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Sow the Land

13 kun oldin

Fun day hanging with the homies!
Watch Rooted HERE:
See Art's video (same day) here:
See Justin's video (same day) here:
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Wes 4 kun oldin
Jason "I don't like chicken skin"... you need to talk to someone... fat + skin = best-tasting crispy thing ever.
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 5 kun oldin
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style 6 kun oldin
Miss you guys- hope you’re doing well
Jeanne Shannon
Jeanne Shannon 7 kun oldin
Jason, I got tested to see what foods and drink were bad for me. When the doctor read off what I could or could not eat or drink, he said YOU CAN DRINK COFFEE. MOST PEOPLE CANT. SO COFFEE DOESNT BOTHER ME AT ALL
terry summers
terry summers 8 kun oldin
lookin good brother
LBurnsy 10 kun oldin
Tommy Bounds
Tommy Bounds 10 kun oldin
Thank you for the video
seek2find 11 kun oldin
You have that camera coverage in the rain happening pretty smooth there!! Yes wet dog is worse than wet chicken, for sure.
Jennifer Rescott
Jennifer Rescott 11 kun oldin
Looks like such a great time
Dana Nelson
Dana Nelson 11 kun oldin
I was blessed as an observer, thanks for including us. Potlucks are special because of the community they create. Don't do them often enough for the good of our souls. Thanks for sharing.
Millie Wilkie
Millie Wilkie 11 kun oldin
love your channel and Art and Bri
Skye Brown
Skye Brown 11 kun oldin
The joyful sounds of a FULL house of friends.. best sound in the world.
Rachel Stewart
Rachel Stewart 11 kun oldin
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown 11 kun oldin
Love everyone coming together to support each other!
Cheryl Anderson
Cheryl Anderson 11 kun oldin
I really enjoyed your coverage. You doing chores, helping to set up for the showing, & everyone chatting & helping out in the kitchen. So in your video, you put together a bit of everything! More than feeling drawn to all that meat, I kept wishing I coulda asked if I could have that bone to make a big vat of yellow pea soup! Any kind of soup is a good food to make for a big crowd, to help fill in the corners.
Isaiah 43.2
Isaiah 43.2 11 kun oldin
Other guy vlogging seems intimidated by Jason... Jason nicest guy there ☺️
Kenny and Fiona's Allotment Adventures
Kenny and Fiona's Allotment Adventures 11 kun oldin
That looked such good fun! I wish I was there!😂
Mad Zabinga
Mad Zabinga 11 kun oldin
I loved seeing your perspective on this day. Your editing and music really add the magic and life to the premiere party. And that is true with all your videos. You are really good at this youtube thing!
CPK 11 kun oldin
Growing Little Country homestead
Growing Little Country homestead 11 kun oldin
Man as soon as you said coffee, I felt the craving. Looks like it was a fun gathering.
Mags V
Mags V 11 kun oldin
Friends always help each other out without expectations, Always seeing you BOTH helping others, you are BOTH so kind and selfless and generous.
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang 11 kun oldin
Hi..... Jason nice to see you, thank you for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah 11 kun oldin
Nancy Thomas-Ward M.B.A
Nancy Thomas-Ward M.B.A 11 kun oldin
Yes, miss community....
judith marshall
judith marshall 11 kun oldin
I do like chicken skin to greasy
Simone Conscious observer
Simone Conscious observer 11 kun oldin
Such amazing fellowship happening here. I love seeing all my favorite homesteaders enjoying each other's company
Sandra Delesalle
Sandra Delesalle 11 kun oldin
Gut health man, get your microbes looking after your health! Best advice ever...
calvin wisdom
calvin wisdom 12 kun oldin
that was a fun video of a good clic of people. we need more of that
darlene thompson
darlene thompson 12 kun oldin
It’s so nice to see you all together, living life like normal. God bless!
tammy sarrazin
tammy sarrazin 12 kun oldin
i was i didnt know you had a cat then i realized it was justins house lol hugsssss
holly isaacs
holly isaacs 12 kun oldin
Dehydrate the chicken skin and you can eAt them like chips
AfrLaLa 12 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing 💕🙏
Lourdes Espajas
Lourdes Espajas 12 kun oldin
I'm very glad to see all of you in one place.i Love you All
Kathleen Overton
Kathleen Overton 12 kun oldin
Growing up my grandmother would give all us grandchildren a chunk of that pig skin with fat on the back of it. We LOVED it!!!!!
