What my cancer doctor said / VLOG

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Sow the Land

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In todays VLOG we share with you my health journey and my lawn gets mowed NOT By me.
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Edwards Family Farmstead
Edwards Family Farmstead 7 kun oldin
Thats great news my friend. We will definitely pray for your health and family. Thanks for sharing keep it up.
Dayne Cox
Dayne Cox 17 kun oldin
Hi, Happy you are in the clear prayed for you & all the rest with cancer. Now back to some hard work and tax your brain to see what you are getting for your wife on her birthday. Be good be safe & be Happy.
juju draws
juju draws 21 kun oldin
Im 12 and I've been watching your videos for a year ever since my family move out of socal to a homestead in the Midwest. Im hoping I can convince my parents to do meat chickens because we just have egg layers 🤞 🥚🐣🐔🍗
Okie R
Okie R 21 kun oldin
I’m a 5-1/2 year survivor of stage 4 unknown primary. I had all the side effects and most of the rare side effects from chemo. The worst was itching that was so bad I clawed my skin bloody. I realized it was worse when a body part was warm. I took cool showers and used Aquaphor ointment which was a huge relief. It is inexpensive and you can find it at Walmart or drug stores. Prayers!
jimmy zez
jimmy zez 21 kun oldin
What a relief to hear a good prognosis. I'm happy for you and your family in getting good news. Carry on my good man!
Rhonna Marsden
Rhonna Marsden 28 kun oldin
you could use some relaxation techniques to do just before bedtime, ya know? like meditation, yoga etc.
Rhonna Marsden
Rhonna Marsden 28 kun oldin
Great news Jason! now if only you can get to the bottom of your skin issues right? are you seeing a dermatologist? it would be interesting to see if you are allergic to something?
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 28 kun oldin
I’m happy to hear the news. You guys rock!
Richard Michalack
Richard Michalack 29 kun oldin
Praise God!
Karol Molitor
Karol Molitor Oy oldin
I am glad you got good news at the doctors office.
A Tempered Dream
A Tempered Dream Oy oldin
Glad to hear the news! 🙌🏿My husband is battling cholangiocarcinoma . Prayers to your family.
Bonnie Porthouse
Bonnie Porthouse Oy oldin
The head trip that cancer gives us is the worst part because the darn what ifs stay with us long after the cancers probably gone! I've been there three times but I'm certainly loving life more these days!! Thanks for sharing🕊Jason. PS That dinner looked wonderful!.
Patty Huxley
Patty Huxley Oy oldin
Continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers. 🙏🏻
Jackie Kellman
Jackie Kellman Oy oldin
thank u god help him a men
Millie Wilkie
Millie Wilkie Oy oldin
Praying your healthy, I am sure you will be fine my son had cancer 15 years ago in his 20s i am always fearfull it will return even though he was told hes clear ,its a parents worst nightmare
Lori Reintsma
Lori Reintsma Oy oldin
That is good news! Thanking God for you all.
Mary Loomis
Mary Loomis Oy oldin
Praised be God!
Health SeekerMama
Health SeekerMama Oy oldin
Happy news!! Continuing to keep you in my prayers. 🙏🏼
Cindy Hingley
Cindy Hingley Oy oldin
Those symptoms make me think maybe parasites. I have had to deal with them a few times.
dylan childers
dylan childers Oy oldin
I had NHL I ingested all the CBD/THC I could stand for a month before Chemo. No pain, no sick feeling no hair loss since the day I started. Congratulations on keeping on.
Such great news! Praying your symptoms subside! Always forward!!!
Ca Bo
Ca Bo Oy oldin
Rebekah McCaul
Rebekah McCaul Oy oldin
Love your channel Watching from Australia ☺️🙏🏽 good news
Cynthia Robinson
Cynthia Robinson Oy oldin
Gail Tessitore
Gail Tessitore Oy oldin
This is my first viewing of your vlog and I am so hopeful and grateful that your Oncologist doesn´t believe you may have Hodgkins back. I know you probably had blood work done and I will keep you in my prayers. I subscribed to your channel, your family is lovely. God Bless you all.
M C Oy oldin
Love your umbrella hat. :))
Susan Chittum
Susan Chittum Oy oldin
Hello from Ohio!
Lu Wrolstad
Lu Wrolstad Oy oldin
So thankful, continuing to pray
JaTon Oy oldin
Praise God your cancer did not come back! What a blessing!
Linda Dudas
Linda Dudas Oy oldin
Sub-Urban Pastor & Homesteading
Sub-Urban Pastor & Homesteading Oy oldin
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia Oy oldin
That umbrella hat is 🔥 (I read comments to make sure you got good news before writing this 😘 yay no cancer)
Northman Creations
Northman Creations Oy oldin
Our hearts and prayers are with you and yours. God bless.
