Weird Season of life (not sure what to do) Vlog

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Sow the Land

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Dennis Littfin
Dennis Littfin 15 kun oldin
Love the videos I wish are winters were that nice it's about 20 below here in northern Wisconsin. Had problems with eggs freezing before collecting.
Steven Nolan
Steven Nolan 27 kun oldin
ive done the same but different places and stringent isolation policy and still got mareks
Donna Dixon
Donna Dixon 28 kun oldin
I ordered my meat birds 2weeks ago.
Granite Ridge Greens
Granite Ridge Greens 28 kun oldin
Just be confident and take the leap J, you guys are doing so well you might as well expand while the opportunity is there. Having more is more time in but ten times out which even the stock market can't do. Just hearing now about your work shop, been off the grid for 5 months so just catching up but not much time for YT viewing, too much work to get this old place fixed then productive if at all possible. Learned allot from you guys because you are more of like Us than them if you know what I'm saying. With Your now experience and energy I think larger suits your direction well. I don't know how we will do at 60 but here we go, Cheers and Peace Out
Walking Scripture With Shanna
Walking Scripture With Shanna 29 kun oldin
I had my first pocket omelet yesterday trying to do too much before unloading the eggs. Thankfully it barely broke the inner lining
Triple J Farm
Triple J Farm Oy oldin
Your first chickens are coming March 22, that's the same day of our first shipment! Cool
Peggy wilkins
Peggy wilkins Oy oldin
You guys do a lot on that plot of land. Good for you guys.
HaHa HELL Oy oldin
How much do those barrels cost?
Denese Maxie
Denese Maxie Oy oldin
Hope you get to move Lord willing where you can plant this spring also.
Evelyn Rogers
Evelyn Rogers Oy oldin
Had a pocket omelette yesterday
BostonRocks76 Oy oldin
I am a member of your new community and I think it already is something special!! I love being a part of it. THANK YOU that we don't have to be on Facebook!!!!! I am so glad that I/we can get a discount at Murray McMurray. That's where I ordered from in 2019 and 2020. I love being able to walk outside and get fresh eggs. And yes, I have crushed eggs in my pocket. OPPS!!!! My rooster crows day and night. In the morning, 11:00 pm at night, even 2:00am and 3:00am. I don't think he knows how to tell time. LOL It's so cool that you guys are in the magazine!!!! I will be starting my peppers and tomatoes inside next month. February. Almost time to ramp up. Thanks for the video! God Bless! Carmen
Mary Ruth Stevens
Mary Ruth Stevens Oy oldin
I’d love to be part of the community only
The Homemade Haven
The Homemade Haven Oy oldin
Good for yall, for ordering your chicks and continuing to live the life you love.. regardless of what your future plans may hold. I've let the same uncertainty delay so many things on our homestead throughout the years. I'm learning to just go for it and enjoy the process!
Pople BackyardFarm
Pople BackyardFarm Oy oldin
You do have a beautiful farm
Estrogen Acres
Estrogen Acres Oy oldin
yeah I do lol. I've tossed clothes in the washer with eggs in my pockets lol
Son Driven
Son Driven Oy oldin
Been there, broke an egg in my pocket last week.
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia Oy oldin
we're swapping farms this year too LORD willing. If you want to look at a different state you are more than welcome to come visit us in MO 😂
H. S.
H. S. Oy oldin
How are the agricultural laws in MO compared to like TN or NC? Are they pretty farmer friendly? The one thing I did note with MO is that it's near impossible to keep mineral rights to your land...
Liz Marin
Liz Marin Oy oldin
I am hoping to leave the city behind and finally move to Texas and the country!! I hope I get to do it this year!!
BigRed F100
BigRed F100 Oy oldin
I always added black sunflower seeds during winter months. Chickens loved them.
Kiara Keeper
Kiara Keeper Oy oldin
I got my Murry McMurry catalog a few weeks ago, was excited to see you guys in there.
Our Pequeño Homestead
Our Pequeño Homestead Oy oldin
Jason you have done so well , we just got some land and you have been part of the inspiration, keep up the amazing american dream . wishing you luck with the move. God 1st, family always.
Firefly Hollow
Firefly Hollow Oy oldin
We ordered from McMurray's hatchery last year and all 8 chicks arrived alive and healthy 🥰 We did vaccinate as there is risk of the chickens getting the virus that causes Marek's s disease from wild birds. In our limited experience-we recommend this hatchery as their quality seems high!
Donna Wade
Donna Wade Oy oldin
We got 16 inches of snow on Monday and another 2 inches overnight.
