Anna R Oy oldin
🐣🐣 look healthy. Mushrooms great ,you could easily increase mushys, seed on moore logs🍄🍄🍄
Mama Bear Minett
Mama Bear Minett Oy oldin
The greenhouse is beautiful. Lorraine has grown into her wonderful space and is making it work wonderfully. You are blooming into a beautiful homestead, all of you. 💚🌞
Lara Rabb
Lara Rabb Oy oldin
And if you are crunched for time in your life. Plant starts are great, you are just limited to what the store has. Giving away food is great for your spirit!
Lara Rabb
Lara Rabb Oy oldin
I tried celery, didn't work. How do they manage to do it in the commercial setting?
Sandra Ruggiero
Sandra Ruggiero Oy oldin
You might want to check out Legglife in Alaska is had a skin problem.
Rick Martin
Rick Martin Oy oldin
is that a YT channel?
Arden Peters
Arden Peters Oy oldin
we have a place called buckets and totes so look that way maybe you have a company like that. MAN COME ON OVER!!! I have lots!!! Ramona, ca!!! 😄😄🌻🌻🌻 check Walmart they will order. Emergency Essentials sells them and costco has carried them sometimes too
cp p
cp p Oy oldin
There are plastic barrels on Craigslist Greenville SC for $30 if you want to drive down this way.
kg sparrow
kg sparrow Oy oldin
Thank you
LBurnsy Oy oldin
Good vibes your way 🗿💕
Mary Sills
Mary Sills Oy oldin
I’ve been looking for a blue barrel and I can’t find any here in Knoxville.
Valerie Pritchard
Valerie Pritchard Oy oldin
You can freeze kale if you have enough room in the freezer.
Zeke 1982
Zeke 1982 Oy oldin
Spring is here! Hope your garden does amazing!
Dan Prettyman
Dan Prettyman Oy oldin
You are an encouragement to others, you are really farming. With no knowledge before the move, and look how you have grown in producing your food. Pat from Oregon.
1carolmassey Oy oldin
We wait til June 1
The Irish Mammy
The Irish Mammy Oy oldin
Try growing your celery down by your creek - it’ll love the wet soil. And it will keep it cool in the summer weather. No trouble growing celery here in Ireland - it rains most of the summer. Only difference in summer and winter here is warm rain or cold rain 😂
Trisha Navarro
Trisha Navarro Oy oldin
I think growing mushrooms is so cool.
Thomas Callaghan
Thomas Callaghan Oy oldin
Great video
Minnesota gal
Minnesota gal Oy oldin
There’s a bunch here on Craigslist, postage would be HUGE
Pike Connor
Pike Connor Oy oldin
Hey Jason, keep you celery well watered, they`ll love it.
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