Make It Kate
Make It Kate 12 kun oldin
This makes me miss having friends 😂😢
Pam Pilgrim
Pam Pilgrim 12 kun oldin
All my favorite families in the same video. What more could you ask for.
Indiana Cryptid
Indiana Cryptid 12 kun oldin
you guys are awesome. I Love your content!
Brenda 12 kun oldin
You guys are leading the way into the new and better world we will have after all this craziness is over. Good leaders and good people. That's what the world needs now.
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood 12 kun oldin
Love it! Hope you put your videos on Abundance + also!
Kay B
Kay B 12 kun oldin
Craig Kerwood
Craig Kerwood 12 kun oldin
All my favorite homesteading UZpostrs in one place! Very cool and glad to see you all having a good time.
chele michele
chele michele 12 kun oldin
Awesome to watch all you get together 😄😀 Have a good evening 🌷🌷🌷
Laura Browning
Laura Browning 12 kun oldin
Hope you're feeling better
Diane Brezo
Diane Brezo 12 kun oldin
Oh my gosh!!!! So good to see ALL of my favorite UZpostrs in one place at the same time!!!!💖💖💖💖
Beccijo Neff
Beccijo Neff 12 kun oldin
The holistic supplements for autoimmune conditions has animal product of that kind of cell in it. So skin conditions you need skin.
TheFMACoach 12 kun oldin
You can try chicken skin prepped and cooked like PORK RINDS....Its called Chicken Chicharon...its really good.
Lee Garner
Lee Garner 12 kun oldin
Thats what its all about,coming together as a community and good friends.
tim wilson
tim wilson 12 kun oldin
That rain is so soothing. I'm ready for a nap after all the chores e did.
Miguel195211 12 kun oldin
The crispy pork skin is a delicacy for us. We roast a whole pig every December 24th and we crave the crispy skin on the pig (pork rind).
Cyndi Foore
Cyndi Foore 12 kun oldin
I think I’d like to have a slice of ham rather than it all cut up.
Sonya Gregory
Sonya Gregory 12 kun oldin
I loved seeing you all happily spending this special time together! Friends are more rare than any diamond! I know you cherish each one! This Is So So Good! Seeing you all happy and laughing makes my heart happy too! Perfect Day!!! Blessed Day!❤🙏😊😊😊
J 12 kun oldin
Was the skin on Pork, in UK we sliced it before you cook it so looks like stripes but not all the way through, baste it and we eat it hard on outside soft fatty underneath we call it Crackling. I grew up always wanting that part it was a treat.
Tina Thevarge
Tina Thevarge 12 kun oldin
Love that there’s more chatter about carnivore 🥩 🍖 🍗 🥓 skin is full of collagen. All good for you.
AGEATANMORT 12 kun oldin
Us Puerto Rican’s call that pork Pernil, and the fat is chicharón ... the fat is a TREAT especially if the pork was stuffed with Sofríto & Garlic!!! 💜💚🧡💜💚🧡💜💚🧡
joyce metheny
joyce metheny 12 kun oldin
And not a mask in site.... I luv it !!!!
Teresa Gunther
Teresa Gunther 12 kun oldin
Good friends, dinner, movie and fellowship! Wonderful!
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 12 kun oldin
I'm doing keto for 3 years now but my cravings disappeared after a couple of months. I found that increasing the healthy fat helped tremendously with that.
Estella Knox
Estella Knox 12 kun oldin
Its a blessing family and friends get together laugh, talk share stories ,ideas, food,and feeling it's a damn good feeling GOD BLESS
Bonnie Wooters
Bonnie Wooters 12 kun oldin
👍👍👍. WONDERFUL video seeing another version of a community coming together and YES a great discussion about the diet you are trying from the master himself Justin. You are so right sticking straight on the diet for a month of detoxing and then add one thing once a week for a special treat and documenting the results. Hope you were feeling better cus I know how hard it is to get out and be among friends when skin is aflame. Thanks for sharing so many new things that others didn’t show. And sharing your wonderful community of friends and more babies here and more to come in future. Did Penelope go to play with other kids or was this like a date night for both of you? A lot of filmmakers with their own eye of the event and each one so important to help make a dream come true by sharing their stories. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Chef Santa Cooking Travels
Chef Santa Cooking Travels 12 kun oldin
I don't know if you know this but you can get chicken skin rinds that taste just like pork rinds fantastic✌👍👨‍🍳🎅🚌
evalina Warne
evalina Warne 12 kun oldin
I love your chicken's. They are so pretty. Maybe you can show one off every couple days. PRAYING and praising GOD from S.E.MICHIGAN
Carl Keller
Carl Keller 12 kun oldin
A bad day on carnivore, beats a good day on the Standard American Diet.
toothaching 12 kun oldin
So much fun :) Thank you for sharing
hurdman 12 kun oldin
I like to take the skin off of chicken thighs, sprinkle them with smoked paprika and cook like bacon. YUM. Cheap bacon. Great on a BLT.