Gayle WATKINS Oy oldin
Yes, you have outgrown your farm and you need more land to continue to grow. I think 2021 will be an awesome year for your family. You deserve it.
Organic Flat Earth Prepper
Organic Flat Earth Prepper Oy oldin
We are in the same spot. We want to move from NJ. Are you wanting to stay in NC?
Gary Silver
Gary Silver Oy oldin
How’s the parents doing in this cold weather?
Willow Cove Croft
Willow Cove Croft Oy oldin
I completely agree and am done with winter. Usually I love winter..but I really want spring to go ahead and get here.
Gregory Hunt
Gregory Hunt Oy oldin
It's always nice finding things you thought you didn't have
Birch Moon Farm
Birch Moon Farm Oy oldin
OMG I struggle with this on almost every project I have to do.
Wings As Eagles Homestead
Wings As Eagles Homestead Oy oldin
I'm definitely interested in the community!! Good luck with your next venture. We prayed for 2 years for God to lead us in the right direction of finding a property and it happened. We told people for 2 years that we were moving but we didn't know where. God is always right on time!
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang Oy oldin
Hi.... Jason nice to see you love watching your videos, thank you for sharing your video homestead chicken farmer garden 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
Lil' Bie
Lil' Bie Oy oldin
I just love your transgender chicken ..... LOL
Blueiis Teaford
Blueiis Teaford Oy oldin
You’re the steward of the land so go ahead and plant do the things you want to get done just in case so that you’re covered and your family will have food to eat I love your channel good luck
Kirk Wilson
Kirk Wilson Oy oldin
Here's a good book to check out- Ten Acres Enough. Robert Plamondon edited this book to reflect the modern financials of a 19th century farmer who was faced with the question of how big does my homestead need to be and where should it be. A fascinating read...
Mary Jemison
Mary Jemison Oy oldin
Hens are making eggs 🥚 love watching those Pigs 🐷🤣🐽
Stone the Crows Homestead
Stone the Crows Homestead Oy oldin
Lovely clip nice to see you both
Sara Russell
Sara Russell Oy oldin
I saw you guys in the mcmurry catalog, that was a fun surprise. Thanks for the woodstove tip.
Donna Mays
Donna Mays Oy oldin
Stu Reid
Stu Reid Oy oldin
Gods speed on your future plans....Stu
Rachel Stewart
Rachel Stewart Oy oldin
Good luck not smooshing them eggs
Henry Zoch
Henry Zoch Oy oldin
All I could say would be TEXAS...
Mahky Maaahk
Mahky Maaahk Oy oldin
This is the time of year that Scandinavians celebrate hygge. It’s about enjoying the wintery outdoors, but spending time indoors to be cozy, enjoy hot chocolate, and light some candles to warm the heart. God bless ❤️
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah Oy oldin
Barry Davidson
Barry Davidson Oy oldin
I'm curious about the mushroom logs, have you thought of placing a few dozen of them in the creek?
Boosted Coyote
Boosted Coyote Oy oldin
Where do you get your chicken feed from? I’m in eastern NC. Thanks!
Mary Brown
Mary Brown Oy oldin
Is Freddie a French Maran rooster?
chele michele
chele michele Oy oldin
👍👍 Have a good evening ❄❄❄
Norma Lynn
Norma Lynn Oy oldin
Hi Jason, I love your channel and the family! Been watching from near the beginning, I loved your stories and that you have been in remission and your positive attitude. Also, Just my opinion, you know we all have one, but you have been all over that property, just saying, I have loved the trip, real fun watching, but it is a good time to look for room to turn around, to really grow, a homestead legacy kinda place...I am excited for you guys to start the ball rolling, if not, we’ll have more fun where we are! Oh by the by, my favorite chicken is Cinderella🥰, did you ever find out what kind of chicken she is, I was so happy you did not cull her with the other chickens she came with! God bless you all and keep you safe! Love you guys, Norma (from Florida)
Patricia's Place
Patricia's Place Oy oldin
It's all going to work out good. ❤👍
Tom Lawler
Tom Lawler Oy oldin
Wood ash and water is corrosive...not gonna lye!
Life in the Gila Wilderness
Life in the Gila Wilderness Oy oldin
Egg layers have names Meat birds don't... Haha
LBurnsy Oy oldin
Linda-Marie Stephens
Linda-Marie Stephens Oy oldin
Charlotte from Ky.🙂
J Kri
J Kri Oy oldin
Love my shirt from Sow The Land!
IWantTo Believe
IWantTo Believe Oy oldin
Time to cull the older hens.
