We went to Urgent Care

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Sow the Land

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Today we give a quick update on my health journey. Thanks friends!

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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on UZpost videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!

Ginette Lefebvre
Ginette Lefebvre 11 kun oldin
Hugs to you... ive had cancer before .. but havent graduated. Still seeing on oncologist every 3 months or less. I feel for you must be very painful like your on fire. Take care stay safe. Love watching you and your effectivement on ...so the Land
Samuel Mayer
Samuel Mayer 14 kun oldin
I've had eczema for many years and I feel your pain. I could not sleep well, was always tired, and I actually developed a fear of water. I also did my best to never sweat and to stay cool. My tips would be to cut out dairy products, cut out eggs, cut out garlic and onions, cut out acidic foods. Try putting cream with zinc on your skin, but I don't recommend applying more than once or twice a day. Try oil of oregano under your tongue (it has anti-fungal properties; eczema is sometimes caused by a fungi or bacteria). I'll send you more info by email. God bless!
Lisa Glassic
Lisa Glassic Oy oldin
I'm so sorry you guys. We will keep you in prayer!
Marilyn Montes
Marilyn Montes Oy oldin
Praying for you and the family
Bryce Hiller
Bryce Hiller Oy oldin
Jason, I really feel your pain, brother. I'm 28 and have been dealing with Chronic Inflammatory disease since I was about 12. I randomly break out in hives from head to toe. Face, hands, arms, torso, legs, feet, everywhere. Feels like my skin is burning and like fire ants are crawling all over my body. The ONLY thing that sometimes seems to work is Allegra, but even that is hit or miss. Mine also comes in waves, usually in the winter. Seems to be triggered by colder weather. I hope you find a solution and share it on your channel, because I've been searching for almost 20 years for a permanent fix.
K Bowers
K Bowers Oy oldin
Prayers for wonderful medical team
mike sipowicz
mike sipowicz Oy oldin
Prayers for Jason from Southern California Heal this man in Jesus name.
hallbe Oy oldin
Oh, man! Poor guy. I'm a dedicated meat and dairy eater, but when I'm ill I generally try to eliminate meat, dairy, processed foods, and gluten from my diet. It seems to work for many of these things I've been sick with. I think it just gives your body a chance to clear some toxins. It can't hurt anyway. I hope it's nothing too serious and that you find relief soon.
Momma S
Momma S Oy oldin
Prayers for true rest in Him and May His Eternal Peace Envelop You Each Moment. 💖🙏🙏🙏
Killjoy Returns
Killjoy Returns Oy oldin
Big prayers for you both. Hang in there brother.
TalkingThreadsMedia 2 oy oldin
Hope the upcoming tests give you answers - and relief! Your UZpost family always wants the best for you. Best wishes from Kate in Olympia, WA
miklos szucs
miklos szucs 2 oy oldin
I’m asking God to give you good health and good luck for your farm and family! God bless you!!!
Loni S
Loni S 2 oy oldin
Prayers for you Jason for healing and rest and prayers for your family.
Murray McMurray Hatchery
Murray McMurray Hatchery 2 oy oldin
Hoping and praying for healing and health for you. Take care, from all of us at The Hatch.
Sandi Best
Sandi Best 2 oy oldin
Hope you feel better, God bless you
Cruz beckham
Cruz beckham 2 oy oldin
🙏🏼 & Healing
Elizabeth Kellerman
Elizabeth Kellerman 2 oy oldin
Hang in there! Get some rest if you can. Stress can contribute. We wish you the best.
Hannah Botham
Hannah Botham 2 oy oldin
So glad to hear you’re checking into Functional Medicine too! I hope it helps with autoimmune!Praying!
fizer718 2 oy oldin
Teresa E
Teresa E 2 oy oldin
Heritage Homestead of Cape Cod
Heritage Homestead of Cape Cod 2 oy oldin
Waiting is the hardest part. Prayers for relief to come soon. 💚🌱
Karen Razek
Karen Razek 2 oy oldin
PaPaw's Work Shop
PaPaw's Work Shop 2 oy oldin
Big Mamma
Big Mamma 2 oy oldin
Hopefully you can find something that works an offers respite from the pain an discomfort your feeling. Love to you all.
Ahmed Kabir
Ahmed Kabir 2 oy oldin
You will overcome this Jason! Hang in there my brother. Many many wishes from Toronto, Canada
Joy Bochsler
Joy Bochsler 2 oy oldin
Stay strong you guys
Joy Bochsler
Joy Bochsler 2 oy oldin
We love you both and we have you in our prayers 🙏 we pray that God will heal you Jason 🙏❤
Nick Locicero
Nick Locicero 2 oy oldin
Thank you for keeping us updated, still praying for you and your family.
M Akers
M Akers 2 oy oldin
Thinking of you and praying for you
Nickie Burgess
Nickie Burgess 2 oy oldin
😔 praying you get better soon!!! Take it easy !!!!