CAROL CALF 12 kun oldin
Hi. Put oil and salt on the skin. It will be crispy and soooo tasty.
Misha Lea
Misha Lea 12 kun oldin
Barn was pretty, especially with your side tables! Looked like fun times and good food! I remember the big move of the Adkins diet, high protein, thought it wasn't good for the heart, but I didn't research it. Blessings!🌻
James Campbell
James Campbell 12 kun oldin
Funny the 4 homestead families I watch are all together in one place!
S L 12 kun oldin
Love seeing you all together!
Tony 12 kun oldin
Paul Rice
Paul Rice 12 kun oldin
I love seeing you all get together for enjoyment and just fun. That does not happen often enough. If I were there you all would get a big hug.
Alina Patricia
Alina Patricia 12 kun oldin
Love hearing all the family noises :-)) So fun!
Gayle WATKINS 12 kun oldin
Wow, the meat chickens are growing so fast! I hope you are feeling better. Can you tell if the carnivore diet is helping?? Prayers coming your way.
Connie Abel
Connie Abel 12 kun oldin
It great seeing you today! I was wondering what you had been up to. I have been busy lately so I have not watch much UZpost.
Shannon Sikes
Shannon Sikes 12 kun oldin
I heard you mention the abundance plus platform and I heard Justin talked about it before. Did you say you were leaving the link?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 12 kun oldin thanks
Neil Harris
Neil Harris 12 kun oldin
Looks like fun was had by all, such a fantastic community. Thanks for another great post. Hope your feeling a bit better.
Umair Khalid
Umair Khalid 12 kun oldin
Always refreshing to watch your videos. I got a long form for your name i.e. JASON= Just Amazing Stewards of Nature! Hope you like it! Renovated barn looks amazing at Justin's place. Good to see you guys having some time with some good friends!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land 12 kun oldin
I like it!
My life's Journey Sharon Karkarashvili
My life's Journey Sharon Karkarashvili 12 kun oldin
Matt wheaton
Matt wheaton 12 kun oldin
Sasha Lyn
Sasha Lyn 12 kun oldin
It's turning into Rhodes Villiage! But when are you going to have a good old barn dance and harvest celebration with musicians?! It absolutely shocks me to hear someone talk of a meat-only diet. I cannot understand the reason for this based on human physiology..??
Sasha Lyn
Sasha Lyn 12 kun oldin
@Mrs. M Wait. Seriously? When you say you've been on a meat-only diet for you mean l i t e r a l l y ?!
Sasha Lyn
Sasha Lyn 12 kun oldin
@Linda Kurtz But what about DIGESTION??....and humankinds millennia old dietory history of primarily eating pulses, legumes, foraged items and only occasionally gourging on hunted meat?
Mrs. M
Mrs. M 12 kun oldin
@Linda Kurtz we are conventional meat only coz we can’t afford the grassfed grass finished all the time.
Mrs. M
Mrs. M 12 kun oldin
@Linda Kurtz You gotta incorporate fasting as well.. I recommend Dr. Jason fung.
Mrs. M
Mrs. M 12 kun oldin
Same here boggles my mind for the past 2 years how this diet helps me and my husband. We’ve been in a carnivore diet for 2yrs so good so far, all our blood checks are perfectly fine. After a year of the diet we do cheat once a week. Who doesn’t want some chips sometimes you know. lol But yeah he is off from ALBUTEROL medicine for the past 10 months. His asthma was really bad. The doctor cannot understand it why only a diet can fixed it they thought you cannot cure asthma but hey you never know it did to my husband. No more attacks, Thank God. We did it for losing weight at first but never thought after losing 50lbs for 10 months will also helped his asthma. We do 2MAD so probably that helps as well.
Gray Mountain Farm
Gray Mountain Farm 12 kun oldin
Great video! So awesome to see you growing so fast!
Game Mastertz3
Game Mastertz3 12 kun oldin
Just came from Justin rhodes video
Moving forward by Growing Bigger (not yet)
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