Ernie M
Ernie M Oy oldin
another guy with chickens just tosses the feed on the ground... why don't you just do that?
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
my chickens are too good for that. :)
John fuller
John fuller Oy oldin
Here in Ohio! The “slush” is a season all in it own for us
Melissa Atwood
Melissa Atwood Oy oldin
More work shops are awesome!
Misha Lea
Misha Lea Oy oldin
I pray the Lord will lead you to find a place if it is His will. Would be great if you could have more land.🙏
Glenda Baldwin
Glenda Baldwin Oy oldin
I would love to buy that place if you ever decide to sale. Its a perfect place for me.
Kay Luster
Kay Luster Oy oldin
You've done so well in 5 years! Keep it going wherever you are...we'll follow! Proud of your family!
Alejo Rosas
Alejo Rosas Oy oldin
Jason BROO! I wear my hat to work everyday! Everyone like "whats STL"? And i show em. Hahaha. Love yah brotha!
pepper grower
pepper grower Oy oldin
How many meat chickens will you get this year ?
Brian Wood
Brian Wood Oy oldin
I take lions Maine to Lorraine help with memory and nerve pain in back
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Oy oldin
pappyjohn 99
pappyjohn 99 Oy oldin
Brian Wood
Brian Wood Oy oldin
Where is your snow it’s -40 windchill here With snow
Opy Brook
Opy Brook Oy oldin
What a great nugget, the newspaper dampened, dipped in a little ash to clean the creosote soot off inside of firestove glass😀!
Addie Morris
Addie Morris Oy oldin
We don’t have our homestead yet but are in that same weird spot. We know we want to move but not sure where and if I should even start plants and other things since we can’t move till July.
Tunland Farm
Tunland Farm Oy oldin
We spent the past several months kicking around a decision on which our farming future was dependent. Looking at the world events, concerns about the economy, so many things to take into consideration because we don't want to make a "wrong" decision. Finally, we made it and the relief of that, even though we won't know the final outcome for several months, is tangible. There are so many what-ifs in life. What we have found is that we are called to walk faithfully and trust that God isn't going to blow us up! That is freeing!
Southeast Alaska - Hunt - Fish - Bike - Hike
Southeast Alaska - Hunt - Fish - Bike - Hike Oy oldin
We finally moved for the last time and started a homestead on an island in Alaska!
Trisha Navarro
Trisha Navarro Oy oldin
Love you guys & pray you find your place. Silly question but why is there a Xylophone strapped to the post???
Alison Whitlock
Alison Whitlock Oy oldin
I think he put it up for chicken entertainment (jamming with his harmonica?!) but would love to know if they actually “play” it
SC CountryGirl
SC CountryGirl Oy oldin
Zone 8b here. Still growing collards and sowed sugar snap peas in ground yesterday. Can’t wait to get our first set of broilers for this year.
MyYouTubeChannel Oy oldin
When is your last frost date? Seems early for sowing peas outside.
Donna Solar
Donna Solar Oy oldin
Your the first channel that I have seen that have taken a stand on the facebook issue! This is POSITIVE and I commend you for doing so. I pray that many others follow your example. Thank you!!!
Joy Bochsler
Joy Bochsler Oy oldin
We are going to get pigs too
Joy Bochsler
Joy Bochsler Oy oldin
I'm getting snow now and thank you for the invite because yes I want to get off Facebook.
Austin Homestead
Austin Homestead Oy oldin
I totally understand being in a weird season. We are on the other end of that season though. We should close on our new farm in Tennessee in just a couple of weeks. Yay!
Matthew Groff
Matthew Groff Oy oldin
I would love to have acreage and I mean ACREAGE as in a few hundred acres. Why? I would like about 25 to 50 acres for a house, large garden, a barn or 2, a workshop, some pasture area, and a small orchard. The rest of it I would like to leave wooded or mostly wooded for several reasons; to keep it for the wildlife, selective timbering to remove diseased and dying trees but leave some dead trees for animals that make their homes in, and to hunt. Also to enjoy the Beauty of nature. There would be enough land that if you wanted to, you could run around the yard naked shouting: "I LOVE THIS PLACE!!" Not saying you would, but you could if you wanted to and not have the neighbors call the police and lock you up for a psych evaluation! ROTF LMAO The Only neighbors you would be disturbing would be the Wild animals! And they would be thinking: "What is this Crazy Hooman doing? Why did they have to come and spoil the neighborhood!" ROTF LMAO
Alison Whitlock
Alison Whitlock Oy oldin
Thank you ,Matthew, for considering wildlife. I’m a little concerned few homesteaders seem to.
