Thaw (Help Prevent) Frozen Pipes in Mobile Home 🥶

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Today I share with you all how we keep our water pipes from freezing. Also, how much firewood have we gone through this winter SO FAR!?
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I will teach you how to raise meat chickens
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Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang 2 kun oldin
Hi..... 🎥👍👍👍
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 5 kun oldin
Vic Haven
Vic Haven 5 kun oldin
Heat tape is temperature activated,so leave it connected all year long. JUST IN CASE... love the vids, man
Natasha Spudville
Natasha Spudville 6 kun oldin
You do do a slower stream but if you're concerned always better to be safe than sorry
Cynthia Jurden
Cynthia Jurden 6 kun oldin
Deb Smith
Deb Smith 7 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing 👍God’s Blessings to you and your wonderful family 🎚♥️🙏
Tooniepie 7 kun oldin
What kind and where do y’all get your flour from, please?
C'mon Homesteading
C'mon Homesteading 7 kun oldin
cool video c'mon!!
Stacey l
Stacey l 8 kun oldin
Thats what we do, leave the water trickle or dripping depending on the temperatures.
Ca Bo
Ca Bo 8 kun oldin
David B
David B 8 kun oldin
I really like the Aframe
Poo Poo Head
Poo Poo Head 9 kun oldin
I know you're not from this area well I'm not from there either but I've lived farther north but you always leave the cold water trickling cuz I'm running water doesn't freeze and you always open up your cabinets under your sinks even put a space heater blowing that way it really helps keep them from freezing and never use a blowtorch. It's just very common since things when you live in an area with a lot of cold weather
Bud Amatdawoed
Bud Amatdawoed 9 kun oldin
Greeting from Scheveningen the Netherlands 👍
Calm Sea
Calm Sea 9 kun oldin
I read that gluten free is not good for everyone , just people with allergy to gluten . Otherwise is harmful. 😦
Missy Learned
Missy Learned 10 kun oldin
Beautiful family.
Janet Withers
Janet Withers 10 kun oldin
Stay warm and snug. Texans could use some your good tips. 💖
Mary Jemison
Mary Jemison 10 kun oldin
Collieco Form
Collieco Form 10 kun oldin
Those of us in the North know all about heat tape, insulation, etc. leaving your faucets on just a trickle works. Welcome to the frigid north.
Tristin Christenson
Tristin Christenson 10 kun oldin
Pool noodles!
seek2find 10 kun oldin
Here in Canada the mobile homes all use heat tape for water pipes and sewers. We also thickly insulate every skirt and seal them thoroughly from any air leaks.
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood 10 kun oldin
One of ours broke. Bummer.
Debra Brine
Debra Brine 10 kun oldin
We use pool noddles cut them to length, split them in lenght and place around the pipes. Then wrap in old jeans and wrap in a coated dog food sack to keep from getting wet. We have never had to leave our water running. That is if we do not lose our electricity. We are one of the areas that never lost power during the Texas Winter Snow Storms Uri and Viola 2021!!! We had as low as -3°f temps at night. If the power goes off, that is a whole different game plan. Winter does not play.
Mary Turner
Mary Turner 10 kun oldin
You can vent your clothes dryer under the house in winter to help keep pipes and home warmer.
deb bee
deb bee 10 kun oldin
Maybe your hubby could make you a crepe spreader😉and sell them. 👍
Beverly Castor
Beverly Castor 10 kun oldin
I truly enjoy your videos and love the cooking videos with Penelope and loraine god bless you and your family.
OnlyRage Inc
OnlyRage Inc 10 kun oldin
Over here in Michigan I didn’t prepare for our usual cold and now I have to pay the price. I appreciate you help.
K Barnes
K Barnes 10 kun oldin
Hair dryer to thaw. Incandescent lights to prevent. The cheap way.
Michelle Ackerson
Michelle Ackerson 10 kun oldin
Hey Jason...maybe instead of "unfreezing" the pipes you could simply "thaw" them? ;-)
M.K. Carol
M.K. Carol 10 kun oldin
Leaving a trickle of water has been known to freeze up a drain pipe. Once, when our heat tape failed, I just removed the frozen section of pipe and brought it into the kitchen and thawed it over the heat register. Trailers are FUN!