Elizabeth Ranstrom
Elizabeth Ranstrom Oy oldin
Great news Jason!
dirtyriverfish90 Oy oldin
i dont get it. you have super tender skin and 3 shirts on in every dam video????? am i missing something? i have terrible skin probs as well.....sunlight sunlight sunlight
Oneda Zinn
Oneda Zinn Oy oldin
We love you Jason & so happy to hear the report. Still praying that your skin inflammation is relieved. That dinner looked yummy ;) and the greens...looked market ready! Love the brooder ;)
Bob R
Bob R Oy oldin
God Almighty we cry out to you for Jason for total complete healing in his body, soul, and spirit. Father you are more then enough, you are more then able to make the way where there seems to be no way....Lord Jesus by your resurrected power, my redeemer my Lord may it be so....thank you Father for this dear family may this be a wonderful testimony of the goodness of you Father God....Jesus in you and by faith we believe and hope for good health, and that you Lord Jesus are Jason's strength..Love in Christ Sherril and Bob...
Maghmuda O
Maghmuda O Oy oldin
that salad looks delish
Debbie Oy oldin
I pray they figure out what's going on with you so you can start healing and get some rest.
hopechannelcat Oy oldin
sure hope you get better soon
Gail Rothermund
Gail Rothermund Oy oldin
God bless you! I’m glad your oncologist was able to give you good news!
Twisted Ponies
Twisted Ponies Oy oldin
Hope the news from the Oncologist takes some of the stress away so that your body heals and you get some relief 🙏
Spirals andSpice
Spirals andSpice Oy oldin
So good to hear that good news! Will keep you in my prayers for healing with the skin issues. Have some skin issues myself, so know how frustrating that can be. 🙏🏼❤️🌿
Lisa McDonald
Lisa McDonald Oy oldin
Stop stressing and give it to God...
TheEmbrio Oy oldin
Good news. Could you be experiencing some poisoning ? Or deficiency in some vitamin or mineral ? You'll find the answer.
Freddie Pittman
Freddie Pittman Oy oldin
My daughter was diagnose with Hodgkin's in 2000 when she was 18 ...Cancer free in 2001 She just celebrated 20 years cancer free..The only effects she has is memory days, dates and time issues.. But she is a hard worker ...Praise God..
pam cimei
pam cimei Oy oldin
Have you ever thought about taking elderberry? It reinforces the bodies defenses and boosts antioxidant activity and maintains your immune system .
Diana Williams-Coe
Diana Williams-Coe Oy oldin
So glad to hear you are good, this might not be big to some but please stop calling it "YOUR Cancer"
Gods Girl
Gods Girl Oy oldin
What a praise! Praying for you to be healed and whole in Jesus Name
Maria Leach
Maria Leach Oy oldin
Whew - no cancer! Praise God!!! And, is that Lorraine's dad???....more like her older brother! :-) Her mom looks sooo young too! Again, more like Lorraine's sister.
Adela Coburn
Adela Coburn Oy oldin
That's really good news for you Jason, plus you have a wonderful family and to have your father in-law to help is a blessing. Much love , God bless
Chelsea Tague
Chelsea Tague Oy oldin
Yay! No cancer!!! I hope you feel better soon, but I know that ruling out the big c is relief.
Mia’s Mixes
Mia’s Mixes Oy oldin
Debbie Edelmann
Debbie Edelmann Oy oldin
Blessings of Optimal Health !!
b Hanson
b Hanson Oy oldin
Praying for you, that complete health will return. 🙏🙏 Love the little chicks, and their sweet music. 🐣🎶🐤🎵 Those greens from your green house look amazing! Looked like a delicious salad bowl dinner also! Bless you all!!👏🥰
Catherine Oy oldin
As another cancer survivor, I understand the anxiety whenever out bodies send out alarm signals. I am approaching five years NED and I am grateful for each year as I know you are as well.
Almost Homestead
Almost Homestead Oy oldin
Great news!
Kristi Key
Kristi Key Oy oldin
Praise the lord!
Karin Bamberg
Karin Bamberg Oy oldin
Your body has a built in cancer destroyer...Fast to activate. Dr Fung
SugarCreek Homestead of Tennessee
SugarCreek Homestead of Tennessee Oy oldin
Great news about the cancer prayers for your continue healing
Cyndi Brown
Cyndi Brown Oy oldin
Happy the oncology appointment went well.
Heritage Housewife
Heritage Housewife Oy oldin
God's blessings to you and your family! So happy for you! My son has terminal synovial sarcoma, but it's been a year. Taking treatment and praying for God's miracle. So glad you are doing well!
wreyesbayarea Oy oldin
Why not the chicken tractor to mow the lawn instead?