Vee Mack
Vee Mack Oy oldin
I can’t wait to get that garden going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winter sucks. Hope you guys can find some land!
Samantha Chocktoot
Samantha Chocktoot Oy oldin
Do large containers you could move
Heather Keller
Heather Keller Oy oldin
I thought the same thing, with just a few as they grow a large garden
Growing Little Country homestead
Growing Little Country homestead Oy oldin
I’m in the same boat Jason. My wife wants to join the arm and we don’t fined out till March if she gets accepted. If she gets accepted we’ll move to wherever sometime this summer or late summer so I don’t know how much to do. Hate living life on pause.
Dean Lewis
Dean Lewis Oy oldin
Your rooster starts crowing at 6am!! I have a couple that start at 4 to 4:30 in the morning 😂😂😂
Deanne Williams
Deanne Williams Oy oldin
Seems like an already growing garden will increase the price and help it sell faster. Maybe have some backups in pots ready, just in case.
Margaret Bedwell
Margaret Bedwell Oy oldin
hat does put you in a rough place. It is hard to make the decision do I plant & leave the food but at least with animals you can take them with you. Good luck in your search. Have a Blessed day.
Anna R
Anna R Oy oldin
So long as Bernice, Fuzzy Muggins, Cinderella and Freddie are on the Land ,all is well. Remember your thoughts at the begining of your journey, you did not want to take on more than you need too ?
Nancy M Weasel
Nancy M Weasel Oy oldin
Make sure that the next farm is big enough that you won't grow out of it. Can't wait
Linda Kurtz
Linda Kurtz Oy oldin
Show of hands for everyone who’s in a weird season? Let’s swap ideas and stories.... you can either make improvements knowing you’ll leave it for the new owner or make improvements that you can take with you....I don’t know the details but couldn’t you ship hats in bags less expensively?
CMV 72
CMV 72 Oy oldin
Come on over to middle Tennessee. Would love to have you guys as neighbors. Starting up our homestead. We have 3.5 acres with a old farm house and barn. 2 goats and 2 pigs so far. lol Wish you guys luck in your decision.
Kevin Alford
Kevin Alford Oy oldin
Love ya man.
Jerry Brady
Jerry Brady Oy oldin
While ya'll are looking for a new homestead, just remember how much we love you here in NC!
Tony Oy oldin
👍 👍
Corey Harned
Corey Harned Oy oldin
Move to the panhandle of Florida!
Mimi B
Mimi B Oy oldin
Do you know what kind of chicken freddie/Hilda is?? He looks just like mine. It was a surprise chick so I have no clue. Same thing happen here, thought it was a hen til he started crowing. Lol
Mimi B
Mimi B Oy oldin
@Sow the Land Thank you!! Wishing you and yours all the best for a prosperous year!
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
cochin chicken from McMurray hatchery
ASL Havard Homestead
ASL Havard Homestead Oy oldin
Trying to get off of UZpost for obvious reasons. Love to be a part of your community.
Heather Keller
Heather Keller Oy oldin
How do we find you if not on YT? Help!
Jojo Crazy Cat
Jojo Crazy Cat Oy oldin
I think when i get chickens, i will have a chicken house for a few of my chickens to have baby's. And have another chicken house to get eggs to eat. That way i don't have to keep buying new chickens. My grandfather had chickens on his farm, and i learned a bit by watching him tend his chickens.
amber pitts
amber pitts Oy oldin
Just want to say thank you for going to get our books and helping Justin with all that. I'm so excited. And yes this is all our lives right now down time.
Diana Nazaroff
Diana Nazaroff Oy oldin
I'm in the same boat you are. I want to move, am in the process of getting things ready here, but haven't found a new place yet. The in between times are fuzzy... lol...
Jojo Crazy Cat
Jojo Crazy Cat Oy oldin
That is my plan. I want to wait till i am on my new land to have chickens and a bigger garden. I want to plant a few fruit trees also. Even if i don't save the fruit, i can at least eat fruit in the warm seasons. My brother is always wearing the shirt i bought him. I got it to inspire him to get out and do dome work , lol. I keep my shirt just to look at, i don't wear it. I like the saying on the shirt. It's all about getting out and getting some work done on my land.
Margaret Bedwell
Margaret Bedwell Oy oldin
Since it takes a few years to get fruit trees to the bearing state, could you plant them in large buckets now and transfer them when you get to your new place?
Ca Bo
Ca Bo Oy oldin
Kidd Family Farm LLC
Kidd Family Farm LLC Oy oldin
Believe it or not our insurance company wont let us sell eggs. We have been hunting for a pig or two.
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