What we are doing different to our Garden in 2021

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Sow the Land

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Today's video is sponsored by Butcher Box bchrbox.co/sowtheland
We continue to work on our garden and doing something different to help with weeds!
I will teach you how to raise meat chickens
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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on UZpost videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!
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Edwards Family Farmstead
Edwards Family Farmstead 7 kun oldin
Thats a great system for keeping weeds down. I make 4 feet wide beds rather than rows. I havent covered my entire garden with fabric but I do cover all the walk areas between my beds then put down a 4 to 6 inch layer of pine chips. Great video thank you for sharing.
Jessie Graff
Jessie Graff Oy oldin
Do you have an Amazon or affiliated link for the safety glasses?
Tina Coppenbarger
Tina Coppenbarger Oy oldin
How are you feeling. Been keeping you in my prayers.
Stacy Messier
Stacy Messier Oy oldin
I love yall and watch a lot of your videos. Please educate yourselves and others on "gluten-free"!! Meat is naturally gluten-free! Gluten is found in wheat and causes issues with people with celiac disease and other diseases similar to it!
Karen Cary
Karen Cary Oy oldin
I receive Butcher Block meats. They are quality. I'm very happy with them. Would recommend them.
Susette Mukes
Susette Mukes Oy oldin
Looks great on the farm. You are great with building things. Thanks for sharing
Sheila Hughes
Sheila Hughes Oy oldin
yes, yes, yes......love this cover method.....works GREAT for us. will be adding additional section this year.
Ca Bo
Ca Bo Oy oldin
Evolution of a Homestead
Evolution of a Homestead Oy oldin
Funny, I finally just posted a video about using it last year, we love it. I hope it works as good for you. I too learned from Living Traditions that was what we wanted too. Can't wait for the camper series. Hi Bernice.
AnnWith APlan
AnnWith APlan Oy oldin
Haha, so all those years of the office work paid off. : )
Mel Lane
Mel Lane Oy oldin
Jason, what! no baby for you and Loraine? Come on, get on the band wagon.
AnnWith APlan
AnnWith APlan Oy oldin
I might have to get some of that ground fabric. All you have to do is roll it out the wrong way on the ground and then the two of you just flip it over, done. : )
The Green Acre
The Green Acre Oy oldin
Jason, you are living my dream! I too went to school for drafting and will be coming up on 10 years of office work. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy drawing but working 40+ hours a week behind a computer, designing projects that negatively affect the environment and working for someone else's dream has really wore me out. As you mentioned, I too use my drafting skills to work on my homestead, which is very satisfying. On the homestead I am working for myself, towards my own dreams which is very gratifying. I admire you and your family and what you have done and continue to do with your property and UZpost channel. Thank you for motivating me to take on new challenges in my own life. Possibly one day I too will be able to earn a living doing what makes ME happy. Much love!
Heidi Decker
Heidi Decker Oy oldin
I use that fabric and I love it, I have used it for 4 years now best choice ever.
Elizabeth Ranstrom
Elizabeth Ranstrom Oy oldin
Hey Jason do you have a link for that stainless steel hose?
Patrick Grandy
Patrick Grandy Oy oldin
I do the same thing to my garden but after I get rolled out I put wood chips in the walk ways it helps hold the fabric down and help hold moisture also Happy 2021 garden season
Debbie Lamb
Debbie Lamb Oy oldin
I think its wonderful that one skill can transfer to being used for something good thank you for showing me a program i can use faster than graph paper 💕👍🙏😉
Robert Schroeder
Robert Schroeder Oy oldin
Jason & Loraine, Thank you for the video update on the garden and things. Thank you both for all the continued hard work and for keeping us subscribers updated on the homestead. Continuing to pray for you all and looking forward to the time when you are able to announce a new homestead. Continuing prayers and thoughts regarding Jason's health as well. Blessings to you all...
Rocky Creek Homestead
Rocky Creek Homestead Oy oldin
We like using our landscape fabric but it has its cons too. It did great for stuff that grew above ground, but made harvesting root vegetables difficult. Ants also love living under it as well. If you can fit a small pipe through the center of the roll, pin on end then two of you walk with the pipe, it may make unrolling easier if there is enough room to fit it through. Hope y’all like the fabric as much as us. Even with the cons, I still think the pros out do the cons.
Mary Nell Schwindt
Mary Nell Schwindt Oy oldin
I've been wondering if you eat beef. Sounds good. Bless your efforts to live a healthy life.
Jackie Hall
Jackie Hall Oy oldin
You seem to be feeling much better. Were you an architect or engineer?
Shelley Parks
Shelley Parks Oy oldin
So glad to see you are feeling better Jason. God bless you all.