Jacob Tiernan
Jacob Tiernan Oy oldin
Some sheep would mow that lawn for ya 😉
Jacob Tiernan
Jacob Tiernan Oy oldin
So glad the dr visit went well!
Georgette Wood
Georgette Wood Oy oldin
Thank you father in law.
Robin Garmon
Robin Garmon Oy oldin
Have a peaceful rest!!
penny newell
penny newell Oy oldin
You need a little pop up umbrella for your camera. Lol. Congratulations on the good report.
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore Oy oldin
Am so glad the news was good at the cancer specialist. One down now skins specialist next .Hope they can help.
esteban manino
esteban manino Oy oldin
hi from argentina !!!!! why don't you raise rabbits for meat???
Kay B
Kay B Oy oldin
Just got back from my oncologist today and saw this video. Good for you!!!! My visit wasn't so good..3 lymph nodes have spots in them..ugh! They told me that because my Stage IIIB N1 cancer 'could' show up in other nodes.......well, he was right.....next step...........???? The smell of fresh cut grass is my favorite smells of spring. Love you guys =)
deborah lawing
deborah lawing Oy oldin
God's blessings to you. One day at a time my sister.
Tammy S
Tammy S Oy oldin
God bless you!!
Outdoor Adventures with Shawn
Outdoor Adventures with Shawn Oy oldin
great report ! i found yall through Justin and fam -- sub'd
Donna Mays
Donna Mays Oy oldin
So glad the cancer is not back! Prayers and blessings to you 💖🙏🏻
Jane Revell-Revere
Jane Revell-Revere Oy oldin
Great news from the doctor, stay safe xx
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style Oy oldin
Praise God for a good report Jason. That brooder is awesome
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward Oy oldin
ROFL at your brilliant umbrella hat, so glad the cancer isn't back
James Russell
James Russell Oy oldin
So many people including my mother dealing with cancer. I think the other big "C" that has been put on the back burner right now. PTL on the health report. That is a relief on the one hand though it is a mystery with what is still going on health wise. Since I turned 60 I have had a series of skin issue pruritus. Even prescription strength creams are not stopping the itch so it is something internally that is causing the problem.
Leah Krakowsky
Leah Krakowsky Oy oldin
very good news
Karen Lundquist
Karen Lundquist Oy oldin
Wonderful that you got good news today!. God bless!
Cherylyn Johnston
Cherylyn Johnston Oy oldin
That is such a cool umbrella! Thanks for sharing it, I need one!
Nilufar Moshref
Nilufar Moshref Oy oldin
You will be fine 🙏🏼🤲
Darren Miller
Darren Miller Oy oldin
Get well soon thinking of you.
Pecan Acres Homestead
Pecan Acres Homestead Oy oldin
I'm so glad you got a good report!
Aracely Gonzalez
Aracely Gonzalez Oy oldin
We are so so happy that you are cancer free and we wish all the best for you and your beautiful family. Also, can you please get two more puercos?
Jerry Gibs
Jerry Gibs Oy oldin
Lots of love and blessings. God is good. Continuing to pray. Keep sharing your experience. You and your family are a blessing. ☝️🙏🙌
Indiana Cryptid
Indiana Cryptid Oy oldin
Praying for good nights of sleep
Nick Locicero
Nick Locicero Oy oldin
Good to hear! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Prayers for the journey moving forward. Looks like the new landscape guy is a keeper.😊
Alexandria Brown
Alexandria Brown Oy oldin
I'm so glad to hear that your cancer is not back! And can I just say I was not ready for that umbrella at you whipped out 😂😂
Kathleen Jones
Kathleen Jones Oy oldin
Continued prayers for you, Jason!! Hope and pray you get some answers soon as to the cause of your discomfort.
Misty's BackYard Homestead
Misty's BackYard Homestead Oy oldin
Praying for you. So happy about your good news!
The Babcocks
The Babcocks Oy oldin
I love your umbrella hat! I've often told my daughter I need one so I can work in the garden with both hands in the rain
Kim Winkler
Kim Winkler Oy oldin
Joan Huntress
Joan Huntress Oy oldin
I am so happy for the news from the oncologist! I will continue to pray for answers for your skin issues and relief.🙏🏻❤️
Hlengiwe Masondo
Hlengiwe Masondo Oy oldin
I don't know u guys but I admire, glad you guys are ok
Laura L
Laura L Oy oldin
Rejoicing with you Jason & Elaine ... praying still for you Jason! Praying for healing, restful sleep!
Homestead Wannabee
Homestead Wannabee Oy oldin
Continued prayers. Blessings ~
Denise D Rivers
Denise D Rivers Oy oldin
🍄Blessings 🍄
LBurnsy Oy oldin
Good vibes your way 🗿💕
My health issues have not gone away/ VLOG
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