Janice Zwart
Janice Zwart 10 kun oldin
Be careful leaving your water at a trickle because there is a danger of your main sewer line freezing. I only speak from experience. Thank you for the tips.
Margie Booher
Margie Booher 10 kun oldin
You just need to have a small drip of the hot water only when temperature goes to 10 degrees
PatriotMama 10 kun oldin
Have all your faucets turned to "warm water" and it just needs to be at a fast drip. Also, open the doors under your sink in the kitchen and bathrooms. The heat from your house will help keep the pipes open. Works in South Central Il when our farm is under a blizzard and the wind chills are down to around 20 to 30 below out here on the prairie.
Brian Wood
Brian Wood 10 kun oldin
Hope your sewer and grey water pipes are on a bit of a slope so they flow better no water laying around
Brian Wood
Brian Wood 10 kun oldin
Water pipe thawed out fast
Brian Wood
Brian Wood 10 kun oldin
Whe we lived in a trailer there was a trap sliding doorwhere hot water tank was lifted it up and faced a fan into belly of trailer with heat from the living part of trailer thawed out fast also with heat tape on -35 Celsius or lower weather hear in manitoba
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 10 kun oldin
love you guys... surviving the best way you know how. please keep keeping it real. thumbs up!
LBurnsy 10 kun oldin
Jay Grows
Jay Grows 10 kun oldin
I've read somewhere that gluten is actually good for most people. It helps your body absorb nutrients. I always see people using gluten free and wondered why. But to each their own I guess.
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah 10 kun oldin
Make It Kate
Make It Kate 10 kun oldin
Also a good idea to leave a faucet running just a tiny bit if temperatures are too low.
The Game Of Jones
The Game Of Jones 10 kun oldin
🤦🏽‍♀️our pipes have been frozen for 4 days!!! We are in a double wide in Texas but of course we now live on a ice glacier!!! I have 30 Cornish Cross chicks in my dining room in a brooder tub next to 12 layer chicks, who would’ve thought Texas would been the new Alaska.
Three Little Goats By Jamie Satterwaite
Three Little Goats By Jamie Satterwaite 10 kun oldin
We had 12 inches here in Arkansas. We had negative temps at night, and our pipes froze, thankful that we had heat tape on hand because we are still snowed in. 🥶 We also set up an alarm for every 2 hours throughout the night to get up and run our water at each faucet.
Brian Dixon
Brian Dixon 10 kun oldin
Scott J
Scott J 10 kun oldin
... just need a constant drip. Works up in Canada. The water doesn’t freeze if it is moving in the pipes.
Dian Williams
Dian Williams 10 kun oldin
North Wales Uk, thanks for sharing, found you guys through the Rhodes family, our weather has been cold for us, nothing like your low temperatures your having, keep warm stay safe,
Robert Vosburg
Robert Vosburg 10 kun oldin
A trickle is fine you just need a little bit of water flowing. Safety tip: DON'T use a torch to thaw out the pipes. you can start a fire. Use a hair dryer, small space heater or heat tape.
D D 10 kun oldin
We've never had frozen pipes in this house. Before breakfast on the 16th we had water. After breakfast we had no water. We put space heaters in the cabinets under the sinks and it thawed in 3 hours. We are still running the heaters because it's below freezing. I tried the water trickle in a mobile home back in the 80s and it caused the sewer pipes to freeze solid. That cost more that a busted water pipe. ';D
Momma G
Momma G 10 kun oldin
Tortillas sound good looks yummy guys🙂
chele michele
chele michele 10 kun oldin
Winter tips 👍 All caught up😁 Have a good evening ❄❄❄
2 fries short of a Big Mac
2 fries short of a Big Mac 10 kun oldin
running water doesn't freeze ... let your faucets drip
holles conley
holles conley 10 kun oldin
MAKE SURE THAT THE HEAT TAPE's are safe to use on PLASTIC PIPES. mine caught on fire but they was wrapped with fiber glass insulation and only burned the pipes up. please be careful.