Jennifer K
Jennifer K Oy oldin
The garden will look great once the food gets growing and you can enjoy looking at food growing instead of weeds 😊 I think you'll be really glad to take one more task off your plates. ❤
Lynn Barnes
Lynn Barnes Oy oldin
We don't have any snow here in mid Michigan but it's still below freezing
Glenda Baldwin
Glenda Baldwin Oy oldin
I love that chicken coop or brooder, watching you build this, i think i can make me one. Im 71 what do you think, is it possible. I think so, maybe not as good , i know for sure, but maybe will work. Im so happy to see you feeling a little better!
Lisa Gerlach
Lisa Gerlach Oy oldin
Blessings to you all!
Monica C
Monica C Oy oldin
Love Butcher Box been ordering from them for a year now.
Annetta Dunham
Annetta Dunham Oy oldin
It’s 19 degrees here in upstate New York
waryr11711 -Michelle M Losey
waryr11711 -Michelle M Losey Oy oldin
I too have compared my yrs of schooling and even owning my own business to building something like a chicken coop.... and my final educated thoughts were of all I did, building the chicken coop ect was more satisfying :) It made me feel good not stressed... bet if you thought about it you could say the same :)
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
for sure.
Linda Soaft
Linda Soaft Oy oldin
Jason great project and hands on directions! Thank you!
Lisa Burns
Lisa Burns Oy oldin
You look so so much better than you did a couple weeks ago. So glad your on the mend. I know yous wanted it to be a all natural garden, but the weed barrier will help you grow far more food which I believe is better not just for yous but also for the environment.
Linda Soaft
Linda Soaft Oy oldin
Good idea Lorraine! I’m done too with the weeds!
Wanda Kaluza
Wanda Kaluza Oy oldin
Your a good man
Sara Phillips
Sara Phillips Oy oldin
Loved hearing the birds.
Sally Boothe
Sally Boothe Oy oldin
We’ve been getting Butcher Box for over a year. Great meat.... I had gotten to where I couldn’t stand the smell of store bought ground beef cooking, butcher box meat smells like delicious meat. We are in our 60’s , we own an auto repair business.... we just don’t have the time or the energy to grow our own meat. My husband’s family had cows until he passed. All that to say, I will be buying from Butcher Box.. Now the weed fabric... this will be our third year using it. Great stuff, so thankful for it my, I don’t think I could garden if I didn’t use it. It’s wonderful to not have to worry about weeds plus it cuts down on watering. Blessings y’all
Tom Arbo
Tom Arbo Oy oldin
Yep the first time I use that garden mat material I said the same thing and guess what I loved it I use it every year it helps so much with the weeds
Catherine Laughlin
Catherine Laughlin Oy oldin
You three are one of my two favorite homesteads. I love the tenderness between each other. You have a calm spirit about your homestead. I love the ground cloth idea. I've always used black plastic which is really only good for a season. Praying for a good harvest.
Christine B
Christine B Oy oldin
When we gardened in California, due to the climate, we had to almost 100% water our plants for them to survive the summer (since it doesn't rain from May-Sept) . We ran soaker hoses just where we had actual plants instead of watering the beds or spraying or anything and it was interesting how much easier the weeds were to control- they just didn't grow on the parts of the beds or rows that didn't get water with just a layer of paper and mulch. It's totally different on the east coast where you get rainfall that waters the whole area! We both had learned to garden back east so it was a nice bonus, but we will have to figure out what to do once we get into gardening again here on the east coast.
D D Oy oldin
I'll bet you're so thankful that you don't have to waste your life sitting in a cubicle. How boring. 😜💖
Rita Donovan
Rita Donovan Oy oldin
Hi. I’ve so many homesteader use that garden cover and everyone loves it. You will like it. 👍🥰🇨🇦
MrLittlelud4 Oy oldin
Knowledge can be a power they say , useful anywhere , hope you are on the improve .
Simon Ingall
Simon Ingall Oy oldin
Using all those skills you learned in the office for good things! That fabric was probably meant for a plastic layer so it would lay it the correct way up. Kind of a pain by hand!
January timberlake
January timberlake Oy oldin
Good Job Lorain! I watch Living Traditions also, they do amazing with the weed fabric. Hope this brings the greatest season yet.
Jovana Oy oldin
Those weeds sure don’t care about MY feelings 😩.
MARLENE Kutcher Oy oldin
Looking good using those life skills.
Krickette Oy oldin
Good to see you looking better Jason!
Lori Ewart
Lori Ewart Oy oldin
Rejoicing that Jason seems to be getting stronger!
Absolute Readiness
Absolute Readiness Oy oldin
I did this last year after seeing it on Living Traditions as well. It was an amazing difference! Made a believer out of my neighbor that saw me "sweeping" my garden while he was "weeding" his, lol! Good luck to y'all!