Elisha Khongjoh
Elisha Khongjoh 2 oy oldin
Keep prayer
Lori Dhurandhar
Lori Dhurandhar 2 oy oldin
Llynnu U
Llynnu U 2 oy oldin
Praying for you! Hugs to you all!
lil moe
lil moe 2 oy oldin
I am not sure why my comment seems to have disappeared from here but I did have Melaleuca send you some supplements including a natural melatonin aid for sleep. It was sent to your PO Box so please check. God Bless your precious family.
Frances-morgan LaRue
Frances-morgan LaRue 2 oy oldin
Have you tried Jason in a baking soda bath? It is very soothing. Good luck and keep the faith you all. ☺️
Rustin Stardust
Rustin Stardust 2 oy oldin
Hang in there. I hope you get a diagnosis soon - hopefully it's just a vitamin deficiency or something simple you can change!
Hunter Mossman
Hunter Mossman 2 oy oldin
Feel better Bud! We’re all rooting for ya
Virginia Schwalen
Virginia Schwalen 2 oy oldin
Prayers for a quick healing.
littleaussie homesteaders
littleaussie homesteaders 2 oy oldin
🙏🏻 sent ❤️
evalina Warne
evalina Warne 2 oy oldin
Maura Demarco
Maura Demarco 2 oy oldin
It may be time to drive to Duke or UNC ER. I wouldn't go to your local community hospital.
Megan Lincoln
Megan Lincoln 2 oy oldin
Prays and positive energy headed your way
Debie Collins
Debie Collins 2 oy oldin
Praying for your healing.
Deborah Rost
Deborah Rost 2 oy oldin
Moringa May be the key.
Sharon Giles
Sharon Giles 2 oy oldin
Prayers for healing
Jan Mattison
Jan Mattison 2 oy oldin
Praying for you
cindy lee
cindy lee 2 oy oldin
Jason it’s so hard to see/know that you are hurting. You are such a joyful person. I’m hoping you get relief soon.
Angela Howell
Angela Howell 2 oy oldin
I also have an autoimmune disease, known as Wegners or GPA, I responded well to steroids and Rituxamab infusions. I have been in complete remission for a little over 2 years. Steroids would probably really help your condition, praying for you and that you can get the right medication to help❤
Jamie Mccallum
Jamie Mccallum 2 oy oldin
Dr Anthony Williams advocates drinking 16 oz of organic celery (1 to 2 heads) juiced first thing in a empty stomach will really cleanse your system and help your body deal better with all different inflammation! It doesn’t hurt to try...
Shania A
Shania A 2 oy oldin
I'm so sorry Jason and Lorraine. Maybe lay nekked in the 😎🌞. U V light cures a lot of skin issues. It does look very angry 😡. I hope you're able to figure it out soon.
ollin 2 oy oldin
Get well soon bro!
Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger 2 oy oldin
Stay strong Jason, much love and quick healing from London England.
Umair Khalid
Umair Khalid 2 oy oldin
Hope you get well soon bro!
Doris Greenberg
Doris Greenberg 2 oy oldin
This brought big tears and strong prayer for you. With my finger on your picture, my heart went into strong prayer for relief, diagnosis, ànd complete healing. Also that you might realize God's touch in this healing. For Loraine as well. That she be comforted in knowing the Lord's answer is on the way. I will continue to pray as you are laid upon my heart.
Melanie Johnson
Melanie Johnson 2 oy oldin
I am so so sorry this is happening. I want to help you and I want your pain to go away right now.
Diane Weingard
Diane Weingard 2 oy oldin
Wanda Figueroa
Wanda Figueroa 2 oy oldin
Kelen Evans
Kelen Evans 2 oy oldin
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Hang in there Jason. A lot of us are praying for you
Bonnie And Clyde’s Homestead
Bonnie And Clyde’s Homestead 2 oy oldin
Be well my friend
Dreamweavers Haven Homestead
Dreamweavers Haven Homestead 2 oy oldin
Praying for you. Daily through this. :(
Debbie James
Debbie James 2 oy oldin
Becca Becca
Becca Becca 2 oy oldin
I hope you find answers it’s hard seeing you suffering, your always such a positive guy and makes me smile. Thinking of you🥰
Laura Wilcox
Laura Wilcox 2 oy oldin
Im so grieved for you. Your in my prayers!
Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent 2 oy oldin
This is my first time on your channel but I pray that Jason will heal soon. Sending you all love and light.
Lis Covell
Lis Covell 2 oy oldin
I can't imagine the pain your going through but I can see in the look on your face that it is emotional for you. I deal with depression on a daily basis and on top of that I have had chest pain on and off since last May 2020. The doc just says to rest, it seems that it's just muscles pulled in your sternum. I'm overwhelmed with emotion I just want it to stop and I want to feel normal/healthy again. I hope they figure out what it is that you have soon. Praying for you.
Aganetha Bergen
Aganetha Bergen 2 oy oldin
That's hard to watch! Praying for healing and peace over you! Yea I had a stroke a month ago and we found out that I have a tumor in my brain so I know it's some no good days but the Lord is still caring for me!