R E 10 kun oldin
Man I love y’all, once I get my homestead established here in Texas y’all are coming over
JB Brown
JB Brown 10 kun oldin
I got a kick out of all this. I cone from Northern New Hampshire. First graders know all this.
Collieco Form
Collieco Form 10 kun oldin
Same. Our first house was in upstate NY. We learned fast that first winter. Also we had well water but an electric pump and we lost power so the time. First thing we did if there was a thunder storm or snow, high winds was fill the bathtub, sinks, etc. so we had water. This was long before bottled water was a "thing"!
The Citystead
The Citystead 10 kun oldin
Californians 😄 collect water from a freezing night to water plants the next day, only in California
Ana-Silvia Jones
Ana-Silvia Jones 10 kun oldin
I am gluten free and I would love to have the recipe, please. Thank you!!!
Momma G
Momma G 10 kun oldin
Sending prayers 🙏
TandBKount 10 kun oldin
Great tips.. as for the water, you can trickle at much lower amount. I learned 1 drip per second and it's always worked for me. I grew up in Northern MI and currently live in Central Texas for over a decade. During our current extreme winter storms I've been lucky to have water and have two of my faucets dripping at 1 drip/second and have not had frozen pipes, temps as low as 3°F. I have made sure to drip the hot and the cold taps each on the bathroom sink faucet furthest away from supply lines and the bathroom closest to supply lines (again both hot tap and cold tap at a rate of 1drip/second or slightly more, it's hard to be too exact) I check on them every 2-6hours to make sure they're still dripping and have had to adjust several times over the last week.
Blessed Dwellings
Blessed Dwellings 10 kun oldin
Is it possible to still join your social network?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 10 kun oldin
cart is closed currently. Will open back up next month. thanks
Angelia Wills
Angelia Wills 10 kun oldin
Space heater to thaw then wrap with pipe insulation then wrap with heat tape and if it’s super cold leave dripping a small stream to keep flow and then it don’t freeze
Linda-Marie Stephens
Linda-Marie Stephens 10 kun oldin
Charlotte from Ky.🙂
gabriel buchi
gabriel buchi 10 kun oldin
┊┊┊┏╮┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊ ┊┊┊┃┃┊┊┊┊┏┓┊┏┓┏┓╭━┓┏━┓ ━▅━╯┗━╮┊┊┃┃┊┃┃┃┗╯╭┛┃━┫ ┈▇┈┈┈┈┃┊┊┃┗┓┃┃┃┏╮╰┓┃━┫ ┈▇━╮┈┈┃┊┊┗━┛┗┛┗┛╰━┛┗━┛ ▔▔┊╰━━╯┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊┊…..............
Big Dreams Homestead
Big Dreams Homestead 10 kun oldin
Yup former Californian here, it took me years to learn to flush a toilet and take longer showers hahaha
Aviary Birds And Co
Aviary Birds And Co 10 kun oldin
Had a flash back when you mentioned the brothers! Great videos!
Jimmie Burleigh
Jimmie Burleigh 10 kun oldin
Heat trace/tape and gray pool noodle insulate everything for next time.
Matthew Groff
Matthew Groff 10 kun oldin
Do NOT do like one person did in a neighboring municipality many years ago, when I was a Volunteer Fire Fighter, They decided they would build a FIRE under their Mobile home to thaw out their Frozen Pipes and ended up burning their house down!! THAT is a NO-NO!!! DO NOT DO THAT!!!!! Fortunately the Rest of the family went to a relatives house to stay warm while he tried to thaw out the frozen pipes, or it could have ended up Worse!! The Fire Investigator determined that the Fire originated under the mobile home. That was when he asked the Home owner if he had Frozen pipes and he said: "Yes, I was trying to thaw them out." Then when asked How he was trying to thaw out his frozen pipes, that is when he surprised everyone when he said: "I built a small fire under the pipe to thaw it out. I then went to the hardware store to get a small propane heater to help thaw out the pipes." Uh uh!! Yup, that is what he did alright!! Everyone could tell the Fire Chief wanted to Smack him one for putting his family in danger like that.