Jackie Long
Jackie Long Oy oldin
Hi, I use the weed fabric that you were using and I love it. Love your channel. May God continue to bless you and heal you. ❤️🙏❤️
Janice Withrow
Janice Withrow Oy oldin
What we get out of the garden to eat is much more important than what the garden looks like, weed cloth looks great to me.
Kevin Walters
Kevin Walters Oy oldin
Saw you smile. Hope you feel better.
John Galvin
John Galvin Oy oldin
Great channel guys! Looks like you're feeling better Jason. 👍🙃
Rick Martin
Rick Martin Oy oldin
You do such a good job w/ your editing in your videos - you pack a lot of good content in 11 minutes - and good job on Butcher Box. Enjoyed the music at the end -- outstanding video.
notdiyheather Oy oldin
Weeds don't care about your feelings🤣🤣🤣
P F Oy oldin
Love the statement "Weeds don't care about your feelings" . Great channel guys.
Angie SunsetFarm
Angie SunsetFarm Oy oldin
Cynthia Barrow
Cynthia Barrow Oy oldin
You will love it. My garden is a breeze with fabric, drip tape and arches. Enjoy!!!
,Barbara Brand
,Barbara Brand Oy oldin
You are not building a chicken coop. You are building skills and a lifestyle. Those skills have been shared with other homesteaders enabling by virtual mentoring, to build thier lifestyles and provide for themselves, thier families, and thier communities. Don't be so fast to sell yourself short.
Batpherlang Kharkrang
Batpherlang Kharkrang Oy oldin
Hi.... Jason and Lorraine, thank you for sharing your video homestead 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 bye 👋 🎥👍👍👍
Li'l Sebastian Farmlet
Li'l Sebastian Farmlet Oy oldin
Woah when you started doing those calculations my eyes glassed over.
Debbie Flores
Debbie Flores Oy oldin
We LOVE Butcher Box!!
Norma Lynn
Norma Lynn Oy oldin
You amaze me Jason, see how you equipped yourself In your old life to meet your needs today.this is what you were supposed to be doing now. Everything in life comes together to create the AMAZING Person we become in this moment! Therefore here you are now our amazing Jason. Creating these wonderful things of usefulness and beauty! I just love to see you work, I love when you show up at another friends farm or homestead to help them. You did a great job with the pigs, the Brothers. And you will again, just look at you chickens you got so great there, you are now teaching others to feed there families. I am so proud, as is your family! And what a great family you have!! I love seeing you all out working together, too beautiful. GOD bless your family and keep you safe. Ps. Jason, I read this years ago, a Louise Hay book unbelievable woman cured herself of cancer. It is always in the body and is triggered by responses in the body/mind. Cancer is caused by“resentment” of something or some one etc. example: old job led you to complete illness and recovered enough to change your life, I don’t know but I love you and your family, I don’t want to loose you not having ever said something about this remarkable woman, and the help her book or info. could give. Love, Norma (from Florid)
Estella Knox
Estella Knox Oy oldin
I thought you plant good Friday that what I was told
Starfish Oy oldin
Julie Saunders
Julie Saunders Oy oldin
weeds are so rude, they dont care about anyone's feelings!!
Weegie Oy oldin
Gluten free bacon? Does that mean they didn't add grains to the bacon? I'm confused they label for things not in the package? Sounds like a sales gimmick to me.
Kanjeng Ratu Zellika
Kanjeng Ratu Zellika Oy oldin
Waw..like video
Momma OG
Momma OG Oy oldin
Kent Roberts
Kent Roberts Oy oldin
All the office time + years in / 2 minutes off pondering to calculate an end cap template = stellar sucess !!!! ..... Keep on keep in on! 😃
Janet Withers
Janet Withers Oy oldin
It is great to see you smiling Jason. You made the math, for building the chicken coop, look easy. Garden looks great. It will look nice and clean, once the plants are up.
mschilepepper10 Oy oldin
Thank you for sharing butcher box with us. Not all of us including myself can raise and butcher animals for our food
Chinda Brendel
Chinda Brendel Oy oldin
Hahahahaha, you got that right Jason, Grass and weeds TRULY don't care about us at all, they seriously challenge us, U R so funny
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style Oy oldin
God bless you Jason - you are a cool dude. We could hang out for sure
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Oy oldin
Creative Anneliese
Creative Anneliese Oy oldin
I LOVE it! "The weeds don't care about your feelings!" You are SO totally right!!
Jerry Galindo
Jerry Galindo Oy oldin
Hey Jason that looks like a cool knife 🔪that you open that butcher box🤗
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
thanks for the knife Uncle Jerry!
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia Oy oldin
“Schooling” finally put to good use 😂
Michael Adkins
Michael Adkins Oy oldin
Can you roll it out and then flip it over?