Bridget Hardy
Bridget Hardy 2 oy oldin
Hi guys. I continue to pray for healing for Jason and strength for the family
Jim Conner
Jim Conner 2 oy oldin
Jason, I can really see your pain on your face, and my heart is heavy for you, I hate to see you like this..... I know you viewers are sending you love and we hope and pray that you get some relief... 🙁
tom c
tom c 2 oy oldin
god bless you guys we will keep you in our prayers/ hope for a speedy recovery.
Jeremy & Kelli Cable
Jeremy & Kelli Cable 2 oy oldin
Prayers! 🙏🙏🙏
JT MM 2 oy oldin
Have you been around pressure treated wood?
Debra Brine
Debra Brine 2 oy oldin
Rheumatologist, Dermapathologist are the two best for helping your autoimmune problems. I also have issues. My heart broke for you on your last video. I truly feel your pain. May you find relief soon. The Dermapathologist was the best thing that happened to me.
stacy boise
stacy boise 2 oy oldin
My heart goes out to you!! I pray that you find some answers soon!
Farmhouse Teas
Farmhouse Teas 2 oy oldin
Praying for you both!
Robert Corbett
Robert Corbett 2 oy oldin
Benedryl (diphenhydromin same thing) over the counter might help.
bak bak
bak bak 2 oy oldin
Something natural that might help, wim hof style breathing method with cold therapy could possibly help. Some actual research out there on people using it. Videos and app out there with lots of info. prayers for ya
Richard Royles
Richard Royles 2 oy oldin
Stay focused. 101 prayers. God bless. Kansas
Micheal Guinn
Micheal Guinn 2 oy oldin
Praying for yall. Stay strong Jason
Celia Perry
Celia Perry 2 oy oldin
I LOVE that greenhouse!!! I also hope Jason gets better!! That really sucks...🙃
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 2 oy oldin
damn!! i feel your pain jason. could it be an allergy? i hope you get better very very soon. i myself have turned to the bottle to help me, its not the answer i know but im that desperate. all the best, saying a prayer for you.
Tim Corum
Tim Corum 2 oy oldin
Jason - hope you see this. My best friend suffers from a condition that appears to be very similar to what you are experiencing. He was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune hives condition and was having the same symptoms. They pumped him so full of antihistamine and steroids his body stopped making them and he had to be slowly worked off to allow his body to start producing them again. He finally found a doctor that offered him a solution that worked. He takes a shot once a month of Xolair. Xolair Omalizumab is used to treat asthma but has been found to be very helpful in dealing with hives. Research Xolair treatment for hives and investigate it for yourself. I hope this helps because I seen him suffer with this for a long time. Let me know if you have any questions or I can be of any help. Sorry you are experiencing this and we will keep you in our prayers.
Jennie Baird
Jennie Baird 2 oy oldin
Prayers sent your way.
Warren From GA
Warren From GA 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the update. I have you all in my prayers for full and quick recovery. I enjoy your videos a lot and appreciate you bringing us along during your blogs.
Rolando Christopher
Rolando Christopher 2 oy oldin
get well soon
erick's journey
erick's journey 2 oy oldin
Stay strong not to be religious but God will show you the way
Mike Callaway
Mike Callaway 2 oy oldin
We are praying for you healing.
Mujer, Levantate y Resplandece para Cristo
Mujer, Levantate y Resplandece para Cristo 2 oy oldin
praying for you in the name of Jesus.
Shane Goodluck
Shane Goodluck 2 oy oldin
Prayers to you Jason 🙏🙏💪🏋 hope you get better soon.
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown 2 oy oldin
My daughter said try bag balm
four38AM 2 oy oldin
🥴 hope you get healthy soon!
Diana Collinson
Diana Collinson 2 oy oldin
Sending 🧡, 🙏🏼
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall 2 oy oldin
Jason, I feel for you man. I can see the pain and frustration on your face. Be tough bro, this too shall pass! God Bless
My new Tennessee Home Jo Ayers
My new Tennessee Home Jo Ayers 2 oy oldin
Having had cancer myself, anytime something odd pops up your mind immediately goes to, "is it cancer?" I hope you can find and resolve the problem.
Little Eden Valley Farm
Little Eden Valley Farm 2 oy oldin
Jordan Peterson Recommends the Carnivore diet. His daughter has auto immune and it worked for her.
Prayers for healing
wendy plear
wendy plear 2 oy oldin
WISDOM!!!!! Prayers and love for you guys as you figure this out!
Kathy Yoder
Kathy Yoder 2 oy oldin
Oh Jason!!! I just feel so bad for you...and your family. I will definitely continue to keep you in my prayers!
Linda Pengelly
Linda Pengelly 2 oy oldin
Hold in there folks, did you have radiation treatment as well as chemo, because I had radiation "burn", look after yourselves, & hope they find a treatment
Farmhouse Made Simple
Farmhouse Made Simple 2 oy oldin
Hyperbaric chamber. It helped my moms autoimmune rash alot.
Linda Staffieri
Linda Staffieri 2 oy oldin
Praying for you, Jason,
It is going to get better
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