Donna Wade
Donna Wade 10 kun oldin
I am in Iowa in a mobile home on 6 acres. We did have 1 faucet that was frozen. I used a hair dryer and then a lamp under the sink that left it on and around 11 at night it became unfrozen. I was so happy. My husband has been working 12 hours a day and I did it by myself.
Flying Pig Preserve
Flying Pig Preserve 10 kun oldin
You can Put The Blue Foam Insulation on the Door which also helps keep pipes from freezing. Your learning just takes time. God Bless and Peace Be With You All
The Jewmaicans
The Jewmaicans 10 kun oldin
Hi Jason you guys should get a couple of goat 🐐 I am sure Lovely Lorraine would make cheese 🧀🇯🇲🇮🇱🇨🇦
yellowdeer 7
yellowdeer 7 10 kun oldin
I hope you have a Generator in case you have to keep your refrigerator and freezer going. My nephew in San Antonio lost all their food in their refrigerator and also have no water. The area they are at has the water plant shut down. It is a nightmare for many people.
Estella Knox
Estella Knox 10 kun oldin
Love is the key
Lynda Buchholz
Lynda Buchholz 10 kun oldin
I have insulated my skirting very well and use heat tapes. I haven't had a freeze problem with all that. I am in Montana and we were minus 24 and no problem. I have my heat taped plugged into a thermo cube so it automatically starts and stops with that cube. I used to run the water at a drip and had my septic freeze up. So the heat tape is a blessing.
J Kri
J Kri 10 kun oldin
As a southern Californian, I knew you would save that water!!
Daniela Furlan
Daniela Furlan 9 kun oldin
YES, in did....Californias get that scares when is close to dry season. I miss Cali, however to expensive to stay there, now I am in the South west of Ohio.
lvs 10 kun oldin
@Susan Nielsen No, it still has gluten although not as much as hybridized wheat. There have been people been people with gluten intolerance who have been able to consume it without issues similar to people who are able to drink raw milk though they may have had an intolerance to pasteurized milk (it lacks the digestible enzymes). Every individual is different of course.
Susan Nielsen
Susan Nielsen 10 kun oldin
Same here! Is the Einkorn flour gluten-free?
Suzie Clary
Suzie Clary 10 kun oldin
I'm programmed. As soon as I hear that classic 50s music I expect to hear and see "Fuzzy Muggins" and "Berniece". Haha!
minnie jolliff
minnie jolliff 10 kun oldin
Straw bales around all skirting can help
Green Acre Birds
Green Acre Birds 10 kun oldin
You are the best Jason
minnie jolliff
minnie jolliff 10 kun oldin
Heat tape where you know you have a issue insulation on pipes a must.
Sukochi Lee
Sukochi Lee 10 kun oldin
Gotta do it!
Lunar Paws
Lunar Paws 10 kun oldin
I love y'alls channel. We are also on 1.5 acres in a mobile home but in eastern N.C. It's nice to see all the possibilities available for a modest size homestead with a realistic budget. Ty!
Gayle WATKINS 10 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing these tips on protecting your water pipes. Great information for everyone. Stay warm.
Cheryl Bertolini
Cheryl Bertolini 10 kun oldin
good afternoon
Deborah Kelley
Deborah Kelley 10 kun oldin
Lorraine everything looks perfect, great video Jason. 🙏from VA
Margaret Foster
Margaret Foster 10 kun oldin
Keep an eye on you septic when you run water in the cold. It can freeze your septic
Margaret Foster
Margaret Foster 10 kun oldin
Any word on Mike that lives on a yurt. I'm worried
Margaret Foster
Margaret Foster 10 kun oldin
Damn somehow I'm not getting notices
Sioux Gerow
Sioux Gerow 10 kun oldin
?The Fit Farmer? He put up 3 videos in the past week. I think he's ok.
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 10 kun oldin
what do you mean? he posts videos all the time
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