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia Oy oldin
An idea for content for you guys would be to compare your weed fabric to the polyethylene woven one that living traditions uses. We used theirs and love it, I don’t like using plastic-y stuff though. I used 6” staples every foot to combat the wind here.
The Jewmaicans
The Jewmaicans Oy oldin
Glad you feeling btr Jason. Love the garden fabric will try it this year. I am in Quebec CA. Lorraine it’s time for another baby 👶. Meg and kebekah had their babies and Bre is pregnant.🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️🇯🇲🇮🇱🇨🇦
Mama TwoCubs
Mama TwoCubs Oy oldin
We used the black cover last year ...it was a fabulous time saving solution 🤗🌱
Trisha Navarro
Trisha Navarro Oy oldin
I think this is really going to help. Remember "the weeds just don't care about your feelings" lol!
Cathy Johnson
Cathy Johnson Oy oldin
I want to try some fabric this year too. I think it would be nicer to work in as well.
A Tulip
A Tulip Oy oldin
Interested to see how the weed fabric works for you!
Ohskelily Wurarah
Ohskelily Wurarah Oy oldin
IslandGardener Oy oldin
You are looking so much better today, nice to see you smile.
Karla Cottenmyre
Karla Cottenmyre Oy oldin
I’m so happy for you!! I almost gave up gardening about 5 years ago until I thought I’d give the “big box store” el cheapo stuff that disintegrated before the end of summer a chance. By summer end I was on board. Just had to find heavy duty stuff and that was all she wrote. I’ve never looked back! Happy growing! Once you figure out placement, you’re gonna love it! ♥️♥️♥️ @backyard_tomato ♥️♥️♥️
Josal Docimo
Josal Docimo Oy oldin
It takes every bit of your past experiences to create your present & future knowledge. Without your past you would not be where you are today. Glad to see you are feeling better. Heal well.
Jun Salado
Jun Salado Oy oldin
Using raise beds is not as productive? compared to what you guys have?
Susanne Douglas
Susanne Douglas Oy oldin
You look like you are feeling a little better. I hope so!
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward Oy oldin
"Weeds don't care about your feelings" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rick Martin
Rick Martin Oy oldin
@Sow the Land along with "Pigs Eat Everything" that Lorraine commented to her Dad the other video.
Spirit Eagle
Spirit Eagle Oy oldin
@Sow the Land I will buy at least one!!
Momma OG
Momma OG Oy oldin
@Sow the Land Love it lol
Cathleen Caratan
Cathleen Caratan Oy oldin
@Sow the Land That absolutely needs to be a t-shirt!
Hollyhock Oy oldin
Loved that too. 😁
minnie jolliff
minnie jolliff Oy oldin
But your alot happier building that chicken coop.
Rebecca Henkins
Rebecca Henkins Oy oldin
Got mine from Grower Supply and it rolls easy and can last 8 years or so. You could have rolled then turned it over - live and learn! Also used a small handheld blow torch to cut and seal holes - works great! I bought the same as Living Traditions too from their supplier!!
Stanley Hicks
Stanley Hicks Oy oldin
Too many favorites of mine on UZpost are doing too many commercial's with yours and you-tube's way too much
Stanley Hicks
Stanley Hicks Oy oldin
You arn't the only one it seems like the videos with a lot of subscribers are doing more and more I just signed on to watch you guys not to buy meat but I understand I also hope your medical condition get gone quick
Sow the Land
Sow the Land Oy oldin
just trying to make living doing what I love and not go back to an office job.
Gloria Godfrey
Gloria Godfrey Oy oldin
I hope that you are feeling better. Take care.
Marilyn DeCubellis
Marilyn DeCubellis Oy oldin
Have used the weed fabric for 3 years and no weeds, it's worth the time putting it down. I live in Wisconsin and leave it down year round.
K Barnes
K Barnes Oy oldin
How many years do you guess it will last?
Sally Oy oldin
horay for schooling !!! Looks like great team work, prepping, that is awesome . Bernice!!! where are you?
Anna R
Anna R Oy oldin
Hi Jason. Love your artistic eye for the unusual . I can't wait to see how you transform the caravan . There is no need to break your back looking after anything more than pigs, chucks and veggies. When you are ready to take Cari- Van on a trip were will you go? Looking forward to that , and Brothers #2.🐖🐖🛺🛺
Aviary Birds And Co
Aviary Birds And Co Oy oldin
Great video once again
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson Oy oldin
Hello from Wilkes County, NC! The landscape fabric works great! Some how the weeds still find the seams though. So a thick overlap is ideal! Also, if you can cut it with a flame, it melts it so that it doesn't fray. No one ever mentions this, but the fabric seems to shrink in the sun. So it's good that you have it rolled out early.
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